Official program - Week of June 16-22, 2017 - Montreal's 375th Anniversary Celebrations - Les Francos celebrates Montréal: free nine-hour non-stop concert

MONTRÉAL, June 16, 2017 /CNW Telbec/ - Thanks to the Society for the Celebration of Montréal's 375th Anniversary, les Francos is getting another day added to its schedule: this Sunday, June 18 with Vive Montréal aux Francos: a massive free party, from 3 pm to midnight! Many of the biggest names in French, European and African music will perform in this unprecedented historic show: nine hours of continuous music, from rock to reggae, to rap, pop, electro and chanson! Les Cowboys Fringants, IAM, Les 20 ans de L'École du Micro d'Argent, LOUVE with Ariane Moffatt, Marie-Pierre Arthur, Salomé Leclerc, Amylie, Laurence Lafond-Beaulne and guests, Tiken Jah Fakoly, Philippe Brach, Ma ville, mon ange, et K.O.K.A. (Karim Ouellet and King Abid DJ set) – June 18, 3 pm at the Ford Stage and 6:30 pm at the Bell Stage. Also, as of June 20, theater lovers will be able to choose from a wide range of classical, lyrical, interactive or over-the-top plays in a series of 11 shows presented by À nous la scène. These unforgettable events showcase some of our city's own, and the world's greatest talents, right here in Montréal!


Portageons la fête! Un défi patrimonial
A portage and descent competition along the Lachine Rapids including various activities. The goal is to recreate the indigenous use of the site, which has been a portage and meeting site for 5,000 years.
June 16, 17 and 18 – Banks of the St. Lawrence River - Nivard-De Saint-Dizier House

SMALL BOAT, BIG HOPES! is a collective model-sailboat building project for families and students from the 4th to 6th grades of St. Leonard. In April and May, come take part in group workshops to build your very own sailboat. Then, on June 17, 2017, join us in a large collective and festive launch of all the boats at the Wilfrid-Bastien Park where you will have the opportunity to navigate your boat and attempt the Great Crossing of the pond!
June 17 – Wilfrid-Bastien Park

HOT SPOTS is designed to create an unprecedented cultural buzz in Ahuntsic-Cartierville. This will take place outdoors (parade, mural, dance under bridges) as well as in venues, with activities that will break the usual conventions of presentation. The event will increase different audiences and utilize the rich expertise of these organizations, not only on the Gouin path, but also in the heart of the cultural district.
June 17 and 18  – Maison de la culture Ahuntsic-Cartierville

Explosion 67 - Youth and Their World
Expo 67 had a huge impact on Montrealers. Young and old alike embraced this seminal event and stepped into the modern world, a time filled with memorable rock concerts and life-changing encounters. "Man and His World" (and Woman, of course) offered a place of freedom and a whole new look on people and the world around us. This iconic exhibition gives us a chance to see how this world fair was the tipping point for Quebec society and a generation that passionately embraced a brand-new era.
From June 16 to December 31 – Centre d'histoire de Montréal

Revolution: « You say you want a revolution »
When youth around the globe wanted to change the world, the youth of Quebec joined in and embraced the times. This immersive exhibition from the prestigious Victoria and Albert Museum, London, uniquely presented by the MMFA, comes to Montreal just in time to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Expo 67. Peace!
From June 17 to October 19 – Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

Vive Montréal aux Francos !
Thanks to the The Society for the Celebration of Montréal's 375th Anniversary, les Francos is getting another day added to its schedule: this Sunday, June 18 with Vive Montréal aux Francos: a massive free party, from 3 pm to midnight! Many of the biggest names in French, European and African music will perform in this unprecedented historic show: nine hours of continuous music, from rock to reggae, to rap, pop, electro and song! Les Cowboys Fringants, IAM, Les 20 ans de L'École du Micro d'Argent, LOUVE with Ariane Moffatt, Marie-Pierre Arthur, Salomé Leclerc, Amylie, Laurence Lafond-Beaulne and guests, Tiken Jah Fakoly, Philippe Brach, Ma ville, mon ange, et K.O.K.A. (Karim Ouellet and King Abid DJ set).
June 183 pm at the Ford Stage and 6:30 pm at the Bell Stage.

