Legal Counsel for Michael Bryant Appointed

    TORONTO, Sept. 3 /CNW/ - Michael Bryant today appointed Marie Henein,
LL.B, LL.M (Henein & Associates) as legal counsel. Please note, Ms. Henein is
not today available for comment. Her complete curriculum vitae is below.

                                 MARIE HENEIN
                                LL. B., LL. M

                          Appellate and Trial Litigation
                          in Criminal, Regulatory, and Administrative Law

    1990-1991             Columbia University Law School
                          Master of Law Graduate Program

    1986 - 1989           Osgoode Hall Law School

    1984 - 1986           University of Toronto


    September 2002        Henein &  Associates

    1992 to 2002          Greenspan, Henein and White
                          Partner since 1998

    July 1989 -           Articled for the firm of Greenspan,
     August 1990          Rosenberg and Buhr


    2008 to present       Co-Chair of the Masters of Law Program
                          Osgoode Hall Law School

    1992 to 2006          Adjunct Professor
                          Osgoode Hall Law School
                          Evidence; Advanced Evidence

    Fall 1996 to 1998     Bar Admission Course
                          Law Society of Upper Canada
                          Criminal Procedure Exam Committee

    October 18, 1996      Law Society of Upper Canada
                          Introductory Lecture to Criminal Procedure
                          Bar Admission Course

    April 1997            Law Society of Upper Canada
                          Chairperson, "Back to the Bar Ads"
                          Criminal Division

    September 1998        Sexual Misconduct and the Regulation of
                          Professionals. re "Co-operation with Other Legal
                          Authorities: How to Resolve the Inherent Conflicts"

    October 1998          Conducting Sexual Offences Trials
                          Panel re: applications to introduce evidence of a
                          complainant's prior sexual history

    April 1999            Appellate Advocacy Course
                          The Ontario Centre for Advocacy Training

    April 27, 1999        Opening the Doors to Law
                          Discussion re: Women and Criminal Law
                          Law Society of Upper Canada

    May 7, 1999           Pre-Trial Charter Applications
                          Superior Court of Justice Education Seminar
                          National Judicial Institute
                          Panel Discussion

    June 5, 1999          Search and Seizure Seminar-Attacking Informations
                          Osgoode Hall Law School
                          Continuing Legal Education Department

    November 13, 1999     The Defence Expert
                          Criminal Lawyers' Association Conference
                          Panel Member

    April 27, 2000        Current Legal Issues
                          Regional Spring Conference
                          Ontario Crown Attorney's Association
                          Panel Member

    August 21, 2000       Appellate Advocacy Course
                          Crown Law Office
                          London, Ontario

    September 23, 2000    Criminal Intelligence: Critical Information for the
                          Prosecution, the Defence and the Police
                          Osgoode Hall Law School
                          Professional Development Programme
                          Panel Member

    November 2, 2000      Violence in the Workplace
                          Borden Ladner Gervais Client Symposium
                          Panel Member

    November 10, 2000     Divided Loyalties: Conflicts of Interest: Lessons
                          to be Learned from Silvini, Speid and McCallen
                          Criminal Lawyer's Association Annual Conference
                          Panel Member

    April 28, 2001        Appellate Advocacy Course
                          Advocates' Society

    May 9, 2001           Cross-Border Crimes
                          Canadian Bar Association
                          Panel Member

    October 2001          Criminal Law Ethics Panel
                          Osgoode Hall Law School
                          Panel Member

    October 22, 2001      Professional Discipline and Regulation
                          How to Run an Effective, Legal and Progressive
                          Regulatory Body
                          Disclosure in a Regulatory Context

    January 28, 2002      Discipline Committee Training Seminar
                          Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario
                          Evidentiary Issues in an Administrative Context

    February 6, 2002      Criminology Class-University of Toronto
                          R. v. Regan-the role of the prosecutor

    February 13, 2002     Legal Ethics and Professional Responsibility
                          Bridge Week
                          University of Toronto Law School
                          Panel Member

    February 20, 2002     Distinguished Speakers Series
                          University of Western Ontario
                          Speaker-The Role of Defence Counsel

    March 23, 2002        Criminal Lawyer's Evidence Update
                          Hearsay and R. v. Starr
                          Panel Moderator

    April 19, 2002        A Symposium Commemorating the 20th
                          Anniversary of the Charter
                          Law Foundation of Ontario
                          Panel Member

    June 8, 2002          Six Minute Criminal Defense Lawyer
                          Law Society of Upper Canada
                          Speaker-Improper cross-examination of the accused

    October 10, 2002      Ontario Bar Association Charter Conference:
                          Law and Practice 2002
                          Ontario Bar Association
                          Panel Member: Charter Remedies

