One of the most important (and difficult) aspects of launching a new product is product naming. It often involves Product, Marketing, Product Marketing, senior management, sales leadership and (often) a liberal amount of hurt feelings and crushed dreams for those involved.

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Earlier this summer we tapped the communicators behind last year’s most-viewed videos to find out what strategies they employed to ensure success (Hint: pre-production and distribution planning.)


In my last post, Planning for Video Success – Part 1: The Ground Work, I looked at how you can plan for video success by laying a solid foundation through production planning, messaging and selecting the right spokespeople. So now your video has been produced, how will you unleash it on the world? Having a distribution strategy is essential to video success.

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Savvy communicators know there is no magic behind the success of a video. If you’re eager to enjoy the glory that comes with watching the number of views on your video rise beyond expectation, then get ready to do some hard work. Success lies in the planning that goes on long before the first viewer ever clicks ‘play.’