Le 1000 km du Grand défi Pierre Lavoie
Pierre Lavoie invites all experienced and devoted cyclists to join him for the 9th edition of this 1,000 km cycling event. Taking participants from Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean to Montreal, the Grand défi Pierre Lavoie is a landmark annual event that brings together Quebecers from every corner of the province.
Arrival on June 18 – Olympic Stadium   

Pow-wow de l'amitié
OktoEcho presents the Pow-wow de l'amitié, a musical afternoon that celebrates the different waves of migration that make up the history of the Ahuntsic-Cartierville neighborhood: Aboriginal, European, and from the Maghreb.
June 18 – Ahuntsic Park

À nous la scène
11 indoor shows for all tastes
11 plays that run the gamut from hilarious, touching, lyrical, over-the-top, interactive, creative and mime to circus, performed on many of Montréal's stages. Create your TRIO or QUATUOR PASSPORT and take advantage of an array of one-of-a-kind performances.`This summer, the stage is yours!
June 20 to August 6 – Many Montréal's stages

In Search of Expo 67
This major exhibit of new works by Quebec and Canadian artists investigates the most innovative, experimental and provocative dimensions of Expo 67, and its artistic, social and political context. In Search of Expo 67 includes19 contemporary works created in dialogue with the spirit of 1967, challenging some of its underlying presumptions and valorizing its undeniable degree of invention. Grounded in the idea of exploring the resonances between what Expo 67 was and what remains in 2017, the artists are developing projects on, among others, the Canada Pavilion, the Quebec Pavilion, the Pavilions of France, the Indians of Canada and the United States of America, Kaleidoscope, as well as the rich sound experimentations of 1967, and the history and current condition of the site itself.
From June 21 to October 8 – Musée d'art contemporain de Montréal

Place à la tour
Place à la tour is a platform for collectively creating an urban party! Smith Cabin is an architectural installation in Griffintown on Smith St. along the Lachine Canal. It is a place to socialize, reflect, and celebrate the city of tomorrow while valuing local creative activity. Smith Cabin foreshadows the rehabilitation of the former Wellington Referral Tower as a cultural facility dedicated to city life.
From June 22 to July 16 – Promenade Smith - Tour d'aiguillage Wellington


La Grande tournée
A major 375th event, La Grande Tournée, presented by Cirque Éloize, will be travelling from one end of the city to the other all summer long to celebrate its history and its people. It will give everyone who loves Montreal the chance to discover the city's charms and secrets, celebrate with their families and get to know their neighbours. The fun will also spill out onto an adjacent street or back alley where other events also await.
June 16-18Saint-Laurent

Time to remember
Time travel in Saint-Leonard to discover the past, the present and the future of Saint-Leonard thru 8 boards on Jean-Talon East Street, between Valdombre and Côme streets.
June 10 – 6020 Jean-Talon St. E, Saint-Leonard

Indigenous Contemporary Scene: Conversations on reconciliation
Acknowledging a land means reaffirming the unique and lasting relationship that exists between Indigenous peoples and their traditional lands. It also means expressing our gratitude and appreciation, a way of honouring these Nations who have lived here from time immemorial. Land acknowledgment does not refer to the past – we must continue this conversation to heighten our awareness and then move to action.
June 9 – Agora de la danse, Wilder Building

Expo 67: The Place to Be
Montreal's Universal and International Exhibition, which ran from April 27 to October 29, 1967, was a unique event in the history of Canada and remains an unforgettable memory for those who saw it. Over six months millions shared the heady experience of "Man and His World." People from across the planet flocked to Montreal, and in opening its arms to them, the city – along with Quebec and Canada – redefined its identity. Jean-Louis Frund's photographs capture the spectacular architecture of the various pavilions and conjure the excitement of this magical place, whose islands were summoned from out the St. Lawrence for the occasion by the project's engineers. Walk through the installation of 24 photographs by Jean-Louis Frund on McGill College and feel the atmosphere of the Expo 67 site!
From June 9 to October 15 – Outdoor exhibition on McGill College Avenue – Mc Cord Museum

Celebrating Heritage with the Ecomuseum
Discover the community's heritage and celebrate some of our history's important anniversaries: Montreal's 375th, Garneau School's centennial, Bain Généreux's 90th and Saint-Jacques Market's 145th. The celebrations will consist in: an exhibition stand on local history & heritage, entertainment for all ages and street circuits in the neighbourhood; all in a festive and musical atmosphere
June 17, 25 and July 2 – Écomusée du fier monde, Saint-Jacques Market, Garneau School

