The 2008 Lexus LS 600h L - hybrid power meets style, quality and comfort to create a new masterpiece of motoring luxury

    TORONTO, April 23 /CNW/ - Lexus of Canada today announced the luxury
auto-maker's most sophisticated flagship vehicle to date - the 2008 Lexus LS
600h L hybrid-powered, All-Wheel-Drive, long-wheelbase prestige luxury sedan.
    The Lexus LS 600h L seamlessly marries the Lexus Hybrid Drive's
unparalleled performance with contemporary style, unique comfort and
convenience features, and the Lexus reputation for quality design and
manufacture. The result is a vehicle that doesn't merely qualify as best in
class, but changes the very definition of prestige luxury sedan. It sets a
new, desirable standard for the prestige luxury segment through the blending
of advanced technology and unique new values.
    "It's fair to say that - to our knowledge - there is nothing on the road
or on the drawing board that comes close to delivering such a formerly
contradictory combination of jaw-dropping engine performance, fuel efficiency
and low emissions, " said Stuart Payne, Director responsible for Lexus in
Canada. "Combine this with Lexus' reputation for quality and service for our
guests, the L-finesse approach to uncompromised, contemporary luxury, and an
attention to detail that's second-to-none, and the LS 600h L is quite simply
in a class by itself."
    Building upon the success of the 2007 Lexus LS 460L, which has enjoyed
steadily increasing sales since its introduction to Canada in November, the
2008 LS 600h L combines top-flight performance, a new level of meticulous
detail and polished excellence, hospitable comfort, and leading edge
automotive technology that is uniquely Lexus(*).

    Performance and handling:

    -   The world's first full-hybrid V8 AWD powertrain.

    -   An all-new 5.0-litre V8 engine coupled with large, high-output
        electric motors and a newly designed large-capacity battery pack to
        deliver performance on par with a V12: up to 438 HP and up to
        385 lb-ft of torque. At the same time, this Lexus Hybrid Drive system
        achieves remarkable V6 fuel efficiency while generating a fraction of
        the emissions of a conventionally powered vehicle.

    -   Numerous enhancements to the Lexus Hybrid Drive unique to the
        LS 600h L. These include advances in inverter and battery cooling
        technology for better performance from smaller, lighter components,
        and a new electric motor design that delivers high torque at every

    -   A new dual stage electronically controlled continuously variable
        transmission (CVT) allowing the driver to select one of three
        acceleration response modes and choose engine brake force from eight
        different ranges. The transmission also features a two-stage motor
        speed reduction planetary gear unit that delivers impressively
        powerful yet comfortable acceleration at any speed.

    -   A driver-controlled powertrain, allowing the driver to modify the
        powertrain's performance from normal (optimized) operation to power
        (maximum performance) or snow (maximum control) settings, as driving
        conditions warrant.

    -   A new all-wheel-drive system engineered to fully harness the
        LS 600h L 's power, delivering dynamic performance and an absolute
        sense of security.


    -   The world's first white LED headlamps, in a multiple-projector
        arrangement confer a distinctive eye to the vehicle and improve
        visibility. The headlamps are mounted in an adaptive front lighting
        system featuring automatic headlamp beam levelling to better
        illuminate the road ahead as the vehicle corners.

    -   The Lexus Advanced Pre-Collision System, which uses a millimetre-wave
        radar system and stereo cameras to detect and identify people,
        animals and other obstacles in front of the vehicle, as well as a
        surveillance system to monitor driver attention and distraction. The
        system - the first of its kind in North America - then co-ordinates
        with the vehicle's suspension stiffness, variable gear ratio steering
        and brake assist on standby in case it's needed to support driver
        evasive actions.

    -   The state of the art Lexus Vehicle Dynamics Integrated Management
        (VDIM) system integrates and manages a complete package of
        sophisticated handling systems to maximize control and responsiveness
        under any driving condition.

