CTV Announces Industry-Leading 2010-2011 Canadian Television Package

    - CTV renews entire scripted slate: more FLASHPOINT, more THE BRIDGE,
            more HICCUPS, more DAN FOR MAYOR, more THE LISTENER -

     - CTV announces new daytime series THE MARILYN DENIS SHOW, debuting
                                 this fall -

      - Season 3 of SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE CANADA to premiere August 15 -

    - New international co-production drama THE BORGIAS joins CTV and Bravo!
                                  in 2011 -

        - COMEDY NOW! is back for Season 13, ETALK returns for Season 9 and
                             W5 marks Season 45 -

         - THE JUNO AWARDS, THE GILLER PRIZE and WE DAY all return -

TORONTO, June 3 /CNW/ - Following one of its most successful seasons ever for original Canadian programming, CTV unveiled today its 2010-2011 Canadian television package. The network has renewed its entire scripted slate of five original series, ordered a new daytime series, and confirmed the premiere date for its award-winning Top 20 hit dance competition series. Delivering more viewers to Canadian programming than any other network, the roster of original programming totals nearly 100 hours of prime-time Canadian programming on CTV alone during the 2010-2011 season.

"In a challenging year, the creativity didn't stop at CTV," said Susanne Boyce, President, Creative, Content and Channels, CTV Inc. "Never before have we had such a strong slate of original programming in all genres, making it an easy decision to renew. We are excited to be working with Bob Greenblatt on the provocative new drama THE BORGIAS and can't wait to welcome Marilyn Denis back to television with her new daytime series."

(xx) Media Note (xx) Download photos from CTV's original programming at ctvmedia.ca.

With the majority of the original productions due to go into production this summer, CTV's original series will premiere throughout the network's 52-week schedule in 2010/2011. However, CTV confirmed today THE MARILYN DENIS SHOW, a new daytime series starring Gemini Award-winner and CHUM FM personality Marilyn Denis, premieres this fall. The series airs daily at 10 a.m. following LIVE! WITH REGIS AND KELLY and prior to THE VIEW, providing an uninterrupted flow of live programming on CTV each day from 6 a.m. - 1 p.m.

"I am so happy that people are finally going to stop asking when we're going to be back on TV," said Denis. "We're back this fall! It's going to be a show about life and fun and friends and we can't wait to get started."

Also new this season is the international co-production THE BORGIAS, powered by some of Canada's most accomplished creative talent, including director Jeremy Podeswa, director of photography Paul Sarossy, and production designer François Seguin. Colm Feore co-stars as Cardinal Giuliano Della Rovere while hot, young Quebec star François Arnaud (I Killed My Mother) plays Cesare Borgia, Rodrigo Borgia's (Jeremy Irons) ruthless son.

CTV also confirmed today that its Gemini Award-winning dance competition series SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE CANADA returns for its third season August 15. A Top 15 hit for Females 18-34 last fall, DANCE CANADA increased upon its Season 1 audience by 11% and won its timeslot in female demos in Season 2. Additionally, CTV's award-winning stand-up comedy showcase COMEDY NOW! returns for an incredible 13th season.

    Original Scripted Series Ordered by CTV:
    -   FLASHPOINT (Season 4) - Canada's most-watched original drama, which
        was a Top 20 hit out of simulcast last fall averaging 1.8 million
        viewers and consistently ranking as the most-watched program every
        Friday night. Season 4 has been ordered in advance of the Season 3

    -   THE BRIDGE (Season 2) - Canada's No.1 new Canadian drama series,
        which finished its first season with an average audience of one
        million viewers.

    -   HICCUPS and DAN FOR MAYOR (Season 2) - The No.1 and No.2 new comedies
        of the year, Canadian or American, have almost doubled the average
        audience of MODERN FAMILY.

    -   THE LISTENER (Season 2) - Currently in pre-production, the
        international hit series premiered to more than one million viewers
        last summer.

Also to note, the international phenomenon DEGRASSI moves to MuchMusic for a 10th incredible season, featuring 48 all-new episodes; SPACE premieres its new scripted flagship horror-comedy series TODD AND THE BOOK OF PURE EVIL; and MuchMore debuts its new heavy metal documentary series METAL EVOLUTION: THE SERIES.

