Sharp Demonstrates LCD Display and Video Prowess at CES with Enhanced TV Features and Groundbreaking New Technologies

    New 1080p Full HD AQUOS(R) LCD TV Models with Web-based Capabilities and
    Enhanced Blu-ray Player Demonstrate Sharp's Display Technology Commitment

    LAS VEGAS, Jan. 7 /CNW/ - Sharp continues to change the LCD industry with
one-of-a-kind innovations, increased performance and dazzling new designs.
Reinforcing its commitment to the display industry at CES 2008, Sharp is
demonstrating several revolutionary products and technologies that help to
make the LCD TV both a design statement and the leading technology for home
    "Sharp continues to advance LCD technology with groundbreaking products
that elevate our consumers' entertainment experience," said Carmine Cinerari,
Vice President, Consumer Products Division, Sharp Electronics of Canada. "LCD
continues to be the best flat-panel solution. At CES 2008 we are demonstrating
LCD technology innovations that are available to consumers now, and a sneak
peak at what the future holds for LCD TV."
    For the first time in North America, Sharp is showcasing a line of large
screen, next generation LCD TVs. These prototype LCD TVs bring together
Sharp's unique LCD technologies nurtured over long years of experience in this
field to achieve unprecedented levels of performance and design with a
thickness of just 2cm (main display section; 2.9 cm at the thickest part) for
a 52" screen size model, a True Contrast Ratio of 3,000:1 and a power
consumption level that is half that of today's LCD TV's.
    Literally changing the way consumers interact with their television,
Sharp introduces a technology called AQUOS Net that brings Internet content
and sophisticated remote diagnostics to AQUOS LCD TVs at the touch of a
button. To make it easy to connect the AQUOS to an existing home Internet
source, Sharp is introducing several PLC (Powerline Communication) adapters,
which bring the Internet signal through standard power outlets, wherever they
are in the home. These PLC adapters allow consumers to connect multiple
devices, such as TVs, set-top boxes, gaming consoles, PCs, and routers.
    The newest lines of large-screen AQUOS HDTVs feature enhanced contrast
ratios, response times that are among the fastest in the industry, and more
inputs. The company has unsurpassed LCD screen manufacturing at its new
state-of-the-art 8th generation factory in Kameyama, Japan, where an entire
production line focuses on the creation of large-screen units, ensuring that
Sharp maintains their top position in the growing market for larger screen
size LCD TV's. This manufacturing superiority helps Sharp offer one of the
most comprehensive flat-panel LCD TV assortments with screen sizes ranging
from 19- to 108-inches. In addition, the new models continue to exemplify
Sharp's ongoing global effort to minimize the company's impact on the
environment, with a commitment to sustainable manufacturing and reduced power
consumption in all new models.
    The new "Special Edition" SE94 AQUOS Series with AQUOS Net capability is
headlining the company's wide breadth of TV offerings. The expanded AQUOS
family also includes a myriad of styles of AQUOS LCD TV's, ranging from new
720p models in 32- and 37-inch screen size classes, through 65-inch 1080p Full
HD screen class sizes, as well as a series designed to appeal to
style-conscious consumers and gamers. Furthering the company's digital home
theatre dominance, Sharp's CES 2008 booth will introduce its second-generation
AQUOS Blu-ray Disc(TM) player, the BD-HP50U, with BD-ROM Profile 1.1 support.
The BD-HP50U player includes several innovative features that turn the player
into an all-in-one entertainment centre. Through the HDMI(TM) cable
connection, users can experience AQUOS Link, which enables integrated and
seamless operation between the Blu-ray player and AQUOS LCD TV.

    AQUOS Net
    AQUOS Net is a revolutionary service that will provide customized
Web-based content as well as real-time customer support directly on the AQUOS
television. AQUOS Net is a gateway, available through the Ethernet jack on the
television that can connect to several unique services. With AQUOS Net, the TV
truly becomes a window on the world from within the home. Using this service,
viewers can configure "widgets" to check, for example, the local weather
forecast, get stock quotes or even follow their favourite comic strip, while
watching television, all directly from the TV's remote control. In addition,
AQUOS Net offers unparalleled direct access to customer support, including the
ability to have dedicated AQUOS Advantage advisors connect remotely to their
TV to assist in adjusting the TV's settings and optimizing picture quality for
the best viewing experience. This interactive tool, known as AQUOS Advantage
Live, is easily accessible from the AQUOS Net home page. In addition, AQUOS
Net provides consumers with instant access to important information about
their television. Consumers can find FAQ's that explain HDMI connections, HDTV
and other TV technology-related features, as well as view the user manual
directly on the AQUOS LCD TV.