    -   A full suite of Lexus-designed active control systems that interface
        with VDIM, including an electronically controlled throttle, Vehicle
        Stability Control (VSC), Traction Control (TRAC) and Electric Power
        Steering with Variable Gear Ratio Steering (EPS w/VGRS).

    -   An advanced braking system, including electronically controlled brake
        system, antilock braking system, brake assist, electronic brake force
        distribution and electric parking brake.

    -   Standard 19" all season tires or available 18" all-season tires.
        Every LS 600h L is also equipped with a full-size spare tire.

    -   Each vehicle is equipped with ten airbags - the most in this class.
        Other safety features include a front passenger occupancy
        classification indicator, and three-point lap and shoulder belts with
        pre-tensioners and force limiters in all seating positions. Vehicles
        equipped with the available rear seat ottoman include an eleventh,
        rear seat submarine prevention airbag exclusive to Lexus, which stops
        passengers from sliding under their seat belt in the event of an

    Comfort and Luxury:

    -   A new suspension system tailored to the LS 600h L's unique platform,
        achieving a new balance of handling stability, riding comfort and
        remarkable performance. The result is superb vehicle posture and
        stability with minimal pitching and rolling - even over uneven road

    -   A crankshaft polished to a mirror finish in critical areas minimizes
        friction between pistons and crankshaft to reduce unwanted engine
        noise and vibration.

    -   State of the art noise and vibration reduction expertise and
        technology, first applied to the conventionally powered 2007
        Lexus LS 460, have been further refined in recognition of the
        whisper-quiet performance of the LS 600h L 's full-hybrid powertrain,
        to create a tranquility never before experienced while sitting in a
        motor vehicle, while acoustic engineering ensures pleasant sounds
        accompany vehicle functions.

    -   Wood trim and careful choice of leather finishing techniques and
        stitching patterns provides a luxuriously tactile, as well as visual,
        passenger cabin.

    -   The exclusive L-finesse design language combined with the ideal mix
        of intelligent technology and emotionally evocative design to create
        an experience of welcome hospitality that makes passengers feel like
        they are travelling in a private jet.

    -   The luxuriously appointed 2008 Lexus LS 600h L is equipped with many
        luxury, comfort and convenience features, including the Lexus
        Advanced Parking Guidance System, which assists the driver in
        parallel parking or backing into a parking space; power assist doors;
        16-way power adjustable drivers seat; available rear seat cooler box;
        a hard disc-based navigation system with voice recognition; a back-up
        camera; push-button start; and available milliwave radar cruise
        control system.

    -   An available executive package, includes a rear ottoman seat;
        reclining rear seat; multi-function rear-seat massage system; and 4-
        zone independent climate control system with body temperature sensors
        combine to transform the rear passenger cabin into a rolling

    -   The executive package also features a leather-covered instrument
        panel, leather-covered door panels, and an available rear-seat DVD
        entertainment system with 9" LCD monitor and two sets of wireless
        headphones that sets a new standard for in-vehicle entertainment

    Exemplary craftsmanship:

    -   Master machinists listen to each completed engine using a stethoscope
        to search for minute yet abnormal noises and ensure the completed
        engine is properly balanced. Only engines that pass this check are
        assembled into the new LS 600h L .

    -   A "takumi" (artistic craftsman) water-polishes each vehicle by hand
        between paint coatings, to achieve the ultimate in smooth finishes.