RDP/PAT, Fêtons Montréal! / Let us discover the narratives of our elders
Using photos and audio extracts of 50 testimonies, we invite you to discover diverse aspects of the life of people in Rivière-des-Prairies. Subjects include international immigration, life on the farm, life in the village, internal migrations, the Skawanoti (the back of the island), transport, leisure activities, education and housing.
June 14 through August –Pierre-Chatrand House et Rivière-des-Prairies Library

Literary Saint-Denis
The close and historic link between Saint Denis St. and literature is an opportunity to invent an innovative textual and urban environment that is accompanied and inhabited by residents' creativity. Using the environment as a place for culture, textual sequences are fit into the urban fabric. The works of art are done by Plateau artists and will be featured on different installations in public spaces, both those that will be specially-designed for the occasion as well as on existing environments.
June 15 to December 31 –Saint-Denis St., between Roy St. and Gilford St.

Blank Page
A blank page is the beginning of all creation! It is represented here by an outdoor public space that will serve as a meeting spot for artists and residents who will share a moment of reflection and make a creative gesture together. Photography, painting, dance, literature or music – there's a place on the page for all forms of art! Meetings with residents will serve as a source of inspiration for 20 guest artists whose final works will be presented at an event celebrating these unique encounters. Every Saturday in May through October two locations in the borough will host BLANK PAGE – one in the morning and in the evening – with different artists attending each one. A unique and one-of-a-kind creation will be produced at each location.
June 17 and 24 – Parc du Pélican

Planète MTL
Make your way to the Biosphere for a must-see exhibition on Montreal's urban ecosystem, with a giant 3D model of the city as well as an amazing panoramic HD mural that celebrates Montreal's 375th year in 360 degrees.
From June 5 – Biosphère

La Balade pour la Paix: An Open-Air Museum
Sherbrooke Street turns into an open-air museum, inviting everyone to join in a walk for peace through 72 works of art reflecting the spirit of Expo67.
Created by the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, this major international art exhibition will showcase 72 works carrying a message of peace and reflecting the universal values of humanism, tolerance and openness that inspired the creation of Expo67. In addition to commemorating the 50th anniversary of Expo67 as well as Montréal's 375th, this open-air exhibit will, in addition, mark Canada's 150th.
June 5 to October 29 – On Sherbrooke St., between the Museum of Fine Arts and the McCord Museum

Tisser ce lien avec vous !  
As part of Montréal's 375th anniversary celebrations, cultural and heritage workers from the AIBSG will offer various activities in the visual arts and photography as well as historical tours and shows where citizens can discover the richness of the invited artists and partake in the activities themselves. 
June 3 to Septembre 30 – Grounds and lobby of Cégep Gérald-Godin, SPJ Ampitheatre, AIBSG streets, Île-Bizard's multi-purpose room, Centre des arts de la scène Pauline-Julien

Espace Vu
Espace Vu is an intimate, cinematic structure that offers projections as well as diverse activities. It also has motion sensors that trigger light effects onto the structure and sounds activated by the presence and proximity of people walking in the park. Its design makes it possible to stage events each summer in a different borough's venue.
From June to September – Parc de la Promenade Bellerive

The Shape of Things to Come
This exhibit celebrates Habitat 67, the revolutionary housing complex designed by architect Moshe Safdie. The show also presents a series of subsequent projects designed by the architect and directly inspired by Habitat 67. 
June 1 to August 13 – UQAM's Design Centre    

MTL Soundwalks
MTL Soundwalks is a podcast series that tells stories of the history and current population of Notre-Dame-de-Grâce and Cote-des-Neiges. Users will explore neighborhood buildings, local landmarks, laneways, and parks, all the while hearing captivating stories of the boroughs' settlers and history, as well as current residents, merchants, writers, musicians, and the fascinating people who make up Notre-Dame-de-Grace et Côte-des-Neiges boroughs. Professionally produced, with rich soundscapes, these podcasts celebrate these diverse boroughs through fascinating characters and great storytelling.
From June 1 to December 31 – Throughout Notre-Dame-de-Grâce and Cote-des-Neiges

