Wrestling and gossip ruled summer 2007: Yahoo! Canada Buzz Index

    Summer's top searches reveal Canadian interest in guilty pleasures

    TORONTO, Sept. 18 /CNW/ - Blame it on the heat, but Canadians appear to
have gone a little light-headed this summer. A look at the top searches from
June through August shows a strong interest in gossip: People Magazine, Perez
Hilton and TMZ all turn up in the top 10, along with the subjects of much of
the summer buzz, Paris Hilton and Britney Spears.
    The top-searched sport also kept one well-muscled foot deep in the
entertainment world - the WWE topped the list of overall summer searches, as
well as the list of searches among men. For women, the world of wrasslin' was
No.8 in their top 10.
    The tragic deaths of Canadian WWE star Chris Benoit and his family also
made the top ten overall searches, at No. 3. Among male users, he was the
second most-searched subject, with WWE head honcho Vince McMahon appearing in
the seventh spot, while among female users, searches for Chris Benoit were the
fourth most popular.
    "The Buzz Index reflects the mood of Canada's online popular culture,"
says Oliver Ho, Yahoo! Canada Front Page Editor and Buzz Editor. "Over the
summer of 2007, Canadians seem to have been most interested in finding
information about the latest gossip, along with summer sports and TV shows.
Interestingly, NHL still made the top 10 for men even though it was the
off-season, and OSAP made the top 10 for women, most likely in preparation for
the new school year."

                 Top Searches from June through August, 2007
    Top Summer Searches      Top Searches: Men        Top Searches: Women
    1.  WWE                  1. WWE                   1. People Magazine
    2.  People Magazine      2. Chris Benoit          2. Perez Hilton
    3.  Chris Benoit         3. Paris Hilton          3. Big Brother 8
    4.  Paris Hilton         4. NASCAR                4. Chris Benoit
    5.  Harry Potter         5. Britney Spears        5. Harry Potter
    6.  Big Brother 8        6. Harry Potter          6. Canadian Idol
    7.  Britney Spears       7. Vince McMahon         7. Paris Hilton
    8.  Canadian Idol        8. NHL                   8. WWE
    9.  Perez Hilton         9. People Magazine       9. OSAP
    10. TMZ                 10. Canadian Idol        10. Rihanna

                         Top Searches for August 2007
    Top August Searches      Aug. Searches: Men       Aug. Searches: Women
    1.  Big Brother 8        1. Sue Turton            1. Big Brother 8
    2.  Sue Turton           2. NASCAR                2. Perez Hilton
    3.  Canadian Idol        3. WWE                   3. Canadian Idol
    4.  NASCAR               4. Big Brother 8         4. People Magazine
    5.  OSAP                 5. Canadian Idol         5. Sue Turton
    6.  WWE                  6. Britney Spears        6. OSAP
    7.  Britney Spears       7. Hurricane Dean        7. So you think you
    8.  People Magazine      8. Fantasy Football         can dance
    9.  UFC                  9. OSAP                  8. NASCAR
    10. Hurricane Dean      10. Perez Hilton          9. TMZ
                                                     10. Hurricane Dean

                         Top Searches for July 2007
    Top July Searches       July Searches: Men       July Searches: Women
    1.  Harry Potter         1. Chris Benoit          1. Harry Potter
    2.  Chris Benoit         2. Transformers          2. Canadian Idol
    3.  Transformers         3. WWE                   3. Big Brother 8
    4.  Canadian Idol        4. Victoria Beckham      4. Prince Peter
    5.  Rihanna              5. Harry Potter             Phillips
    6.  Victoria Beckham     6. Rihanna               5. Chris Benoit
    7.  WWE                  7. Vince McMahon dead    6. Rihanna
    8.  Big Brother 8        8. Megan Fox             7. Tammy Faye
    9.  Britney Spears       9. Canadian Idol         8. Transformers
    10. Prince Peter        10. Britney Spears        9. Victoria Beckham
        Phillips                                      10. Vince McMahon dead

                         Top Searches for June 2007
    Top June Searches        June Searches: Men       June Searches: Women
    1.  Webkinz              1. WWE                   1. Webkinz
    2.  Paris Hilton         2. Paris Hilton          2. Paris Hilton
    3.  WWE                  3. Webkinz               3. Perez Hilton
    4.  Chris Benoit         4. Chris Benoit          4. Chris Benoit
    5.  Britney Spears       5. Britney Spears        5. WWE
    6.  Runescape            6. Runescape             6. People Magazine
    7.  NHL                  7. NASCAR                7. Runescape
    8.  Perez Hilton         8. NHL                   8. Rihanna
    9.  NASCAR               9. Paris Hilton jail     9. Rosie O'Donnell
    10. Rosie O'Donnell     10. Elin Nordegren       10. Britney Spears

    Yahoo! Canada Buzz Index: How The Online Water Cooler Works
    The Yahoo! Canada Buzz Index
(http://ca.blog.360.yahoo.com/buzz_index_canada) provides insight and
commentary for the top Canadian searches as measured by Yahoo! Canada Search.
After the data has been collected from the Yahoo! Canada Search log files, the
Buzz Index team reviews the total number of people searching for specific
subjects, along with spikes of interest in searches at particular times of the
    Editors then further filter out company names (such as Yahoo!), utilities
and formats (email, MP3 etc) and general terms (movies, downloads, hockey) to
define and list subjects that are most relevant and of interest to the
broadest possible audience. To this end, searches for adults-only content are
also excluded.
    "Top Movers" are the top 10 subjects with the greatest percentage
increase in searches for a given week. When a subject goes from zero to a
large number of searches, it is referred to as a "Breakout".

    About Yahoo! Canada
    Yahoo! Canada Co. is a leading Internet destination that provides online
products and services to meet the needs of Canadians and offers a range of
tools and marketing solutions for businesses to connect with Internet users.
Yahoo! Canada services Canadians in both English and in French through its
sites, www.yahoo.ca and http://francais.yahoo.ca. Yahoo! Canada is
headquartered in Toronto, Ontario.

For further information:

For further information: Clive Hobson, Yahoo! Canada, (416) 848-6184,
chobson@yahoo-inc.com; Julia Stein, Fleishman-Hillard, (416) 645-3683,

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