137 roads upgraded to increase safety and support economic activity across Winnipeg

WINNIPEG, April 27, 2017 /CNW/ - Modern and efficient roadways are crucial to encouraging and supporting economic activity, facilitating trade, and creating good paying, middle class jobs. The governments of Canada and Manitoba recognize this, and continue to make investments in roads across Winnipeg in an effort to also make them safer and more reliable for the residents that depend on them every day.

In 2016, Winnipeg was able to upgrade 137 roads thanks, in part, to $36.5 million provided to the City through the federal Gas Tax Fund (GTF). From smaller projects such as sidewalk renewals and granular lane paving, to the major reconstruction and rehabilitation of main roads, these investments are helping to improve travel throughout Winnipeg. See the full proposed list of 2016 road improvements projects.

The City also used some of its annual GTF allocation to improve public transit services across the City in 2016.

The governments of Canada and Manitoba will continue to invest in Winnipeg's roads and bridges recognizing that it supports local businesses, increases tourism, and helps ensure residents travel safely and efficiently throughout the City.


"The federal Gas Tax Fund gives communities the flexibility to spend money on infrastructure projects where they need it most. Here in Winnipeg, road and sidewalk improvements are a priority, and these projects make the City's transportation network more efficient and reliable -- helping kids travel safely to their schools and workers arrive on time at their jobs. It will also reduce vehicle repair costs and improve the safety and quality of life for residents for many years to come."

The Honourable Jim Carr, Minister of Natural Resources,
On behalf of the Honourable Amarjeet Sohi, Minister of Infrastructure and Communities

"Our Government's commitment to communities and public infrastructure is allowing Manitoba communities to address their infrastructure priorities while supporting economic growth, a high standard of living, and a safe, healthy environment. We are pleased to support Winnipeg's leadership efforts to deliver improved infrastructure like better roads and sidewalks for our citizens."

Honourable Eileen Clarke, Minister of Indigenous and Municipal Relations

"We know improving our roads is Winnipeggers' number one priority so we are investing record amounts in roads and sidewalks with help from the Gas Tax Fund. More modern, reliable road infrastructure is good for Winnipeg's economy and citizens' quality of life."

City Councillor Marty Morantz, Chair, Standing Policy Committee on Infrastructure Renewal and Public Works

Quick facts

  • In 2016-17, the Government of Canada made $68.7 million available to Manitoba communities through the annual federal Gas Tax Fund transfer. In late 2016-17, the Government of Canada transferred and additional $835,093 to Manitoba from unused legacy funding programs through a federal GTF top up. Another $68.7 million (regular allocation) will be made available to municipalities in 2017-2018 for their community infrastructure priorities.
  • The City of Winnipeg completed 41 road improvements projects in 2015 and is planning to complete over 150 road improvements projects in 2017 thanks in part to its annual funding allocation from the federal GTF.
  • In 2016, the City of Winnipeg received an allocation of $41.9 M through the federal Gas Tax Fund.
  • The federal GTF provides predictable, long-term, stable funding for Canadian municipalities every year to help them build and revitalize local public infrastructure. It offers local communities the flexibility to make strategic investments across 18 different project categories, including roads and bridges, public transit, drinking water and wastewater infrastructure, and recreational facilities.
  • The Government of Canada will provide more than $180 billion in infrastructure funding over 12 years for public transit, green infrastructure, social infrastructure, transportation that supports trade, and Canada's rural and northern communities.
  • Budget 2017 proposes over $10.1 billion in trade and transportation projects across Canada. This amount includes $5 billion that will be available for investment through the Canada Infrastructure Bank.

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Government of Canada's $180-billion+ infrastructure plan in Budget 2017

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Federal Gas Tax Fund

Twitter: @INFC_eng

Web: Infrastructure Canada


Local and regional roads projects in the City of Winnipeg – allocations towards projects in 2016

The City of Winnipeg used part of its 2016 federal Gas Tax Fund allocation to fund the following road improvement projects:


