IMAX(R) 3D Cameras Return to Space to Document Upgrade of the Hubble Space Telescope

     NASA Selects Most Powerful Eye in Cinema to Chronicle Most Powerful
                                 Eye in Space

       Space Telescope Upgrade Mission to be Featured in Upcoming IMAX
                               Film HUBBLE 3D

    LOS ANGELES, May 4 /CNW/ - IMAX Corporation (NASDAQ:  IMAX; TSX:IMX), NASA
(National Aeronautics Space Administration) and Warner Bros. Pictures today
announced that IMAX(R) 3D cameras will return to space to document one of
NASA's most complex space shuttle operations - the final service of the Hubble
Space Telescope (HST), STS-125. The IMAX 3D cameras are set to launch on board
the Space Shuttle Atlantis on May 11th, 2009. The astronauts will operate the
IMAX cameras and will film the five intricate and difficult spacewalks
required to service Hubble. The IMAX footage will be combined with
breathtaking up-close images of distant galaxies from Hubble in the upcoming
IMAX/Warner Bros. Pictures co-production Hubble 3D.
    This highly anticipated next installment of IMAX's 3D space film series
is set to debut in IMAX theatres in Spring 2010. Through the world's most
immersive cinematic experience, Hubble 3D will give audiences a front row seat
as the gripping story unfolds.
    The IMAX team has trained the Atlantis crew at the Johnson Space Center
on the operation of the cameras, one of which will be mounted outside the
cabin in the shuttle's cargo bay, to capture stunning IMAX 3D images of the
historic final servicing mission. The Commander and Pilot will double as
filmmakers as two teams of spacewalking astronauts - working in tandem with
the shuttle's robot arm - perform some of the most challenging work ever
undertaken in space as they replace and refurbish many of the telescope's
delicate precision instruments.
    "It's been said that The IMAX Experience(R) is the next best thing to
being in space, and with IMAX 3D, the audience really IS there," said
Producer/Director Toni Myers, who will be at NASA's Kennedy Space Center Press
Site on Saturday, May 9th at 3:00pm EDT to answer questions about Hubble 3D.
"Fifteen years ago we made a film about space exploration that included
Hubble, when it started sending back the first images. Today, we have Hubble's
entire phenomenal legacy of data to explore. With IMAX 3D we can transport
people to galaxies that are 13 billion light years away-back to the edge of
time. Real star travel is here at last."
    "We have worked with IMAX on past Hubble missions and are excited about
working with them again on the current Hubble mission. The Hubble Space
Telescope continues to dazzle us with the splendor of our universe and after
the STS-125 mission we look forward to many more years of awe-inspiring
imagery," said Bob Jacobs, NASA's acting assistant administrator for Public
Affairs at Headquarters in Washington. "One of the challenges in sharing
Hubble's story is identifying media that can capture the scope and scale of
the cosmos. IMAX has developed innovative 3-D image capture and projection
technology that creates a large scale immersive educational experience in
which those of us on the ground are no longer passive observers of
spaceflight, we're active participants."
    "This represents a very special moment in IMAX history in which IMAX 3D
technology has been selected to document one of our nation's most anticipated
technological events. The Hubble Space Telescope has benefited all of humanity
with a close examination of our universe. Now we can transport audiences right
there, all through the power of IMAX 3D. With this upgrade the Hubble Space
Telescope will continue to provide us with many years of service and this film
will continue to tell its story for years to come," said Richard L. Gelfond,
CEO of IMAX Corporation.
    "Hubble 3D will allow moviegoers to get a front row seat to see these
amazing other galaxies thanks to the power of this incredible telescope," said
Dan Fellman, President, Domestic Distribution, Warner Bros. Pictures. "Through
our partnership with IMAX, we've taken audiences to the depths of the ocean
and put them in the driver's seat in NASCAR. Hubble 3D will continue this
great legacy of taking audiences to places they would otherwise never get to
go and will continue to inspire both young and old alike."
    "Hubble 3D will transport audiences to distant stars and beyond. It is
one thing to look up at the heavens, but through this amazing project,
audiences will be able to witness some of the most astonishing astronomical
objects known to humankind, all from the comfort of an IMAX 3D theatre," said
Greg Foster, Chairman and President of IMAX Filmed Entertainment. "We are
thrilled to partner with Warner Bros. and NASA on this project and look
forward to taking moviegoers to the outer edges of our universe through these
extraordinary images in IMAX 3D."

