Weight-Loss Expert and Author Sanford Siegal, D.O., M.D., Offers New Jersey
Woman $50,000 to End Her Quest to Reach 1,000 Pounds and Instead Go on a Diet

    Dr. Sanford Siegal implores 600 pound Donna Simpson to stop eating herself
    to death and accept his offer to pay her $100 for every pound she loses

<p><span class="xn-location">MIAMI</span>, <span class="xn-chron">March 26</span> /CNW/ -- Renowned physician, author and weight-loss expert <span class="xn-person">Dr. Sanford Siegal</span>, a practicing physician in South Florida best known as the creator of the popular <span class="xn-person">Dr. Siegal</span>'s COOKIE DIET® weight-loss system and foods, confirmed today that he has offered <span class="xn-person">Donna Simpson</span> of Old Bridge, New Jersey, <span class="xn-money">$50,000</span> if she'll end her much-publicized quest to reach a weight of 1,000 pounds and, instead, achieve a healthful weight. <span class="xn-person">Dr. Siegal</span> made his offer in a letter that was delivered to Simpson's home yesterday morning.</p>
<p>"When I first heard about Donna Simpson's plan to reach a weight of 1,000 pounds I thought it was a joke. Then I read the news reports and realized she was serious. I was appalled," said <span class="xn-person">Dr. Siegal</span>. "I understand that people are encouraging this woman on Twitter and other social media sites, and that some food companies may even be jumping on the bandwagon. In my opinion, anyone who encourages this dangerous stunt is essentially guilty of assisted suicide."</p>
<p>In his letter to Simpson, <span class="xn-person">Dr. Siegal</span> warned her of the health consequences that he says she is certain to face if she doesn't reverse course soon:</p>
<p>"Since nothing I've read about you in the media suggests that you're suicidal, I have to conclude that you aren't intentionally trying to kill yourself and are doing so unknowingly. I must assume that you simply don't appreciate the severity--and certainty--of the premature death you face and the ghastly medical problems that will precede it."</p>
<p>In particular, <span class="xn-person">Dr. Siegal</span> warned Simpson about the horrors of diabetes which, he said, she is virtually certain to develop if she hasn't already:</p>
<p>"But, mercifully, you are not likely to reach your goal. Your early success will eventually work against you. As your diabetes becomes more severe and you become less mobile (probably bedridden), there's a good chance that one or both of your legs will be amputated. This will reduce your weight significantly. Of course, your legs will not be much use to you since you probably won't be able to walk anyway, with or without them. You may not even miss your legs since you won't be able to see them as a result of the blindness that often accompanies diabetes. But you may still feel pain in them even after they're gone.  That often happens after amputation; it's called 'phantom pain'."</p>
<p><span class="xn-person">Dr. Siegal</span> explained in his letter that, although he hopes to stop Simpson from "eating herself to death," his primary motivation in making his offer is to reverse the damage that may have been done to children and impressionable teenagers who he says have been sent a dangerous message by Simpson's actions and the publicity they have received.</p>
<p>"As I've said, I've devoted my life to educating the world about the perils of obesity and to helping people get thin. Many others, including the current First Lady, are also involved in this struggle. Your mission--and the publicity it has generated and will continue to generate--undermine our efforts and send a very bad message. While I sincerely want to save you from eating yourself to death, it is the population as a whole--especially children and impressionable teenagers--that I hope to help by convincing you to stop setting a terrible example and start being a good role model."</p>
<p><span class="xn-person">Dr. Siegal</span>'s offer to Simpson provides for specific payments to be made as she achieves certain milestones. If she accepts, the first <span class="xn-money">$10,000</span> will be paid upon her (1) ending her weight-gain diet and agreeing not to resume it in the future, (2) beginning a weight-loss diet of her choosing under a doctor's supervision, and (3) agreeing to speak to the media about her unequivocal decision to end her self-destructive behavior and pursue a healthful weight.</p>
<p>"The first <span class="xn-money">$10,000</span> would come very quickly as it doesn't require her to lose weight, just to stop trying to gain weight," explained <span class="xn-person">Dr. Siegal</span>. "The other <span class="xn-money">$40,000</span> will be paid as she reaches certain weight milestones."</p>
<p>Simpson, who reportedly weighs 600 pounds, would receive <span class="xn-money">$10,000</span> for every 100 pounds she loses until she reaches 200 pounds.</p>
<p>"Once she hits 200 pounds, I think she'll have all the motivation she'll need to lose the rest," said <span class="xn-person">Dr. Siegal</span>. "By that point she'll look and feel so much better."</p>
<p><span class="xn-person">Dr. Siegal</span>'s offer allows Simpson to choose any weight-loss approach as long as it is approved and supervised by a doctor and doesn't involve surgery:</p>
<p>"As for how you lose the weight, that's up to you. I don't care which method of weight loss you choose as long as it doesn't involve surgery (let's not try to correct one ill-advised action with another) and is approved by your doctor. If you wish to follow <span class="xn-person">Dr. Siegal</span>'s COOKIE DIET, which has worked very well for generations of dieters, I'll provide for free the cookies and shake mixes that will keep your hunger in check as you follow a reduced-calorie diet. Also at your option, I'll recommend a physician in <span class="xn-location">New York City</span> who uses <span class="xn-person">Dr. Siegal</span>'s COOKIE DIET in his practice and who I believe would treat you at no cost."</p>
<p><span class="xn-person">Dr. Sanford Siegal</span> is a practicing physician, author, and weight-loss pioneer whose South Florida medical practice, Siegal Medical Group, has treated more than 500,000 overweight patients. Although he has received recognition for his books on topics including high fiber diets, hunger control, and hypothyroidism, he is best known as the Cookie Doctor® behind the internationally popular <span class="xn-person">Dr. Siegal</span>'s COOKIE DIET® (<a href="http://www.CookieDiet.com">www.CookieDiet.com</a>) weight-loss approach and foods.</p>

    Dr. Siegal is perpetually in the news. Recent coverage includes:
    ABC's Good Morning America

    WFAA-TV (Dallas, TX)

    KPRC-TV (Houston, TX)


For further information: For further information: Media Relations: Dr. Siegal's COOKIE DIET® (CookieDiet.com), +1-877-377-4342 (North America), +1-703-677-8068 (Elsewhere) Web Site: http://www.CookieDiet.com

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