Project Description


Mill and Fill Preservation

Portage Avenue - Minto to Empress

Main Street – Mountain to Redwood

Main Street – Inkster to Mountain

Isabel Street – Notre Dame to William

Notre Dame Avenue – Wall to Arlington

Academy Road – Stafford to Maryland Bridge

Academy Road – Campbell to Renfrew

Lagimodiere Blvd – Dugald to Marion

St Mary's Road – St Annes to Lyndale

Watt Street – Chalmers to Nairn

Reconstruction and Major Rehabilitation

Pembina Highway South Bound - Bairdmore North Leg to Kirkbridge

Ness Avenue East Bound – Overdale to Rutland

Sargent Avenue – Victor to Arlington

Academy Road – Harrow to Stafford

Maryland Street – Ellice to Portage

Maryland Street – Portage to Broadway

Archibald Street – Watt to #80 Archibald to Nairn

Keewatin Street South Bound – Logan to Notre-Dame

Logan Avenue – Keewatin to Blake

Pembina Highway – Grant to Osborne

Corydon Avenue West Bound – Montrose to Niagara

Pavement Rehabilitation

Grassie and Lagimodiere boulevards intersection

Lane Renewals

-  Chancellor Dr./Waverley St – Lake Lindero Rd to Lake Crest Rd

-  Cork Ave/Armstrong Ave – Salter St to Sly Dr

-  Partridge Ave/Royal Ave – Salter St to Powers St

-  Taylor Ave/CNR Tracks – CPR Tracks to Renfrew Bay

-  Palk Rd/Grosvenor Ave – Wellingston Cr to Ruskin Row

-  Cordova St/Campbell St – Kingsway to Grosvenor Ave

-  Jake Crest Rd N – Waverley St to Chancellor Dr

-  Grosvenor Ave/Dorchester Ave – Bounded by Grosvenor Ave, Dorchester Ave, Lilac St and Wentworth St

-  Kramble Pl – Bounded by Crossgate Rd, Whitehall Blvd and St. Martin Blvd

-  Oxford St/Cambridge St – Bounded by Oxford St, Cambridge St, Grosvenor Ave and Corydon Ave

-  Stradbrook Ave/Wardlaw Ave – Bounded by Stradbrook Ave, Wardlaw Ave, Scott St and Donald St

-  Waterloo St/Ash St – Bounded by Waterloo St, Ash St, Wellington Cr, and Academy Rd

-  Waverley St/Oxford St – Bounded by Waverley St, Oxford St, Grosvenor Ave, and Kingsway Ave

-  Chestnut St/Walnut St – Bounded by Chestnut St, Walnut St, Westminster Ave, and Preston Ave

-  Fife St/McPhillips St – The Eastern most North/South Block bounded by Fife St, McPhillips St, Troy Ave, and Chamberlain Ave

-  Garfield St N/Sherburn St – Bounded by Garfield St N, Sherburn St and Notre-Dame Ave

-  Main St (Semple Ave/Burrin Ave) – The Western most North/South block bounded by Main St, Scotia St, Semple Ave, and Burrin Ave

-  Main St (Kingsbury Ave/Royal Ave) – The Western most North/South block bounded by Main St, Scotia St, Kingsbury Ave, and Royal Ave

-  Newman St/Basswood Pl – Bounded by Newman St, Basswood Pl, Wolseley Ave, and Portage Ave

-  Perth Ave/Jefferson Ave – The South/East corner of the block bounded by Perth Ave, Jefferson Ave, St. Andrews St, and Powers St.

-  Victor St/Agnes St – Bounded by Victor St, Agnes St, Ellice Ave, and Sargent Ave

-  Young St/Spence St – Bounded by Young St, Spence St, Sargent Ave, and Cumberland Ave

Local Street Improvements

-  Saulteaux Cr (West Leg) – Murray Park Rd to Moray St

-  De Baets St – Paquin Rd to Carriel Sys St.

-  Mathers Ave – Ash St to Campbell St – Concrete Reconstruction

-  Lorette Ave – Arbuthnot St to Stafford St – Rehabilitation

-  Scotland Ave – Wentworth St to 50 m West – Concrete Reconstruction

-  Jessie Ave – Nassau St N to Daly St N – Concrete Reconstruction

-  Cockburn St S – Kylemore Ave to Rathgar Ave – Asphalt Reconstruction

-  Vivian Ave from Rue des Meurons to St. Mary's Rd

-  Portland Ave from St. George Rd to Neepawa St

-  Traverse Ave from Enfield Cr to St. Mary's Rd

-  Dussault Ave from Cottonwood Rd to Bibeau Bay

-  Barker Blvd North Bound and South Bound from Robin Blvd to Barker Blvd South Leg

-  Stack St from Robin Blvd to Barker Blvd South Leg

-  Acheson Dr from West limit to Authur Creek Dr

-  Sonnichsen Place from Acheson Dr to Authur Creek Dr

-  Goodridge Cr from Acheson Dr to Authur Creek Dr

Paving of Granular Lanes

East-West lanes bounded by:

-   Lennox Ave - Fernwood Ave - St. Annes Rd - St. Andrew Rd;

-   Poplarwood Ave - Berrydale Ave - Neepawa St - St. Mary's Rd; and Neepawa St. from Poplarwood Ave to lane north of Berrydale Ave;

-   Poplarwood Ave – Berrydale Ave – Neepawa St – St. David Road;

-   Stranmillis Ave – Imperial Ave – Rue des Meurons – St. Anne's Road;

All lanes bounded by :

-   Wingham Ave – Bayfield Ave – Claydon Dr and the first north-south land east of St. Anne's Road;

Lane in the block bounded by:

-   Kitson St - Hanbury St – Kenny St – Tache Ave

Local Thin Bituminous Overlay

-   Amarynth Cr South Leg – 36 Amarynth Cr / School Rd

-   Ayr Blvd – Kelvin Blvd/Grant Ave

-   Bellemer Dr – Grandmont Blvd/Le Maire St

-   Cannes Cr – Mandalay Dr/Jefferson Ave

-   Carlos Lane – Carlotta Cres

-   Chancery Bay – Burland Ave

-   Emily St – McDermot Ave/Notre Dame Ave

-   Gascon Rd – Forrester Ave/Woodydell Ave

-   Glasgow Ave – McDermot Ave/Notre Dame Ave
Hewitt Cr – Eldridge Ave to Haney St