    November 15, 2002     Appellate Advocacy
                          Advocates' Society Annual Conference

    November 2002         Judicial Safeguards for the Prevention of
                          Wrongful Convictions
                          Cross-examination Demonstration
                          National Judicial Institute

    January 9, 2003       Ethical Touchstones and Criminal Law
                          University of Toronto Law School-
                          Panel Member

    February 15, 2003     Plea Negotiations-Achieving a "Win-Win" Result
                          Law Society of Upper Canada
                          Panel Member

    April 5, 2003         Appellate Advocacy Program
                          The Advocates' Society

    April 10-11, 2003     Special Lecture Series on Evidence
                          Law Society of Upper Canada

    September 20, 2003    Mutual Legal Assistance: A Primer on
                          International Search Powers Professional
                          Development Program
                          Osgoode Hall Law School
                          Panel Member

    September 26, 2003    Expert Evidence
                          National Judicial Institute

    October 2-4, 2003     Managing the Trial Process
                          National Judicial Institute

    October 5, 2003       Criminal Law Update
                          National Judicial Institute
                          Superior Court of Justice Fall Education Seminar
                          Panel Member

    October 7, 2003       Similar Fact Evidence
                          National Judicial Institute
                          Superior Court of Justice Conference

    November 27, 2003     The Disciplinary Hearing: Process and Procedure
                          College of Midwives of Ontario

    December 5, 2003      Corporate Crime and Accountability in Canada-
                          Investigation of Corporate Crime
                          Osgood Hall-Professional Development Program
                          Panel member

    December 12, 2003     Women in Litigation: I want to be a top litigator
                          Advocates' Society Luncheon Series

    February 12, 2004     Ethical Problems
                          University of Toronto Law School
                          Panel Member

    February 21, 2004     The Jury Trial
                          Criminal Litigation Skills Certificate Program
                          Advocates' Society
                          Program Chair

    February 24, 2004     Practice of Criminal Law
                          Superior Court of Justice-Law Clerks Seminar

    March 31, 2004        Criminal Law Seminar: Science & Technology: Public
                          Safety & Privacy
                          National Judicial Institute

    May 5, 2004           Criminal Law Update
                          Ontario Superior Court Judges' Conference
                          National Judicial Institute
                          Panel Member

    May 6, 2004           Managing the Trial Process
                          Nova Scotia, P.E.I. and New Brunswick Superior
                          Court Judges' Conference
                          National Judicial Institute
                          Panel Member

    May 15, 2004          Charter Rights: s.8, s.10(b), s. 11(b)
                          Criminal Lawyers' Association
                          Spring Program
                          Panel Member

    June 5, 2004          Character Evidence: When to Put Your Client's
                          Character Into Issue
                          4th Annual Six-Minute Criminal Defence Lawyer
                          Law Society of Upper Canada

    June 10, 2004         Health Care Fraud:  A View from the Defence
                          Canadian Health Care Anti-fraud Association

    June 14, 2004         Sentencing under Bill C-45
                          Understanding New Duties and Risks under Bill C-45
                          Panel Member

    July 12-16, 2004      National Criminal Law Conference

    August 12, 2004       Barriers to Women in Law
                          Annual ORO FPS Prosecutor's Conference

    January 8, 2005       Motions that Win Cases (Criminal Litigation Skills
                          Certificate Program)
                          Advocates' Society Program

    January 13, 2005      Ethical Touchstones and Criminal Law
                          University of Toronto, Faculty of Law
                          Panel Member and Discussion Group Facilitator

    February 5, 2005      Sex, Drugs and the Latest in Evidence
                          Instructor on Cross-examination

    February 19, 2005     Changes and Proposed Changes involving Child
                          Criminal Lawyer's Evidence Update
                          Law Society of Upper Canada
                          Panel Member

    April 14, 2005        Conducting Regulatory Investigations
                          Insurance Investigation Bureau of Canada

    September 30, 2005    Women in Law: Skirting the Issues
                          Advocates' Society

    October 21, 2005      How to Conduct an Appeal
                          Criminal Lawyers' Association Fall Conference

    November 23, 2005     Criminal Evidence Workshop
                          Canada-China Judicial Linkages Project
                          Demonstrator/Panel Member

    January 21, 2006      Toronto CSI: Forensic Evidence in the 21st Century
                          Ontario Bar Association
                          Forensic Evidence in Sexual Assault Cases
                          Panel Member

    June 10, 2006         Understanding when to bring a Seaboyer Application
                          Six Minute Criminal Defence Lawyer
                          Law Society of Upper Canada

    June 22, 2006         Speakers Series
                          Court of Appeal Law Clerks
                          Panel Member