    AQUOS Widescreen 1080p HDTV Series (models LC-65SE94U, LC-52SE94U and
    Sharp's new elegantly styled "Special Edition" SE94 widescreen AQUOS LCD
TV series, available in 65-, 52- and 46-inch screen sizes, combines a
best-in-class picture quality with a new and distinguished "Cornerstone"
design and "AQUOS Net" capability. The latest version of Sharp's proprietary
Advanced Super View (ASV) panel provides an incredible Dynamic Contrast Ratio
of 27,000:1 (3,000:1 True Contrast), for exceptional detail in both light and
dark scenes. Sharp's proprietary Fine Motion Advanced technology offers 120Hz
frame rate conversion, doubling the traditional 60Hz driving speed, for even
finer video performance. Sharp's new proprietary 10-bit ASV panel provides
more accurate colour and the industry-leading 4ms response time ensures
flowing motion in fast-action scenes. These new models also incorporate
Sharp's proprietary 5-wavelength backlight system that provides deeper, more
vibrant reds and truer greens than previously possible. With viewing angles of
176 degrees, consumers can experience the superior picture quality from
virtually anywhere in the room. Through the unit's Ethernet jack, users have
access to AQUOS Net, a revolutionary service providing customized Web-based
content as well as real-time customer support. Additionally, all the units
include 3 HDMI (version 1.3 with x.v.Color and 24fps compatibility) inputs as
well as dual HD component terminals, all of which are compatible with 1080p
signals. The unit also houses an RS-232C port for custom installations and a
dedicated PC input. These newly redesigned slim-line models are available in a
stunning, new textured finish with eye-catching corner accents and detachable
bottom speakers to match modern home décors, and include a detachable table

    108-inch Screen Size Class High-Definition LCD
    Sharp is showcasing its 108-inch LCD, a Full HD 1080p LCD, which measures
93.9-inches (W) by 52.9-inches (H) in size, and features Sharp's Advanced
Super View LCD Panel manufactured at Sharp's Kameyama Plant No. 2, the first
facility in the world to produce panels from eighth-generation glass
substrates. The success of this development means that it is now possible to
produce LCD TVs in all sizes from 13-inches to the super-large-size class.

    AQUOS Blu-ray Disc(TM) Player BD-HP50U
    The slim-profile AQUOS(R) Blu-ray Disc(TM) player, model BD-HP50U,
features full digital 1080p video output, that when combined with an AQUOS
HDTV Liquid Crystal Television, allows consumers to view the latest
high-definition films as well as enhanced definition titles in stunning
high-definition quality. The BD-HP50U supports BD-ROM Profile 1.1, or BD Live,
the latest version of the Blu-ray Disc format. BD-ROM Profile 1.1 provides
secondary audio and video decoders for Picture in Picture (PIP) capability, as
well as a USB terminal for a local storage device. Interactive features of the
BD-HP50U allow consumers to view additional content available on Blu-ray
titles -- including movie trailers, special subtitles, and director commentary
-- without stopping the movie. Reflecting Sharp's strategy of creating great
products from great devices, the key components of the AQUOS Blu-ray player
were all built by Sharp, including the Blu-ray laser, the pick-up beam, and
the driver unit. Through the HDMI 1.3 input, users can experience AQUOS
LINK(TM), which enables integrated and seamless operation between the Blu-ray
disc player and AQUOS LCD TV. With the AQUOS LINK feature, HDMI-connected
products can be controlled through the AQUOS screen with a single TV remote.
The unit also outputs 1920 x 1080 24 fps (frames per second) high-definition
video and features a Quick Start feature that allows the user to begin
enjoying gorgeous Blu-ray video with a touch of a button in less than 10
seconds(*). The player also offers multi-channel audio output via HDMI
connection by decoding Dolby(R) TrueHD and DTS HD. It also decodes Dolby(R)
Digital Plus, providing optimum surround sound to an appropriately equipped
receiver. The BD-HP50U provides an RS-232C port for advanced control and is
compatible with a wide variety of formats including BD-ROM/RE/R, DVD Video,
DVD-RW/R, DVD+RW/R, and Audio CDs.