-   Hyatt Place – Dakota St to Novavista Dr

-   Jonathan Cres – Forest Cove Dr to Rose Hill Way

-   Killarney Ave – Caledon Rd to Acadia Bay

-   La Porte Drive – Le Maire St to End

-   Lanark St – Kingsway to Academy Rd

-   Linden Ridge Dr – Falcon Ridge Dr to Laurel Ridge Dr

-   Livinia Ave – Knox St to Buchanan Blvd

-   Manitoba Ave – Salter St to McGregor St
Manor House Ct – Mapleglen Dr

-   Mansard Cs – Jefferson Ave

-   Marquis Cr – Margate Rd. to Madrigal Cs

-   Monticello Rd – Scurfield Blvd

-   Prescott Rd – Leeds Ave to Ryerson Ave

-   Strand Cl – Charing Cross Cr

-   Tamarac Bay – Lakewood Blvd

-   Thunder Bay – Woodydell Ave to Brampton St

-   Wellington Ave – E end to Empress St

-   Westmoreland Rd – Columbia Dr to Sheffield Rd

-   Woodcott Place – Duncan Norrie Dr to Lindenwood Drive W

-   Beliveau Rd E – St. Anne's Rd to Marlene St

-   Cusson St – Archibald St to Evans St

-   Edgewood St – Des Meurons to End

-   Emerson Ave – Rothesay St to Henderson Highway

-   Foxborough Rd – Alex Taylor Dr

-   Gareau St – Archibald St to Evans St

-   Guilbault St – Des Meurons St to End

-   Herbert Ave – Cameron St to Foster St

-   Larche Ave West – Winona St to Day St

-   McMillan Ave – Stafford St to Lilac St

-   Prosper St – Archibald St to End

-   Rizer Cr – Louelda St to Kimberly Ave

-   Rizzuto Bay – Rougeau Ave to Rougeau Ave

-   Spence St – Sargent Ave to Ellice Ave

-   Tamarind Dr – Whellams Lane to End

-   Willow Point Rd – Pebble Beach Rd to Willowlake Cres

Sidewalk Renewals

-   Ravelston Ave West (North side) from Plessis Rd to Hoka St

-   Edison Ave from Broad Bay to De Graff Pl

-   Matheson Ave from McGregor St to Salter St

-   Lisgar Ave (South side) Austin St N. to Beaconsfield St

-   Rosseau Ave E. from Ravelston Ave E. to Leola St

-   Manchester Blvd N. (North side) Wildwood St to Point Road

-   Edderton Ave (South side) from Beaumont St to Daniel St

-   Aberdeen Ave (South side) from Main St to East end

-   Alfred Ave from Arlington St to McKenzie St

-   St. Anthony Ave from Salter St to Main St

-   Berrydale Ave from St. Anne's Road to East End

-   Blenheim (South side) St. Anne's Rd to Des Meurons St

-   Blenheim Ave (North side) St. Anne's Rd to Overton St

-   Dubuc St (South side) from Enfield Cres to Des Meurons St

-   Enfield Cres (South side) from St. Mary's Rd to Dubuc St

-   Rathgar Ave from Daly St S to Osborne St

-   Rathgar Ave (North side) from Cockburn St S to Argue St

-   Provencher Blvd (North side) from Archibald St to Nadeau St

-   Des Meurons St (West side) from Provencher Blvd to De La Cathedrale Ave

-   Corydon Ave (North side) from Sir John Franklin Rd to Lindsay St

-   Taylor Ave (North side) from Renfrew St to Lindsay St

-   Tuxedo Ave (North side) from Edgeland Blvd to Chataway Blvd

-   Arlington St (East side) from Notre Dame Ave to Wellington Ave

Disraeli Bridge

Design, Build and Finance the Disraeli Bridge and Overpass Facility

Chief Peguis Trail

Design, Build and Finance the Chief Peguis Trail


For more information on the federal Gas Tax Fund, please visit http://www.infrastructure.gc.ca/plan/gtf-fte-eng.html.

For more information on the individual projects in the above list, please direct your questions to the City of Winnipeg.


SOURCE Infrastructure Canada

For further information: Brook Simpson, Press Secretary, Office of the Minister of Infrastructure and Communities, 613-219-0149, Brook.Simpson@canada.ca; Caitlin MacGregor, Press Secretary, Manitoba Government - Communications & Stakeholder Relations, 204-945-1494, Caitlin.MacGregor@leg.gov.mb.ca; City of Winnipeg Media Inquiry Line, 204-986-6000, mediainquiry@winnipeg.ca; Infrastructure Canada, 613-960-9251, Toll free: 1-877-250-7154, Email: media@infc.gc.ca


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