Meanwhile, CTV's award-winning specials continue in 2010/2011. Returning for its 10th anniversary broadcast on CTV is THE 2011 JUNO AWARDS, celebrating its 40th Anniversary live from Toronto's Air Canada Centre. Honouring Canadian literature, THE SCOTIABANK GILLER PRIZE returns in November, while CTV once again broadcasts Free The Children's WE DAY events in Toronto and Vancouver.

CTV also confirmed that Canada's No.1 Canadian entertainment program, ETALK, returns for its 9th season, while Canada's No.1 current affairs program, W5 returns for its record-breaking 45th anniversary season.


    THE MARILYN DENIS SHOW - Season 1 (one-hour lifestyle/entertainment
    ---------------------------------  series)

Marilyn Denis, Canada's most-loved woman of daytime television, is back. Beginning this fall, THE MARILYN DENIS SHOW brings Canadians in Marilyn's studio audience and at home the best in lifestyle television. Every day, she is joined by a mix of expert and celebrity guests, providing a unique blend of topical lifestyle tips and entertainment. All the while, Marilyn shares a brand of humour that is distinctly hers.

Cast: Host: Marilyn Denis

Production Company: CTV


    FLASHPOINT - Season 3 & 4 (one-hour drama)

The Gemini Award-winning series FLASHPOINT returns for a third season after being Canada's most-watched Canadian drama for the 2009/2010 season. Starring Enrico Colantoni (VERONICA MARS), Hugh Dillon (DURHAM COUNTY), Amy Jo Johnson (FELICITY) and David Paetkau (WHISTLER), the nail-biting cop drama is an emotional journey into the tough, risk-filled lives of a group of police in the Strategic Response Unit (inspired by Toronto's Emergency Task Force). Members of a highly-skilled tactical team, they're trained in negotiating, profiling and getting inside the suspect's head at the very emotional breaking point (the "flashpoint") that triggered the crisis. Season 4 begins production in the 2010-2011 season.

Cast: Enrico Colantoni (VERONICA MARS) as Sgt. Gregory Parker, Hugh Dillon (DURHAM COUNTY) as Ed Lane, Amy Jo Johnson (FELICITY) as Julianne "Jules" Callaghan, David Paetkau (WHISLER) as Sam Braddock, Michael Cram as Kevin "Wordy" Wordsworth, Sergio Di Zio as Mike "Spike" Scarlatti

Credits: EP: Bill Mustos (DEGRASSI: TNG, ROBSON ARMS), EP: Anne Marie La Traverse (Luna: Spirit of the Whale)

Production Company: Pink Sky Entertainment and Avamar Entertainment in association with CTV and CBS Paramount Network Television

    THE BRIDGE - Season 2 (one-hour drama)

The No.1 new Canadian drama of the season, THE BRIDGE returns for a second season of fast-paced, gripping police drama. Starring Aaron Douglas (BATTLESTAR GALACTICA) as police union president Frank Leo, the series follows Frank as he struggles to uncover police force corruption and help protect his fellow officers and, ultimately society.

Cast: Aaron Douglas (BATTLESTAR GALACTICA) as Frank Leo, Paul Popowich (ANGELA'S EYES, I ME WED) as Tommy Dunn, Inga Cadranel (RENT-A-GOALIE, MVP) as Jill, Frank Cassini (Vice, INTELLIGENCE) as Sgt. Bernie Kantor, Theresa Joy (ALL THE GOOD ONES ARE MARRIED, Sixty Days) as Constable Billy, Ona Grauer (STARGATE SG-1 and STARGATE ATLANTIS) as Abby St. James, Michael Murphy (Away from Her, X-Men: The Last Stand) as Chief of Police Ed Wycoff, Stuart Margolin (THE ROCKFORD FILES, TOM STONE) as Vic Leo

Credits: EP: Craig Bromell, EP: Laszlo Barna ('DA KINK IN MY HAIR), EP: Alan Di Fiore (DAVINCI'S INQUEST, THE HANDLER), EP: Adam J. Shully (BLOOD TIES), EP: Robert Wertheimer (CHARLIE JADE), CTV's Production Executive: Brett Burlock; President, Creative, Content and Channels, CTV Inc.: Susanne Boyce

Production Company: E1 Entertainment, 990 Multi Media Entertainment Company and Jonsworth Productions, in association with CTV and CBS Paramount Network Television

    HICCUPS - Season 2 (half-hour comedy)

The No.1 new comedy program (Canadian or American) of the year, HICCUPS, returns for a second season. HICCUPS stars Nancy Robertson (CORNER GAS) as Millie Upton, a successful children's author who is socially unpredictable. She is prone to sudden outbursts of laughter, sadness and rage. All traits that her life coach Stan (Brent Butt, CORNER GAS) tries to subdue, her publisher Joyce (Laura Soltis, THE GUARD) fails to keep under wraps and her slick but useless agent (David Ingram, QUEER AS FOLK) is too self-centred to notice. Meanwhile, Stan finds life-support in his wide-eyed and slightly bewildered wife, Anna (Paula Rivera, FLASHPOINT), who does her best to support his impractical dream of becoming a life coach.

