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Plan with brand data and media intelligence in hand

Metrics are critical to assess success, plan for future communications and help your brand uncover opportunities. Cision offers a range of tools for your organization, from reporting for each press release, to metrics from media monitoring tools, all the way to trend monitoring, audience measurement and custom projects.

  • Measurement Options — Tracking and measuring communications – and sharing the results – can be a complicated process, so we provide tools to track media coverage and interpret results. 
  • Visibility Reports — Track your ROI in real time with a self-serve analytics dashboard.
  • Custom Media Analysis — Custom measurement projects deliver high-level communications program insights. Consult with our team of experts for in-depth reporting, on-demand research and analysis.  
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Measure sentiment, media statistics and more

Evaluate the success of your brand's marketing and communications efforts with the MediaVantage platform. 

  • Gain Insight — View and analyze media coverage with integrated report templates and dashboards and understand the trends that can drive your organization’s strategic direction and your brand’s performance.
  • Analyze Campaigns — Use real-time measurement tools to interpret the effectiveness of your communication efforts.
  • Generate Reports — Provide visual detail by activity level and by sources for all campaign elements.
  • Prove ROI — Share results with your team members and stakeholders with powerful reporting tools.
  • Refine Plans — Revise your future communications based on what works – and what doesn’t.
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Analyze content distribution reach and engagement

Get an overview of the performance of your distributed content with Visibility Reports, which include release statistics and various data points, all sharable and exportable for your stakeholders. 

  • Gain Actionable Insights — Evaluate your program performance, gain insights and strategize on future campaigns with audience data and text and multimedia engagement metrics, such as click-throughs, shares, tweets and downloads.
  • Monitor Release Views and Web Traffic — See where your content appeared online, the websites that posted it and the potential audience viewership. Use the traffic summary to see your release and image views, trends and sources.
  • Uncover and Track Interactions — Discover audience details such as media and organization views, media demographics and geo-segmentation.
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Custom media analysis projects for strategic insights

Leverage the expertise of Cision's Professional Services team for your media measurement programs and custom media research projects. 

  • Comprehensive Media Measurement — Rely on our team of media experts for customized projects to measure and track time sensitive campaigns and prove ROI for your earned media efforts.
  • Track the Success of Your Campaigns — Uncover useful intelligence by setting up media analysis for upcoming campaigns. Collect all clips, summarize data, and get a holistic overview of overall coverage over a certain time, covering single or multiple projects.
  • Tailor Your Measurement Needs — Consult with our team to outline your custom measurement requirements and receive comprehensive reports based on the metrics most valuable to you — share of voice, comparative, coverage reports, analysis reports, audience reports, clip books, etc.
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