    -   A production control system tailored to the LS, which monitors the
        precision of body and subassembly manufacture against design

    -   Each vehicle is test-driven to check for and eliminate unwanted
        noises and vibration, and confirm riding comfort and steering

    "The LS 600h L is a new icon for the Lexus brand - a state-of-the-art
image of style, technical advancement, and performance second to none,"
Mr. Payne continued. "It's the perfect vehicle for Canadians ready to enjoy
new levels of performance, style and safety."
    The 2008 Lexus LS 600h L has a suggested retail price of $132,000. The 
LS 600h L with Executive Package has a suggested retail price of $158,700.
Both versions of the LS Hybrid go on sale in the summer of 2007.
    Lexus in Canada is the exclusive Canadian importer and distributor of
Lexus luxury cars and sports utility vehicles through a sales and service
network of 30 dealers across Canada. An industry leader for product quality
and ownership satisfaction since its inception, Lexus has sold more than
80,000 vehicles in Canada. The best-selling Lexus RX SUV, the acknowledged
benchmark in the luxury sport utility vehicle segment, is built for the North
American market in Cambridge, Ontario. For more information about Lexus
products, and Lexus' pursuit of perfection, visit

    (*) See Product Detail following for more information.


    Performance: Lexus Hybrid Drive delivers V12 power with a V6 appetite
    The 2008 Lexus LS 600h L redefines prestige luxury sedan performance, as
its highly intelligent full-hybrid powertrain consigns the large displacement
engines traditionally found in this segment to the dustbin.
    The LS 600h L's unique Lexus Hybrid Drive is built around a newly
developed 5.0 litre V8. This engine features a Dual Variable Valve Timing
system with intelligence including an electronically controlled intake cam
(VVT-iE). This system - exclusive to Lexus - combines electrically controlled
intake cams adjusted by electric motors and hydraulically controlled exhaust
cams to achieve superior engine start-up operation and high output
    The 5.0-L V8 features a two-way direct cylinder and port injection
system, including a direct injection system with dual knock sensors, to
maximize performance and fuel burning efficiency, and is controlled by an
Electronic Throttle Control System with intelligence (ETCS-i).
    Developed at the same time as the 4.6-litre V8 used in the 2007 LS 460,
this new engine differs from its smaller cousin with all-new pistons,
crankshaft, connecting rods, damper pulley, valve timing system, exhaust
manifold, all-wheel-drive compatible oil pan, and more. But both engines share
the same special processes developed by Lexus to squeeze the greatest possible
performance out of them.
    For example, critical areas of the crankshaft have been polished to a
mirror finish to minimize the friction between pistons and crankshaft. During
final assembly, a technician uses a motor to crank each engine while checking
for any vibration. After assembly, an accelerator meter is mounted to the
front and rear of the crankshaft to measure any rotational difference. A
master technician performs a final check on each engine, using a stethoscope
to search for minute yet abnormal noises and ensure the completed engine is
properly balanced. Only engines that pass this check are assembled into the
new LS 600h L .
    But this all-new, high performance engine is only part of the powertrain
story. What really places the LS 600h L in a class by itself is how Lexus has
mated this intelligent V8 to the high-torque electric motors, high capacity
storage battery, and sophisticated energy management system to create the
world's first V8-based full-hybrid system. This iteration of the proven Lexus
Hybrid Drive has been specially developed and tuned for the LS 600h L's unique
demands, both as a prestige automobile and a new icon for the Lexus brand. New
advances in hybrid technology include a completely redesigned inverter that
increases power while reducing size by incorporating a double-sided cooling
structure; a new high-torque electric motor with a redesigned permanent magnet
layout to make an already quiet motor even quieter; and a new cooling system
for the rear-mounted storage battery that increases battery capacity while
reducing weight.
    The result is a hybrid powertrain that generates the equivalent of 438 HP
and delivers seamless, powerful acceleration at all speeds; from the very
instant the accelerator is pressed. The Lexus LS 600h L gratifies its driver
with an unprecedented, seemingly contradictory sensation of thrill and
    The precise powertrain demands a precise transmission to fully capitalize
on engine performance while achieving the smooth yet rapid acceleration
essential to the flagship Lexus sedan. Having developed the world's first
eight-speed automatic transmission for the LS 460, Lexus engineers then
improved the Lexus Hybrid Drive's continuously variable transmission with a
two-stage motor speed reduction planetary gear unit.
    Driver control is through the dual-stage continuously variable
transmission. This allows the driver to select engine brake force from eight
different ranges, as well as a switch that allows the driver to modify the
powertrain's performance from normal (optimized) operation to power (maximum
performance) or snow (maximum control) settings, as driving conditions
warrant. The powertrain's output is then directed to all four corners through
an all-wheel-drive system designed specifically for the LS 600h L . The result
is an ideal acceleration curve that also delivers maximum torque faster than a
conventionally-powered vehicle, for dynamic performance and the ultimate sense
of security.
    Add it up, and a new definition of prestige performance is the result.
The LS 600h L 's Lexus Hybrid Drive delivers the performance of a 6.0 litre
V12, with the fuel efficiency of a 3.5 litre V6. At the same time, the  LS
600h L scores an impressive - indeed, class-leading Tier 2, Bin 3 rating for