Cast: Nancy Robertson (CORNER GAS) as Millie, Brent Butt (CORNER GAS) as Stan, Laura Soltis as Joyce (THE GUARD), David Ingram (QUEER AS FOLK) as Taylor, Emily Perkins as Crystal (Ginger Snaps) and Paula Rivera (FLASHPOINT) as Anna

Credits: EP Laura Lightbown (DAVINCI'S INQUEST, INTELLIGENCE), David Storey (CORNER GAS)

Production Company: Sparrow Media

    DAN FOR MAYOR - Season 2 (half-hour comedy)

Starring Gemini Award-winning actor Fred Ewanuick (CORNER GAS, Robson Arms), DAN FOR MAYOR returns for its sophomore season. Ewanuick plays Dan, a 30-something bartender who spent Season 1 campaigning to be the next mayor of the fictional city of Wessex, Ontario. Dan's good buddy Jeff (Paul Bates, TRAIN 48) acted as his campaign manager, and he got some help along the way from his ex-girlfriend Claire (Mary Ashton, DEGRASSI GOES HOLLYWOOD) and his new friend, Mike (Benjamin Ayres, THE VAMPIRE DIARIES).

Cast: Fred Ewanuick (CORNER GAS) as Dan, Paul Bates (TRAIN 48) as Jeff, Mary Ashton (DEGRASSI GOES HOLLYWOOD) as Claire, Benjamin Ayres (THE VAMPIRE DIARIES) as Mike

Credits: Producer: Mark Farrell (CORNER GAS, THIS HOUR HAS 22 MINUTES), Producer: Paul Mather (CORNER GAS, THE RICK MERCER REPORT), Producer: Kevin White (CORNER GAS, THIS HOUR HAS 22 MINUTES), Producer: Sue Murdoch (DOOMSTOWN)

Production Company: Sad Glasses and QVF Inc., in association with CTV and The Comedy Network

    THE LISTENER - Season 2 (one-hour drama)

After premiering last summer to more than one million viewers, THE LISTENER is back for a second season. The series follows paramedic Toby Logan (Craig Olejnik, In God's Country) whose cool aurora masks a difficult past and stunning secret: he's a telepath. Toby can tune in on the current thoughts of those around him. He tries to keep it a closely-guarded secret while helping those in need, knowing full well that if it were to become public knowledge, his life would be in danger. Also staring in the sophomore series are Ennis Esmer (BILLABLE HOURS) as Toby's partner Osman Bey and Mylene Dinh-Robic (SMALLVILLE) as Olivia Fawcett.

Cast: Craig Olejnik (In God's Country) as Toby Logan, Ennis Esmer (BILLABLE HOURS) as Osman Bey, Mylène Dinh-Robic (SMALLVILLE, BATTLESTAR GALACTICA) as Olivia Fawcett

Credits: EP: Christina Jennings (In God's Country), EP: Scott Garvie (In God's Country), EP: Michael Amo (Tagged: The Jonathan Wamback Story)

Production Company: Shaftesbury Films, in association with CTV and Fox International

    THE BORGIAS - Season 1 (one-hour drama)

THE BORGIAS stars Canadian Colm Feore, alongside Jeremy Irons, and revolves around a powerful and corrupt 15th-century Italian family headed by patriarch Rodrigo Borgia (Irons), who became Pope in 1492. Feore plays Rodrigo's arch nemesis Cardinal Giuliano Della Rovere. Breakout Quebec star François Arnaud stars as Cesare Borgia, Rodrigo's ruthless son. Behind the camera is some of Canada's best talent including Jeremy Podeswa, Paul Sarossy, and François Seguin. The Canada/Hungary/Ireland co-production is scheduled to premiere in 2011 on CTV and Bravo! in Canada and on Showtime in the U.S.

Cast: Jeremy Irons (Kingdom of Heaven, Being Julia) as Rodrigo Borgia, Colm Feore (FLASHPOINT, 24) as Cardinal Giuliano Della Rovere, François Arnaud (I Killed My Mother, YAMASKA) as Cesare Borgia.

