Choose Canada’s Preferred Newswire


Reach investors, the financial community and the media using Canada’s market-leading newswire service, powered by Canada Newswire. An integral component of Cision’s suite of IR services, newswire distribution helps your organization meet necessary disclosure requirements.  


  • We’re Canada’s preferred newswire- We are the first place people look for news from Canadian companies, and a popular research tool for journalists, investors and consumers alike.
  • Build shareholder confidence – We make it easy to satisfy disclosure and compliance requirements while engaging more deeply with your shareholders and providing powerful visibility to investors.
  • Regulatory requirements - Meet exchange and regulatory requirements and mitigate risks by delivering material news quickly and securely
  • We’re Trusted by the Media and Markets - Our newswire is an essential part of the newsgathering routine of Canadian journalists, investors and analysts who trust that the releases we issue are verified to come from an authorized sender.
  • Visibility Reports - Want to know how your audience is using your news? Our Visibility Reports, available in the Online Member Centre, allow clients to monitor and measure audience interaction with their news release on