Toxic build-up - not just an external issue

    TORONTO, April 20 /CNW/ - Today we face a health challenge that has never
been encountered before: How can we protect ourselves from the increased toxic
burden we bare and help improve our overall health?
    Hazardous chemicals are found in the body of nearly every person on
Earth, and according to research, the proof of contamination continues to
mount. According to the WWF (World Wildlife Federation), yearly global
chemical production escalated from approximately one million tonnes in 1930 to
some 400 million tonnes in 2000. And, alarmingly, estimates from 2001 (Muir
and Zegara, 2001) suggest that between $568 and $783 billion dollars is spent
in Canada and the US each year on toxicity-related diseases.
    There is no denying that modern technological advances have flourished,
improving our lives in many ways. Unfortunately, the scientific arena has
failed to protect us adequately from the hazardous man-made chemicals
saturating our environment, water and food sources, and creating causative
factors linked to numerous health issues including auto-immune challenges,
cancer, reproductive and hormonal problems, neurological issues, and many
chronic conditions.

    Cumulative Effects

    It has been a powerfully held belief that "the dose makes the poison," in
other words, any toxic substance requires a large amount to be ingested or be
in contact with in order for it to cause any great harm. Unfortunately, this
has lulled many of us into a false sense of security. Much research shows that
even if in low-dose, repeated exposure to modern-day chemicals (food
preservatives, plastics, cleaning supplies, pesticides, personal care
products, etc.) can generate a greater number of toxic effects to the body
than previously considered.
    Avoiding contact with chemicals is imperative, although the likelihood of
being completely free of exposure is highly unlikely if not impossible. But we
can adjust and improve factors that influence our own natural detoxification

    The Importance of Detoxification/Cleansing

    There are many a naysayer of detoxification and cleansing, pooh-poohing
the use and need of these practices and natural health remedies. So often the
question turns to: "Is it magic or is it medicine?"
    Our bodies were created to self eliminate toxins, assimilate nutrients,
and rejuvenate. Our innate detoxification system is regulated by a large
number of mechanisms affected by various internal and external factors. It is
a misconception that toxins are only accumulated within the body due to
exogenous exposure such as pesticides, heavy metals and other chemicals which
can be stored in our organs and adipose tissue. The body itself is a
repository of vast sources of endogenous toxicity. Intestinal bacteria are a
powerful chemical factory producing toxins and anti-toxins and can alter
activity of both food and drugs. Toxins from the intestines are transported to
the liver which is the major detoxification organ. However, there are many
other organs that support eliminatory processes including the intestines,
kidneys, lymphatic system, blood, lungs and skin.
    It seems that more and more people we know are being diagnosed with
life-threatening diseases. Factually, we are aware of the dire health
complications from toxic overload, including cancers, neurological issues and
cognitive dysfunction. But toxicity often exhibits itself in the form of
general malaise, fatigue, digestive and bowel dysfunction, skin and
respiratory disorders, food and chemical sensitivities, and joint and muscle
    For our inherent natural defense system to be successful in the fight
against toxins and the damage they can inflict, body functioning should be
ideal to say the least. Vitamins, minerals, and nutrients are critical to the
important chemical processes that support detoxification, reduce free-radical
damage and inflammatory processes, and fundamental to increasing vital
    First, diet is key. A diet derived from natural whole foods is best when
it includes brightly coloured fresh fruit and vegetables (possessing crucial
antioxidants), and high-quality protein, such as whey protein (a good source
of amino acids), to support detoxification. Fibre is essential to help bind
toxins for removal. Probiotics support the growth of beneficial bacteria and
help lower the concentration of toxic bacterial enzymes in the large
    Cleansing and detoxification products are readily available in the
natural health industry. In general, their formulas comprise specific
combinations of vitamins, minerals, herbals and other nutrients to stimulate
and/or assist the detoxification process of the body. Some products may focus
on the body as a whole, while others may be formulated to target a specific
organ (liver, kidney, etc.) or health issue (Candida, heavy metals).
    Unfortunately, resisting toxic pollution of our body is increasingly
difficult as our natural detoxification systems are compromised daily, if not
by diets sorely lacking in the essential nutrients we need, then by an
over-burdened environment suffering from zealous chemical saturation.
Participating in a detoxification program is an excellent initial step to
facilitate a healthier diet and lifestyle, or to fine tune a health regimen
already followed. Natural cleansing and detoxification help provide an
essential structure for better nutrition and active living.
    So, yes, the case for cleansing and detoxification through proper diet,
natural health supplements, and other therapies only makes healthful sense.

    Michele Sevier Biography

    Michele Sevier, DNM,DAc, is an educator and advocate of natural health
and healing. As an independent advisor to Nutrition House, she is actively
involved in many facets of integrative medicine including research, the
formulation of specialized supplements, and providing natural health solutions
to the general public through Nutrition House's 'Ask Our Expert' service at

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