    AQUOS HDTV D64U Series (models LC-37D64U and LC-32D64U)
    Sharp has added 32- and 37-inch screen size classes to its "slim-line"
D64U Series of AQUOS Full HD 1080p HDTVs, which already includes 42-, 46-, 52-
and 65-inch screen size classes. The new 37- and 32-inch screen class sizes
feature the slim-line design with 25% thinner depth than previous models and a
thin, lightweight bezel that provides a significantly smaller footprint,
establishing a new design standard for LCD TVs. With this space-saving design,
consumers now have unprecedented placement flexibility, allowing a larger
screen size to fit in a smaller area. It has full 1080p (1920 x 1080)
resolution and the latest generation of Sharp's proprietary Advanced Super
View LCD panel for an unparalleled high-definition viewing experience. The ASV
panel enables an impressive Dynamic Contrast Ratio of 10,000:1 (True Contrast
Ratio of 2000:1) and an unparalleled response time of 6ms for stunning picture
quality even on fast-moving action scenes. The D64U line also features a
4-wavelength backlight system, providing deeper, more vibrant reds than
previously possible, as well as impressive 176 degree viewing angles, enabling
the consumer to view the TVs from virtually anywhere in the room. Rounding out
the enhanced list of specs is the D64U's array of inputs, including two HDMI
inputs (version 1.3) and two HD component video inputs, all 1080p compatible,
an RS-232C input for control, and a PC input so the TV can be used as a PC
monitor, saving space and reducing clutter.

    AQUOS Widescreen 720p HDTV Series (models LC-37D44U and LC-32D44U)
    The new widescreen 37- and 32-inch HDTV AQUOS D44 Liquid Crystal
Televisions further bolster Sharp's unmatched selection of sophisticated
designs and its superior-performing LCD TVs. Sharp's proprietary Advanced
Super View LCD panel enables a Dynamic contrast ratio of 7500:1 (True Contrast
Ratio of 1500:1), enhanced Quick Shoot video circuitry for fast pixel response
time (6ms) and wide viewing angles (176 degrees), so users can view the
television from almost anywhere in the room. The newly-designed series
features a subtle silver accent on the front of the panel with a high-gloss
black finish that enhances the décor of any family room, living room or den,
and tight-fit stealth speakers for placement flexibility. With 1366 x 768
resolution, a true 16:9 aspect ratio, and built-in ATSC/QAM/NTSC tuners,
consumers can enjoy HDTV broadcasts. The addition of a PC input makes this
model series versatile and multifunctional for a range of consumer needs.

    AQUOS HDTV GP3 Series (models LC-32GP3U-R, LC-32GP3U-W, LC-32GP3U-B)
    Sharp has introduced a new Full HD 1080p AQUOS LCD model series, the
LC-32GP3U, crafted specifically for design-conscious consumers and video game
enthusiasts. The 32-inch set has a striking new design, featuring a thin,
"slim-line" body that provides a significantly smaller footprint than previous
models, as well as a unique swivel stand for ultimate viewing and gaming
flexibility. To complement any living room or game room, this AQUOS model is
available in three glossy-finish colours - black, white and dark red. In
addition to the new style, the GP3U models also offers the same special
features that enhance the game-playing experience as the previous gaming
models, including a "game mode" which optimizes the picture quality for
game-playing, and a custom-designed remote control that allows the user to
quickly "jump" into the game mode, and access the side-placed terminals for
easy connections to video games. The game mode provides a "Vyper Drive"
engine, which reduces lag time between the game console and the TV to be
virtually imperceptible. The panel boasts an incredible 10,000:1 Dynamic
contrast ratio (2000:1 True Contrast ratio), for deep blacks and crisp picture
quality; enhanced Fine Motion video circuitry for faster pixel response time
of 6 ms; and wide viewing angles of 176 degrees, so users can view the
television from virtually anywhere in the room. It also includes Sharp's
proprietary 4-wavelength backlight system that provides a wider colour
spectrum to achieve deeper, more vivid reds than was previously possible. With
three HDMI v1.3 inputs (with one on the side) as well as two HD component
terminals (one on the side), the LC-32GP3U models are compatible with 1080p
signals from the latest video game devices, as well as supports 1920 x 1080 24
fps (frames per second) high definition video, the highest resolution possible
via an HDMI connection.

    (*) Quick Start time may vary depending on movie content, type of video
        connection, and type of monitor being used

    AQUOS is a registered trademark of Sharp Corporation

    HDMI, the HDMI logo and High Definition Multimedia Interface are
trademarks of HDMI Licensing, LLC.

    All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

    For more information on Sharp's full line of products, visit

    About Sharp Electronics of Canada Ltd.

    Sharp Electronics of Canada Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sharp
Corporation of Osaka, Japan, a worldwide developer of the core technologies
integral to shaping the next generation of home entertainment, appliance and
digital office equipment systems. A world leader in Liquid Crystal Display
(LCD), Sharp is the developer of the revolutionary AQUOS(R) LCD Televisions
and has won numerous awards for the technology behind the AQUOS(R) line. Sharp
Electronics of Canada Ltd. is located in Mississauga, Ontario. For more
information, visit

For further information:

For further information: Michael O'Connor Clarke, Thornley Fallis
Communications for Sharp Electronics of Canada Ltd., (416) 471-8664,

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