Credits: EP: Sheila Hockin (THE TUDORS, CANADA'S NEXT TOP MODEL), EP: John Weber (THE TUDORS, CANADA'S NEXT TOP MODEL), EP: James Flynn (Ondine, Becoming Jane), EP: Neil Jordan (The End of the Affair, The Crying Game), Co-producer: Bill Goddard (Queer As Folk), Line Producer: Karen Richards (Saving Private Ryan), DOP: Paul Sarossy (Head in the Clouds, Where the Truth Lies), Production Designer: François Seguin (The Karate Kid, Silk) CTV's Production Executive: Brett Burlock; President, Creative, Content and Channels, CTV Inc.: Susanne Boyce

Production Company: Take 5 Productions, in association with Bravo!, CTV and Showtime Networks.

    TODD AND THE BOOK OF PURE EVIL - Season 1 (1/2 hour horror-comedy, SPACE)

Imagine, if you will, a book of awesome power. A book that makes your deepest, darkest dreams come true... but at a horrifying cost. This is The Book Of Pure Evil, and it's loose in Crowley High. Anyone who possesses it is unable to resist the temptation to use its power for their own teen-angst fueled desires. Thankfully, one horny teenager stands between The Book Of Pure Evil and the end of the world as we know it. His name is Todd. He's flunking math, but he'll save our asses. Whether he likes it or not.

Cast: Alex House (DARK ORACLE) as Todd, Maggie Castle (THE TIME TRAVELER'S WIFE) as Jenny, Bill Turnbull (THE JON DORE TELEVISION SHOW) as Curtis, Melanie Leishman (HOUSE PARTY) as Hannah, Chris Leavins (SLINGS AND ARROWS) as Atticus Murphy Jr. and Jason Mewes (CLERKS, JAY AND SILENT BOB STRIKE BACK) as Jimmy.

Credits: EP: Craig David Wallace(Love Letter from an Open Grave), EP: Jamie Brown (TIL DEBT DO US PART), EP: Anthony Leo (ROXY HUNTER) and EP: Andrew Rosen (ROXY HUNTER). SPACE Production Executive: Rebecca Dipasquale; President, Creative, Content and Channels, CTV Inc.: Susanne Boyce

Production Company: Aircraft Pictures, Corvid Pictures, Frantic Films in association with SPACE.

    DEGRASSI - Season 10 (half-hour drama, MuchMusic)

One of Canada's top young adult series returns exclusively to MuchMusic! Starting this July, DEGRASSI viewers can keep up with the series four days a week, as the show moves to a 30-minute, Monday - Thursday format. In Season 10, a new school year brings big changes to the students of DEGRASSI. New rivals, new friends, love interests, a shift in the school's hierarchy and physical threats shake up every relationship. Relevant and exciting, intense and fresh, Season 10 continues to explore envelope-pushing stories with a sense of humour and a lot of heart.

Cast: Starring Raymond Ablack, Charlotte Arnold, Luke Bilyk, Stefan Brogren, Munro Chambers, Annie Clark, Sam Earle, Jahmil French, Judy Jiao, Jamie Johnston, Alicia Josipovic, Argiris Karras, Landon Liboiron, Jabube Mandiela, Samantha Munro, Aislinn Paul, AJ Saudin, Melinda Shankar, Jordan Todosey, Jessica Tyler

Credits: Created by Linda Schuyler and Yan Moore. Executive Producers: Linda Schuyler and Stephen Stohn and Brendon Yorke. Directors: Phil Earnshaw, Eleanore Lindo, Sturla Gunnarsson, Samir Rehem, Pat Williams, Mario Azzopardi, Stefan Brogren. Original Score by Jim McGrath and Tim Welch. Casting Director: Stephanie Gorin, csa cdc. Editors: Gordon Thorne, Jason B. Irvine. Production Designer: Stephen Stanley. Director of Photography: Alwyn J. Kumst csc. Producer: David Lowe and Stefan Brogren. Supervising Producer: Stephanie Williams. Executive Post Producer: Ella Schwarzman. CTV/MuchMusic Production Executives: Samantha Morris Mastai and Ben Rotterman. Senior Vice-President and General Manager, Much MTV Group: Brad Schwartz. Vice-President, Production, Much MTV Group: Mark McInnis. Director, Program Development for CTV: Brett Burlock. President, Creative, Content and Channels, CTV Inc.: Susanne Boyce

Production Company: Epitome Pictures Inc. in association with CTV/MuchMusic.

