Much of the way comms pros reach out to media and other influencers has shifted to digital channels, but it's becoming clear that nothing matters more than having a solid rapport in place from the beginning.


You can still pick up a phone and call a journalist, or send a direct message on social platforms like Twitter, otherwise known as “sliding into their DMs.” Based on the latest stats, though, nothing is as likely to get the media’s attention as sending a press release.


As the journalists and fashion bloggers arrived to see the pop-up store launching at the hotel that day, their rooms weren’t just ready — they were Instagram-ready.


In a highly-shared article on The Atlantic recently, senior editor Derek Thompson suggested that struggling media organizations have only one option. Instead of “pivoting” like a startup towards new forms of advertising, or new storytelling formats like video, they should be pivoting back to the one thing that really matters — their readers


In the business-to-consumer space, influencers appear to be everywhere. Besides traditional media, you just have to take a quick scan of Instagram, Snapchat or even YouTube to find everyday people using “influencer” to describe themselves in their bios. In the B2B space, on the other hand, finding the right voices -- and assessing their true value -- is getting increasingly complicated.