LaSalle d'hier à aujourd'hui
Three shows and three unique venues for a summer of festivities. Performances featuring diverse, local artists and renowned Quebec artists.
Starting June 1Parc de l'aqueduc, Moulin Fleming, belvédère du parc des Rapides

Tricotés serrés
The Immigrant Committee, in collaboration with Ève-Marie Langevin, artist-performer and "the people's knitter", will create cultural exchange workshops based around a collective knitting project. Throughout the project, the themes of living together and the creation of stronger, in will be discussed. The sections of the collective knitting project will be assembled in Saint-Laurent's public square (to be inaugurated in June 2017) and will thus serve as an element of public decoration. The public will be invited to add ornaments at the inauguration.
June - Saint-Laurent public square, at the corner of Décarie blvd. and Édouard-Laurin

This unique event is sure to make people smile! Everyday manholes will be transformed into sites of creative expression – all in a fun and collaborative atmosphere. On the menu: live painting, theatre, music, a circus and puppetry. A street art project will also bring together artists, organizations and neighborhood schools. APPETIZERS will feature temporary manhole murals and short, 375 second performances that came out of mediation workshops and which will be presented along a series of selected manholes.
May to September – Open stage

Free Space for Culture 375
Free Space for Culture will temporarily occupy a vacant lot located at the corner of Notre-Dame and D'Orléans streets to transform it into artist residencies during the year 2017 for a total of four artistic residencies, each lasting two months. Each residency will explore a season and the history of the neighbourhood. We are offering a special one-year edition to celebrate Montreal's 375th anniversary that promises to be more colorful and festive than ever!
May 1 to December 31 – Vacant lot at the corner of Notre-Dame St. and D'Orléans St.

Montréal, toute une histoire
An engaging and historical tour that takes participants on a journey along the St. Lawrence River between the Maison Saint-Gabriel and the Lachine Museum with the help of a free mobile app, a game, and a series of outdoor panels. Close to 50 places of interest have already been identified on the route, totalling 17 km in length. This route will be divided into different sections for those wishing to explore the course on foot and or by bike but don't necessarily want to travel the whole length of the trail. Two approaches will be proposed for the path: one that is more informative, cultural and historical with audio clips and photos accessible to all, and the second – ideal for families – involves a playful quest.
Starting May 3 – Along the Saint-Lawrence River, from the Maison Saint-Gabriel to the Lachine Museum

Streets of Montreal
The Streets of Montreal project aims to tell the story of eight historic locations in Rosemont–La Petite-Patrie and five in the Plateau-Mont-Royal. There will be an outdoor exhibit which will run from May through to October, and a free online publication available throughout 2017. Thirteen Montreal comic authors will take on the task of making you rediscover the history of each of the featured districts. This project is brought to you by the PLANCHES magazine and the Montreal Comic Arts Festival.
May 6 to October 26Parc Baldwin, parc de la Petite-Italie et Parc Molson

Les midis Ville-Marie
Les midis Ville-Marie features 24 informal, playful, and participatory get-togethers with researchers from some of Ville-Marie's major research institutions. Taking place in 24 of the borough's outdoor public spaces and staged and hosted by theatre students, Les midis Ville-Marie will include simple yet surprising experiences in which members of the public are invited to engage and perform in.
May 11 to October 19 – 24 different public spaces throughout the borough

Living Connections – The Illumination of the Jacques-Cartier Bridge
An architectural icon and a fixture in Montreal's landscape, the Jacques-Cartier Bridge will, on May 17, reveal a luminous signature as ambitious as it is innovative. The lights will pay homage to the unique engineering of this historic structure. The world's first-ever connected bridge will come alive each night with the help of intelligent programming meant to adapt to the city's ever-changing seasons and energy, creating a unifying, dynamic and sustainable symbol.
Beginning May 17 – Jacques-Cartier Bridge

Montréal AVUDO
Montréal AVUDO – a spectacular show that pays tribute to the St. Lawrence River – will come to life with enormous projections inspired the city's history. Get ready to travel back in time! This poetic multimedia performance, created uniquely for Montreal's 375th by the celebrated Compagnia Finzi Pasca, will be taking over the west sector of the Old Port of Montreal, near the King Edward Pier and the Montreal Science Centre. Young and old will be dazzled, moved and transported by the magic of images and scenes projected on rippling water walls and other spectacular installations. Up to now, over 75% of the tickets are reserved!
May 17 to September 2 – King Edward Pier, Old Port of Montreal