    (two-night competition series)

The Gemini Award-winning SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE CANADA is based on the Emmy Award-winning smash hit series created by Simon Fuller and Nigel Lythgoe that premiered in 2005. During SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE CANADA's highly-popular second season, the series averaged 1.44 million viewers and ended with Lethbridge, AB's Tara-Jean Popowich taking the title of Canada's Favourite Dancer. The Season 1 winner was Montreal-native Nico Archambault.

The Season 3 audition tour travelled to five cities across the country - Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Montreal and Halifax. SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE CANADA showcases dancers from across the country as they compete to impress an expert panel of judges. Following each audition city, select competitors were invited to "Finals Week" in Toronto where they worked with some of Canada's top choreographers. After a gruelling and challenging week mastering various genres of dance, 20 dancers earned a coveted spot in the SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE CANADA Top 20. Chosen by the judging panel, this select group of dancers will perform in front of the nation. The public votes for their favourites following weekly performance episodes in which competitors are assigned partners and dance styles to perform, from hip-hop and krump to salsa, quickstep, contemporary and jive. In the end, only one dancer goes home with the title of Canada's Favourite Dancer and a $100,000 grand prize.

Cast: Leah Miller (ETALK) is host, permanent judges are Tré Armstrong and Jean Marc Genereux, alternating third judges are Luther Brown and Blake McGrath, special guest judges are Rex Harrington, Dan Karaty, Mary Murphy. Paul Becker, Sean Cheesman, Melissa Williams all serve as choreographers who also appear as judges.

Credits: Creator: Simon Fuller (AMERICAN IDOL), Creator: Nigel Lythgoe (AMERICAN IDOL), EP/Showrunner: Sandra Faire (Rita MacNeil's Celtic Celebration, Anne Murray's Family Christmas, The Rankin Family Reunion, COMEDY NOW!, COMEDY INC. and Vice-Chair of the National Ballet of Canada), EP: Trisa Dayot (RITA MACNEIL'S CELTIC CELEBRATION, ANNE MURRAY'S FAMILY CHRISTMAS, THE RANKIN FAMILY REUNION, COMEDY NOW!, COMEDY INC.), Senior Producers: Bronwyn Warren and Millan Curry-Sharples (RITA MACNEIL'S CELTIC CELEBRATION, THE RANKIN FAMILY REUNION, COMEDY NOW!, COMEDY INC.)

Production Company: Danse TV Productions in association with CTV

    COMEDY NOW! - Season 13 (stand-up comedy series)

Canada's reigning pre-eminent stage for homegrown comedic talent, Comedy Now! returns with its thirteenth season. The star-making stand-up series has helped an illustrious list of Canadian writer/performers earn their stripes in the comedy world. The list of luminaries includes the likes of Brent Butt, Roman Danylo, Nikki Payne, Shaun Majumder, Sean Cullen, Daryn Jones, Jay Malone, Jenn Robertson and stadium headliner Russell Peters.

Cast: TBA

Production Company: Comedy Now! Productions Inc. in association with CTV and The Comedy Network


    METAL EVOLUTION: THE SERIES - Season 1 (hour-long documentary series for
    --------------------------------------  MuchMore)

Metal Evolution: The Series features the much-debated Metal History "family tree" originally shown in Headbanger's Journey. From shock rock to thrash, from black metal to grunge, this 24 sub-genre genealogical chart - the first of its kind - reveals the vast complex progeny of Heavy Metal, and serves as the narrative backbone of the series. Using the chart as his road map, our host, metalhead turned anthropologist Sam Dunn, criss-crosses the globe, to the northern tip of Norway, the jungles of Brazil, the grim beauty of Birmingham and the pock-marked streets of Detroit, visiting the bars, back alleys, and ballrooms, and even the basement shrines of superfans, to get to the very essence of Metal.

Cast: Sam Dunn

Credits: Executive Producers Scot McFadyen and Sam Dunn. CTV/MuchMore Production Executive: Ben Rotterman. Senior Vice-President and General Manager, Much MTV Group: Brad Schwartz. Vice-President, Production, Much MTV Group: Mark McInnis. Director, Program Development for CTV: Brett Burlock. President, Creative, Content and Channels, CTV Inc.: Susanne Boyce

Production Company: Banger Films in association with CTV/MuchMore.

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