    About Hubble 3D

    Experience the gripping story - full of hope, crushing disappointment,
dazzling ingenuity, bravery, and triumph - in Hubble 3D, the seventh
awe-inspiring film from the award-winning IMAX Space Team.
    Vividly captured in IMAX 3D, Hubble 3D recounts the amazing journey of
the most important scientific instrument since Galileo's original telescope
and the greatest success in space since the Moon Landing - the Hubble Space
Telescope. Audiences will accompany the space walking astronauts as they
attempt some of the most difficult tasks ever undertaken in NASA's history,
and will experience up close the awesome power of the launches, the
heartbreaking setbacks, and the dramatic rescues of this most powerful story.
    Hubble 3D will also reveal the cosmos as never before, allowing viewers
of all ages to explore the grandeur of the nebulae and galaxies, the birth and
death of stars, and some of the greatest mysteries of our celestial
surroundings, all in amazing IMAX 3D.
    IMAX's longstanding partnership with NASA has enabled millions of people
to travel into space through a series of award-winning IMAX films that have
cumulatively grossed more than $500 million worldwide. The IMAX 3D camera made
its first voyage into space in 2001 for the production of Space Station 3D,
narrated by Tom Cruise, which has grossed more than $100 million worldwide.
The Hubble 3D film will mark Warner Bros. Pictures' first venture into space.
    Hubble 3D reunites the Space Station 3D filmmaking team, led by
Producer/Director Toni Myers. James Neihouse, Director of Photography, is also
the Astronaut crew trainer. Judy Carroll is Associate Producer, and Graeme
Ferguson, Co-founder of IMAX and pioneer Producer of many IMAX space films, is
Executive Producer.
    Hubble 3D will be released exclusively in IMAX theatres worldwide
beginning Spring 2010.

    About IMAX Corporation

    IMAX Corporation is one of the world's leading entertainment technology
companies, specializing in immersive motion picture technologies. The
worldwide IMAX network is among the most important and successful theatrical
distribution platforms for major event Hollywood films around the globe, with
IMAX theatres delivering the world's best cinematic presentations using
proprietary IMAX, IMAX 3D, and IMAX(R) DMR technology. IMAX DMR is the
Company's groundbreaking digital re-mastering technology that allows it to
digitally transform virtually any conventional motion picture into the
unparalleled image and sound quality of The IMAX Experience. IMAX's renowned
projectors display crystal-clear images on the world's biggest screens, and
the IMAX brand is recognized throughout the world for extraordinary and
immersive entertainment experiences for consumers. As of December 31, 2008,
there were 351 IMAX theatres (231 commercial, 120 institutional) operating in
42 countries.
    IMAX(R), IMAX(R) 3D, IMAX(R) DMR, The IMAX 3D Experience(R), and The IMAX
Experience(R) are trademarks of IMAX Corporation. More information about the
Company can be found at You may also connect with us on Facebook
(, Twitter ( and YouTube

    This press release contains forward looking statements that are based on
management's assumptions and existing information and involve certain risks
and uncertainties which could cause actual results to differ materially from
future results expressed or implied by such forward looking statements.
Important factors that could affect these statements include ongoing
discussions with the SEC and OSC relating to their ongoing inquiries and the
Company's accounting, the performance of films, the signing of theatre system
agreements, the viability of new technologies, businesses and products, the
timing of theatre system deliveries, the mix of theatre systems shipped, the
timing of the recognition of revenues and expenses on film production and
distribution agreements, risks arising from potential material weaknesses in
internal control over financial reporting and fluctuations in foreign currency
and in the large format, general commercial exhibition and out-of-home
entertainment markets. These factors and other risks and uncertainties are
discussed in the Company's most recent Annual Report on Form 10-K and most
recent Quarterly Reports on Form 10-Q.

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