Since setting up shop seven months ago, Jessica Murphy has been writing news stories and long-form features as News Editor of BBC News in Canada.

Anja Karadeglija - highlight

Anja Karadeglija closely follows the ever-evolving Canadian telecom and media industry as editor at The Wire Report.


Danny Viola has recently joined The Walrus as editor, and is on the hunt for great Canadian stories. Formally editor-in-chief of Maisonneuve, his writing has appeared in the Toronto Star, Reader’s Digest Canada, and Motherboard, among others.


Angela Sterritt is an award-winning Gitxsan journalist, artist and writer, from British Columbia. Sterritt has worked as a journalist for close to twenty years and has been with CBC since 2003. Her reports have appeared in the Globe and Mail, The National, CBC’s The Current, and various other national and local news programs.


One of Canada's favourite culinary personalities, Lucy Waverman brings her sharp wit and mouth-watering recipes to aspiring home chefs across the country as celebrated author, editor, columnist and teacher. Her columns "Weekend Menu" and "Fresh Tastes" appear in The Globe and Mail, and she is the Food Editor of Food & Drink, a magazine published by the Liquor Control Board...


As Host of Entertainment Tonight Canada, Cheryl Hickey delivers breaking entertainment news, in-depth profiles, and behind-the-scenes exclusives. We asked Cheryl about her favourite events and people to cover, the most rewarding part of her work, and what advice she has for PR pros.


As Assistant Editor and Reporter at The Eastern Door, Daniel J. Rowe shares stories from the Kahnawake Mohawk community that deserve to be told. We asked Daniel about his work and what advice he has for PR professionals.


As Vice President of Information and deputy editor for La Presse, Éric Trottier is heavily invested in the way journalism is shaped by new media, especially as La Presse has shifted its focus towards digital publishing. With much optimism, Éric shares his thoughts on journalism today along with some advice for PR folk.


Launched in June 2015 by St. Joseph Media, Twelve Thirty Six quickly became Toronto’s go-to lunchtime tabloid. We spoke with Marc Weisblott, editor of 12:36 about the eclectic e-newsletter, his typical workday and where PR fits in the mix.


As Co-Anchor of Global News Toronto, Farah Nasser likes to focus on what stories matter most to Torontonians. We asked Farah about her favourite stories, a typical day in the newsroom and what tips she has for PR professionals.


Since becoming a Senior Writer at Chatelaine in October 2015, Sarah Boesveld has written about many topics including the recent trial of former CBC host Jian Ghomeshi. We asked Sarah about her typical workday, where social media fits into her role and her advice for PR professionals.


A web widget is a stand-alone application that site owners can embed onto a page to perform some convenient task. You have probably seen Twitter widgets offering a mini-view of a site’s feed sitting somewhere in the right hand column of a blog or news site.


Globe and Mail journalist Carly Weeks has reported on everything from federal politics to the high levels of sodium in the Canadian diet. Read what Carly has to say about her role, how she works and what she likes best about her job.


Global National’s Parliamentary Correspondent, Vassy Kapelos has been passionate about current events for as long as she can remember. We asked her what it’s like covering the new Federal government.


Steve Faguy, a media enthusiast, maintains the “Media Ownership Chart” on and writes for the Montreal Gazette.


Toula is a freelance writer and editor, current affairs panelist on BazzoTV, women's issues contributor on MAtv, columnist for Ricochet Media and frequent guest host and contributor on CJAD. Her work has appeared in the National Post, Buzzfeed, Mic Com, Huffington Post, and many others.

Meet the Press_Julien Brault Les Affaires

When Julien Brault of Les Affaires wrote an open letter to PR professionals, we seized the opportunity to interview him for our Meet the Press series. So here’s Julien, sharing his likes with us.


Have you met Alan Carter, Co-Anchor at Global News Toronto, Queens Park Bureau Chief and Host of Focus Ontario?


CP journalist Pierre Saint-Arnaud supplies Canada with breaking news all day long, often working on multiple stories per day. We spoke to him about his role as a wire service journalist in our first "Meet the Press" post of 2016.


As a Managing Editor, Dawn Walton lives in the moment, making (and remaking) decisions all day long around editorial priorities, breaking news and trying to be ready for what comes next. In the midst of her busy schedule, Dawn was kind enough to pause for a moment and reflect on her role for Beyond the Wire.


Federal politics is a complex portfolio, and is a lot of work for the reporters working to hold our democracy in check. Justin Ling, political reporter for VICE Canada approaches the role with unrelenting directness and a little bit of humour. We interviewed Justin so that you could get to know him bit better.


If you work in public relations, chances are you come in contact with your Canadian Press style guide on a daily basis. Love it or hate it, style guidelines keep writers across Canada consistent, accurate and constantly in debate over whether to write affect or effect. James McCarten is Editor of the CP Stylebook and Caps and Spelling and is also the Ottawa News Editor at the Canadian Press. We had...

Andree Lau MTP

Andree Lau is a senior news editor at The Huffington Post Canada, based in Vancouver. She primarily oversee B.C. and Alberta, but also works with news team in the rest of the country and on special projects. She transitioned to online after more than 12 years as a TV reporter, videographer and producer with CBC News. Lau took some time out to share the latitude you get from working at an online publication...


Marie-Ève Martel of La Voix de l'Est understands the importance regional news fills in our society. Based in Quebec, she finds the stories that speak to underserved news populations, putting a mirror up to topics that simply can't find a way into the big-city dailies. We had a chance to catch up with her on her favourite stories and why local hyperlocal reporting matters.


"Behavior is completely related to architecture" is how James G. Robinson (@JamesGRobinson), Director, Analytics Innovation at The New York Times lead off his opening plenary session on understanding audiences at the 2015 Canadian Association of Journalists conference in Halifax.


Claire is a new breed of journalist: one born into digital. She covers politics in Ottawa where her interests lie in national and cyber security, defence policy, terrorism and privacy.


A vibrant scene like Montréal’s requires a particularly keen eye and a round-the-clock cultural schedule. As a cultural reporter, that’s where Natalia shines, giving culture-seeking masses Montréal’s must-sees day after atypical day.


As a reporter for CBC Montreal’s morning radio show Daybreak, Shari Okeke’s days begin very, very early! But that’s a small trade-off for the opportunity to share Montreal’s diverse voices with the community. Here Shari shares how days are typically untypical, a few favourite stories she’s worked on recently and her top tip for PR pros.


On April 30th, The Canadian Committee for World Press Freedom held its annual luncheon to recognize a journalist who dedicates and puts its life on the line to bring us stories from the most perilous places in our world.


The classic image of a reporter usually includes a spiral-bound notepad, a pen or two and maybe a beige trench coat. Today News 1130 radio reporter Anita Bathe is also juggling two phones and an audio recording device along with her pen and notebook. When she’s in the field she’s recording audio and video, posting to Twitter and filing stories all at the same time!

Justine shares a glimpse into a typical day (hint: there’s no such thing as typical in this business), her top tips for PR people and her answer to the age old question, coffee or beer?

À une certaine époque – il n’y a pas si longtemps – dire à quelqu’un qu’un journaliste de radio serait tenu de réaliser une vidéo vous aurait fait passer pour un fou. C’est pourtant la réalité de la journaliste Justine Lewkowicz – pour qui une journée typique sur le terrain au service de Newstalk1010...


CNW is proud to support the prestigious Michener Awards. Founded in 1970 by the late Roland Michener, then governor-general, the award recognizes outstanding and unbiased public service journalism in Canada.