Fort Ville-Marie
Montreal's roots are showing—and the Pointe-à-Callière Museum wants you to take a look! With its brand-new Fort Ville-Marie Pavilion, you can travel back in time to the city's birthplace to see authentic traces of the first settlement that housed Montreal's founders. This touching exhibit provides a unique look at what life was like during the city's earliest days. Not only is it steeped in history, but it's infused with the enthusiasm that drove the first Montrealers to pursue their dream to start a new life in North America. This symbolic, memory-filled site is a must-see.
Starting May 20 – Fort Ville-Marie Pavilion, Pointe-à-Callière Museum

Saint-Laurent in 7 beats
Saint-Laurent in 7 beats is a virtual reality production that you can enjoy, free of charge, at the Musée des maîtres et artisans du Québec, starting in late May. Come immerse yourself in a 360° video experience while local children present seven short stories based on the borough's history. Don't miss this new and original, technological and poetic creation for all ages.
May 25 – Musée des maîtres et artisans du Québec

The experience begins with a path of lights, revealing the Basilica's wealth of exquisite works. A progressive immersion into a sonically and visually captivating universe guides visitors to the heart of the heart of Notre-Dame. Then, light, orchestral music and grandiose architecture combine to create a unique, three-act multimedia spectacle. Allow yourself to be transported by AURA and discover an unexpected, stunning universe presented upon one of the most sublime canvases imaginable: the Notre-Dame Basilica.
March 21 to September 30 – Notre-Dame Basilica of Montreal

50 years on, go back to a future imagined by Buckminster Fuller in the most iconic pavilion of Montreal's International World Fair to explore the Expo's environmental legacy. History, photos, audiovisual production – totally sustainable entertainment!
From April 27 – Biosphere

Expo 67 - A World of Dreams
The Stewart Museum celebrates the big dreams and innovative spirit of Expo 67 through an immersive multimedia exhibition put together from the archives of the NFB and Radio-Canada.
April 26 to October 8 – Stewart Museum 

Mode Expo 67
Expo 67 offered Montreal fashion designers an extraordinary opportunity to take in the amazing talents of designers from across the globe. Fifty years on, the McCord Museum unveils its Expo archives, including a magnificent collection of clothes and accessories dating from that period in our city's history. It's your chance to see more than 60 costumes and flight attendant outfits originating from different countries and provinces, as well as designer clothes from desginers such as Marielle Fleury, Michel Robichaud, Jacques de Montjoye, Serge et Réal, and John Warden. Sketches, breathtaking photos and testimonials from people who were present at Expo 67 bring this retro flashback to life!
March 17 to October 1 – McCord Museum

MTL375 Rosemont Petite-Patrie
A pop-up art gallery will appear in several locations around the Rosemont-La Petite Patrie neighbourhood.
Ongoing since December 21 – In the back alley behind Artgang (6524 Saint-Hubert St.) and De Gaspé Park (6699 De Gaspé Ave.)

Cité Mémoire
Projected throughout Old Montreal and loosely inspired by the city's history, Cité Mémoire invites you to meet a host of characters who've witnessed the city's evolution first-hand. Poetic, dreamlike and occasionally playful, the tableaux come alive with images, words and music. Don't forget to download the application!
Begins again on May 10 – Old Montreal

To find out more about all events, go to the programming section at or download the 375MTL app.

About the Society for the Celebration of Montréal's 375th Anniversary
The Society for the Celebration of Montreal's 375th Anniversary is a non-profit organization whose mission is to organize the celebrations and socioeconomic contributions that will highlight Montreal's 375th anniversary in 2017.  With a focus on promoting Montreal expertise, it acts as a catalyst for local forces to carry out its mandate: mobilize the community, implement a funding strategy, rigorously manage funding, develop quality programming and ensure the visibility of the celebrations.

The Society benefits from the support of the Ville de Montréal, the Government of Canada, the Government of Québec and private funding from 12 Great Montrealers. For more information:

For the complete list of press releases and other images and videos, go to our virtual press room here.

Follow us live on our Twitter feed @375Mtl.

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To learn more about the Government of Quebec's contribution to Montréal's 375th anniversary, click here.


SOURCE Société des célébrations du 375e anniversaire de Montréal

For further information: Isabelle Pelletier,, 514-238-4178


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