    September 29, 2006    How to become a Leading Lawyer
                          Advocates' Society
                          Panel Member

    October 20, 2006      Divided Loyalties: The Era of the zealous advocate
                          is and ought to be at an end
                          Seventh Colloquium on the Legal Profession
                          Polemics and Professionalism
                          The Chief Justice of Ontario's Advisory Committee
                          On Professionalism

    February 24, 2007     Cross-examination of Fact and Expert Witnesses
                          The Advocates' Society/Criminal Lawyers'

    April 12, 2007        25th Anniversary of the Charter: A Tribute
                          To Chief Justice R. Roy McMurtry
                          Advocates' Society/Law Society of Upper
                          Hall Law School

    May 16, 2007          Criminal Code Provisions Every Civil Litigator
                          Should Know
                          Doing Justice to Your Case: Excellence in Advocacy
                          Advocates' Society Spring Symposium

    June 9, 2007          The New Superior Court Rules
                          The 7th Annual Six-Minute Criminal Defence Lawyer
                          Law Society of Upper Canada

    September 24, 2007    Self-Defence in the Context of Domestic Abuse
                          Ontario Conference of Judges

    September 25, 2007    Taking Care of Business
                          Advocates' Society Conference
                          for Women in Litigation
                          Co-Chair of Conference

    September 29, 2007    Is the Charter to Blame?
                          The National Conference on The Charter and
                          Criminal Justice in Canada
                          Osgoode Hall Law School
                          Panel Chair

    November 6, 2007      Recent Appellate Judgments
                          Ontario Bar Association
                          Panel Member

    November 8, 2007      Ethical Issues in Criminal Law
                          Ethics Bridge Program
                          University of Toronto-Faculty of Law
                          Panel Member

    January 7, 2008       Intensive Trial Advocacy Program
                          Cardozo School of Law
                          New York, New York
                          Panel Member

    January 2008          Canadian Bar Association/All China Lawyers'
                          Criminal Law & Advocacy Project in China

    March 26, 2008        Criminal Law Seminar: The Judge's Management Role
                          in Criminal Cases, Access, Fairness & Efficiency
                          National Judicial Institute
                          Panel Member

    April 7, 2008         The Advocates' Society International Conference
                          Vienna, Austria & Prague, Czech Republic
                          Panel Member

    May 22, 2008          Ontario Court of Justice and The Ontario
                          Conference of Judges
                          The Charter in Our Courtrooms
                          Panel Member
                          Section 24(2)

    May 29, 2008          Ontario Court of Appeal Education Seminar

    May 31, 2008          Six Minute Criminal Lawyer
                          Law Society of Upper Canada

    June 7, 2008          How to Build a Successful Practice
                          The New Lawyer Practice Series-
                          Criminal Law
                          Law Society of Upper Canada

    September 25, 2008    Criminal Law-The Year in Review
                          Law Society of Upper Canada

    November 6, 2008      Legal Ethics and Professionalism
                          University of Toronto
                          Panel Member

    December 2, 2008      Recent Appellate Decisions
                          Ontario Bar Association
                          Panel Member

    January 31,           Persuasion and Proof: Issues in Fact
    February 1, 2009      Finding and Evidence
                          Osgoode Hall Law School
                          LL.M. Course

    February 21, 2009     Evidentiary Challenges for Criminal Lawyers
                          Hearsay Evidence after Khelawon
                          Law Society of Upper Canada

    April 18, 2009        How to be a Good and Effective Advocate
                          Central East Advocacy Conference
                          Panel Member

    May 2, 2009           Six Minute Criminal Lawyer
                          Law Society of Upper Canada


    Argued in the Supreme Court of Canada, Ontario Court of Appeal and Nova
    Scotia Court of Appeal

    Co-ordinate the Appellate Duty Counsel Program - The program provides
    free appellate duty counsel to unrepresented inmates to assist with the
    argument of their appeal before the Court of Appeal for Ontario.


    Law Commission of Ontario
    Board of Directors
    2007-April 2009

    Advocates' Society
    Vice President

    Criminal Lawyers' Association

    Canadian Bar Association of Ontario

    National Association of Criminal Defence Lawyers


    -   Assisting the Honourable Mr. Justice Marc Rosenberg and Edward L.
        Greenspan, Q.C. in editing Martin's Criminal Code
    -   Assisting the Honourable Mr. Justice Marc Rosenberg and Edward L.
        Greenspan, Q.C. in editing Martin's Annual Criminal Practice
    -   Assisting the Honourable Mr. Justice Marc Rosenberg and Edward L.
        Greenspan, Q.C. in editing Martin's Related Criminal Statutes

For further information:

For further information: Dan Robertson, (416) 642-4736,

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