    Handling and control deliver confident driving and superior ride comfort
    The new LS600hL achieves a superior level of ride comfort regardless of
road conditions. Meantime, Lexus innovations in body structure, steering,
suspension and all wheel drive technology enable pleasurable, confident
driving performance.
    The advances start with the platform, which is designed to maintain a
delicate balance between ride comfort and responsive handling. The LS 600h L
features a lightweight body that has a strong resistance to torsion,
contributing to the vehicle's performance and fuel economy. Lexus designers
paid careful attention to creating a comfortable cabin space that does not
generate or transmit vibration. To achieve strength, quietness, style, and
quality, Lexus developed a new production control system that monitors the
precision of body and subassembly manufacture against design benchmarks,
creating a vehicle body with the minimum number and size of gaps.
    The LS 600h L features a multi-link suspension on both front and rear
axles. First adopted for the LS 460, this improved suspension system was
developed exclusively for the LS 600h L . This new front suspension is
tailored to react in perfect concert with the vehicle's high output,
all-wheel-drive powertrain.
    The specially-designed air-suspension system adapts quickly to uneven
road surfaces, while a newly developed stabilizer suppresses the roll angle
and stabilizes the vehicle when turning. The resulting superior posture
increases driving pleasure and ride comfort.
    The 2008 Lexus LS 600h L features an electric power steering system that
incorporates a large output brushless motor, increased precision through its
reduction gearing, increased motor driving voltage and a more efficient
controller. This system, originally developed by Lexus for the LS 460, has
been optimized for the LS 600h L's all-wheel-drive platform. The result is a
smooth steering feel that engages the driver's senses for a very responsive
feel when cornering. Integrated into the steering gear housing is a variable
gear ratio steering (VGRS) system that optimizes the gear ratio according to
vehicle speed to enhance responsiveness and increase driver control.
    Ultimately, suspension and handling rely on the tires on which a vehicle
rides. The new LS 600h L comes equipped with 19" aluminium alloy wheels with
wheel locks and P245/45R19 all season tires. The executive package features
P235/50R18 18" all-season tires. Regardless of wheel size, the vehicle
exhibits a firm stance and benefits from a solid grip on the road, and comes
equipped with a full-size spare tire.
    Quality of design and manufacture is double checked as each LS 600h L
rolls out of the assembly plant: All completed vehicles are put through
rigorous test track evaluations by an experienced driver to confirm ride
comfort and steering and handling response.

