In our new whitepaper, The Evolving Role of Investor Relations in Competitive Intelligence, we spoke with Canadian investor relation experts about the role they play in intelligence gathering as well as how and why they use competitive intelligence


In our new whitepaper, IR Best Practices to Weather an Economic Storm, we asked senior Canadian IROs about the tactics they use to effectively communicate in an economic downturn.


Even one of the stodgiest and most traditional forms of financial communications—the earnings release—is getting a makeover in some circles these days.


With the exception of your corporate blog, the content on your company website is likely to remain very static. That's why many organizations are turning to Media or IR Rooms, which automatically post recent financial information, news releases and other key company details as they cross the wire. But what makes a Media Room successful? Check out these 8 Media Room Must-Haves.


As these reporting worlds converge, IR professionals will be increasingly tasked to produce CSR reports and speak to the impact of improving CSR/sustainability performance on overall corporate health. Here are a few things IR people should know:


Before you head out for the weekend, catch up on the week’s best news and information in PR, media, communications and social media this week. From soccer to shareholder engagement, here’s what we found worthy on the web this week.

Last week brought two webinars on social media and RegFD online, certainly stemming from the April 2nd guidance from the SEC about the use of social channels for material disclosure.