John Tory's "one law for all" applies to everyone but John Tory's right-wing reactionary recruit

    In Tory's world, some Ontarians are a lot more equal than others

    TORONTO, Sept. 26 /CNW/ - An interesting and rather unexpected
development on the Ontario Election Campaign trail: far-right, law-breaking
Lanark-Frontenac-Lennox & Addington Conservative candidate has become a pen
pal with the Ontario Liberal campaign! Late last night, a Liberal campaign
worker received the following email:

    -----Original Message-----
    From: Randy Hillier
    Sent: Tue Sep 25 21:45:05 2007
    Subject: corrections

    Although I was detained once for trespassing, I've never been charged or
convicted of any criminal action. Please correct your news story.
    PS I led tractor demonstrations on the 400 series far more often then 3
times - you should hire a new fact checker or call me.
    Your liberal war room hack and local patsy - (DELETED BECAUSE RANDY
to you when he can't get basic facts straight.
    Keep trying
    Tel 613-267-8239

    Hillier, along with his leader, doesn't seem to get the point. For
starters, the allegation about convictions came from a CBC Radio caller, not
us (see transcript below). And, more to the point, if Randy wants the Liberal
campaign to promote the fact that he was detained for trespassing, and that
(and we quote) he led "tractor demonstration on the 400 series far more often
than three times" - we take him at his word.
    John Tory likes to claim that he favours "one law for all" when other
people - people who aren't Conservative candidates, that is - also blockade
roadways. But, strangely, Tory wants to see those folks sued. With Randy, he
    Why the distinction? Why shouldn't John Tory's "one law for all" apply to
everyone, Randy Hillier included? Whenever Randy tears himself away from his
computer keyboard - and John Tory pauses in his drive to lead one of the most
negative, divisive election efforts in Ontario history - perhaps they'll be
able to answer why the "one law for all" has one big huge, gaping hole in it.
But we're not holding our breath (although we do look forward to more emails
from Randy).
    More of John Tory's bad judgment.


    CBC Radio Transcript (September 25, 2007):

    CBC HOST:       Let's go to Frontenac County. John is on the line. Hi

    CALLER:         Well, John, I've got this issue. You've got Randy Hillier
                    running here in LFLMA and when he was head of the LLA and
                    that's the Lanark Landowners Association for the rest of
                    the province. He closed down the 401 three times. Once in
                    London, once in Southern Islands (?) then the QEW when he
                    tractor to Queen's Park there. He gets invited to be
                    candidate for the PC party, Shawn Brant does it once and
                    he's in jail for two months without bail. And I see a
                    degree of hypocrisy there. One rule for the white guy and
                    one rule for the natives. Can you explain that?

    JOHN TORY:      I, I, I could do my best because I could tell you this

    CALLER:         Without the double-speak.

    JOHN TORY:      There won't be any double-speak. When Mr. Hillier was the
                    head of the landowners and I was the leader of the PC
                    party and he had expressed no interest or had not
                    approached us about being a candidate. I can tell you I
                    telephoned him before his first protest at which time he
                    said he was going to block the highway and encouraged him
                    not to do that, urged him not to do that. I said, look
                    you can have the same protest by the side of the highway
                    and in fact you'll see more people because they'll go by
                    you as opposed to blocking the highway off. And I have
                    said consistently, when it comes to what I've said about
                    the rule of law for people who are obstructing highways
                    or anything else, the law should apply to everyone and I
                    specifically mentioned the day I first took that position
                    and laid out one rule of law for everybody that it
                    applied to groups of farmers. I mentioned that. Or groups
                    of environmentalists. Or groups of aboriginal people. And
                    so I've been very very consistent in that and Mr. Hillier
                    would tell you that, I've phoned him and I've
                    communicated with him any time he was going to do any
                    protest of that kind and said don't do that there are
                    other ways to protest without blockading highways. With
                    respect to how he became the candidate, in our Party, the
                    PC party, the candidates are elected democratically at
                    the riding level. So Mr. Hiller came forward and put his
                    name in and I think there were three or four candidates
                    who ran for the nomination and he won.

    CALLER:         You don't vet these people at all.

    JOHN TORY:      I'll be very truthful with you about that. No double-
                    speak. All vetted to see if there is anything in their
                    background in terms of brushes with the law or any of
                    those kinds of things that would disqualify them form
                    being a candidate it's done before the nomination process
                    so that you don't, it's not too late and we looked at his
                    entire background and I can tell you this man has had no
                    brushes with the law.

    CALLER:         Whoa, back up. Back up. He's been incarcerated before.

    JOHN TORY:      Look at that, if that is true, I'm not familiar with that
                    but I mean I can tell you there was a check on his
                    background. What was he incarcerated for?

    CALLER:         I believe it was the Cornwall incident.

    JOHN TORY:      Well, that's news to me.

    CBC HOST:       I'm just going to intervene here. We do want to get to
                    some other callers as well. Thank you John for your

For further information:

For further information: Ben Chin, (416) 961-3800 ext. 412,

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