    Safety systems: Active and passive, in perfect harmony
    The LS 600h L would not be a Lexus without a full suite of active and
passive safety technologies. On this signature sedan, Lexus has combined these
technologies into a single, fully integrated system. The result goes beyond
rapid response to actually predict situations and implement actions to protect
the driver and passengers.
    The 2008 LS 600h L offers the available Lexus Advanced Pre-Collision
System, which combines millimetre-wave radar and stereo cameras to detect not
only larger obstacles such as other vehicles, but also pedestrians and small
animals, that are in front of the car. The Pre-Collision System found in the
2007 LS 460 and LS 460L, is enhanced for the new LS 600h L is the first in
North America to employ stereo cameras, which are particularly suited to
detecting and identifying potential obstacles human sized or smaller.
Similarly, the LS 600h L's Advanced Pre-Collision System includes North
America's first driver surveillance system, which monitors driver attention.
The radar, camera and surveillance systems work together to determine whether
an accident is a possibility, then optimize with the vehicle's suspension,
braking and Variable Gear Ratio Steering systems in case the driver engages in
evasive actions.
    For the 2008 LS 600h L, Lexus has developed the next generation of its
award-winning Vehicle Dynamics Integrated Management (VDIM) system - going
beyond the already impressive performance of the VDIM system on the LS 460,
and customizing it to take full advantage of the LS 600h L's instant
acceleration, maximum torque at any speed, and all-wheel-drive. The  LS 600h
L's VDIM system integrates and manages the vehicle's electronically controlled
brake system, electronic power steering, vehicle stability control, antilock
braking system, brake assist, electronic brake force distribution, and engine
torque via the electronically controlled throttle. This new VDIM system
gathers information from more sources, and processes it earlier and faster
than in previous iterations, making it even less obtrusive and more effective
as it anticipates, and corrects for, potential skids or slides. The resulting,
near-invisible corrections maximize the driver's ability to avoid dangerous
conditions on any surface, in any weather.
    Passive safety systems include front and rear seatbelt pre-tensioners,
and ten airbags. Those LS 600h L models with a rear seat Ottoman also include
a submarine prevention airbag exclusive to Lexus, which deploys to prevent
reclining passengers from sliding under their seatbelts in the event of a
head-on collision.

    Styling: the no-compromise, contemporary luxury of L-finesse
    L-finesse - a design language created by Lexus to express contemporary
luxury - achieves clear proportions through molding contrasts and surface and
character lines. Having achieved new levels of meticulous detail, polished
excellence, and hospitable comfort in the styling of the LS 460, Lexus
designers took their pursuit of perfection to a new level with the LS 600h L.
The result is a vehicle that provides pleasurable moments, inside and out, to
eclipse those of any other vehicle on the road today.


    Exterior design cues embody a dignified strength coupled with a sense of
emotion exemplified in the continuous flow of the hood and bumper. The LS 
600h L features the world's first true white LED headlamps arranged in a
distinctive multiple lamp low-beam configuration that not only provides
unprecedented illumination and light distribution, but also results in a
maintenance free design for at least 15 years. The headlamps feature an
adaptive front lighting and auto leveling system to illuminate more of the
road ahead as the vehicle corners.
    The 2008 LS 600h L presents a sophisticated silhouette with accented
surface changes and seamlessly integrated cast moldings. Fluid corners that
converge from the periphery combine with regal bumper moldings to highlight a
dignified stern, which features striking integrated tail pipe diffusers.
    The whole is finished using a new Lexus-developed colour management
system and coating process. Regardless of colour, an opulent brilliance is
achieved through the use of new materials, new robotic paint processes, and a
hand-polishing process by a skilled "takumi" (artistic craftsman) after each
coating process to ensure unprecedented quality. The LS 600h L is available in
10 exterior colours including Black Opal - a colour exclusive to the LS 600h L
that appears jet black, but with notes of blue and purple that emerge when
struck by light.
    Specially produced vehicle badges are outlined in blue to subtly
emphasize the LS 600h L's unique position as the world's first full-hybrid
prestige automobile.


    Inside, the LS 600h L delicately wraps around its occupants, with a
passenger-focused space featuring the dual elements of stability and security
in the lower half, while imparting a sense of expansion and openness in the
upper cabin.
    To create a relaxed atmosphere, Lexus interior designers softened all
passenger touch-points - from the finely crafted wood furniture feel of the
assist grip and shift knob to the available all-leather instrument panel. The
result is a renewed emphasis on tactile quality. Skilled craftspeople select,
stretch, stitch and finish the leather for the instrument panel and other
surface, while cutting is accomplished using the world's first
three-dimensional patterns to ensure uniform quality of fabrication.
    The centre console layout was designed to achieve perfect angles for ease
of operation from either the driver's or passenger's seat, while the steering
wheel's leather has been buffed twice the normal amount and coloured with a
water-based dye to create a supple, more natural feel. A full-time specialist
implements a whip-stitching pattern to ensure a smooth feel without any
unevenness or jumps in the stitch, and the wheel incorporates a revolutionary
heating mechanism to provide warmth the moment the heater is activated, with
no variation in temperature regardless of where the wheel is gripped.
    Cabin tranquility is of particular note. The first generation LS from
1990 set a new industry standard for cabin tranquility. The fourth, and
current, generation LS 460 continued this heritage. For the LS 600h L , with
its ultra-quiet Lexus Hybrid Drive, tranquility targets were even more
    Lexus engineers used advanced analysis techniques to pinpoint sources of
unwanted vibrations - which are leading causes of noise - and eliminated them
through a body structure designed to create canceling vibrations. Because the
source of most vehicle vibration is the engine, special emphasis was placed on
reducing engine friction, improving rotational balance, and maximizing the
vibration absorption qualities of the engine mounts.
    With engine noise and other vibration addressed, equal attention was paid
to ensuring the quality of other sounds would be pleasing to the driver and
passengers. For example, extensive study by acoustic engineers ensured the
sound of a door opening or closing embodied the luxury reminiscent of a
skillfully crafted wooden door in a home.
    Having minimized unwanted cabin noises and optimized desirable interior
sounds, the LS is the perfect venue for a concert hall quality audio system.
The LS 600h L therefore comes standard equipped with a Mark Levinson Reference
Surround Sound Audio System, featuring AM/FM/CD player with MP3/WMA
capability, in-dash 6-CD audio changer, audio auxiliary input jack, automatic
sound levelizer system (ASL), Bluetooth capability, and a Sound Library Music
System. This 450-watt sound system drives 19 speakers to generate concert hall
quality audio.

    Redefining luxury
    The LS 600h L reaches new levels of comfort and convenience through the
ideal mix of intelligent technology, evocative design, and luxury
appointments. Occupants enjoy a welcoming hospitality on par with that found
in a private jet.
    Every LS 600h L is equipped with many magnificent comfort and convenience
features. These include 16-way adjustable powered driver's seat; 12-way
adjustable powered front passenger's seat; power assist doors; an automatic
powered opening and closing trunk; wallet sized smart card key and push button
start; a hard-disc based navigation system with voice recognition; power rear
window sunshade and rear side window auto sunshades; a clearance and back-up
sensor and back-up camera; accessory power outlets and LED map lamps; and
four-zone independent front and rear climate control with air purification,
soft-touch heater controls, and rear seat heater ducts.
    The 2008 LS 600h L with Executive Package adds several safety, comfort
and convenience features tailored to the chauffeur-driven VIP, for whom a
vehicle is also a rolling office and sanctuary. These include a rear seat DVD
entertainment system with DVD player, remote control, a nine-inch LCD-based
video screen with motorized operation via remote, an extra rear subwoofer, and
two sets of wireless headphones; an infrared body temperature sensor that
automatically adjusts the rear seat climate system for the perfect
temperature; a fixed rear console with fold-out table; a left rear seat that
reclines 28-38 degrees; and a right rear seat with ottoman footrest that
reclines 28-45 degrees. Lexus developed these seats in partnership with a
Japanese medical institute, then added an available multi-function shiatsu
massage feature. The massage experience is created through the use of eight
small airbags powered by a compressor in the trunk, and can be used separately
or in conjunction with the seat's heater and cooler.

    (xx)   Product information is based on the latest details at the time of
           publication. Final Canadian Specifications may differ.

For further information:

For further information: Kathryn Ruhland, Lexus in Canada, (416)

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