'Guys Don't Cheat for Sex' -- Self-Mastery Expert Defies Conventional Wisdom, Offers New Tools for Healing

    OTTAWA, Oct. 25 /CNW/ -- "Guys don't cheat for sex" -- that recent
declaration from self-mastery expert Patricia Wall challenges decades of
conventional thinking and turns traditional healing techniques on their head.
    As infidelity becomes shockingly widespread, many in the field of social
sciences have struggled to get to the root cause of "cheating" and provide the
formula to keep partners faithful through thick and thin.  The statistics are
stunning, according to one study: "At least one partner will have an affair in
approximately 80 percent of all marriages.  With this many marriages affected,
it's unreasonable to think affairs are due only to the failures and
shortcomings of individual husbands or wives."
    Are marriages pre-destined to fail because humans are simply not suited
for monogamous relationships?  "It's not a real choice," says Wall.  "Early
man was taught not to be monogamous so deep down, humans are not wired for the
traditional marriage.  They can learn to 're-program' themselves to be
monogamous if they feel that's appropriate."
    Many traditional self-help experts and counselors agree that most first-
time cheaters don't set out to cheat, but Wall, a veteran practitioner, takes
an important step further: "People often make hard and fast decisions not to
cheat, and make vows and promises to themselves as well as to their partners.
But a powerful force can make them break those heartfelt vows -- that force is
the subconscious."  Sadly, says Wall, many married couples don't stand a
chance of having a partnership void of infidelity -- through no fault of their
own -- without learning skills for success.  Love is not enough to override
subconscious programs.
    According to Wall, primitive brain programs -- operating at the level of
instincts -- influence current behavior more than people realize.  "Any time
you drive home on automatic, put the milk in the cupboard instead of the
fridge, eat something you didn't plan to eat, or wonder what you were thinking
after something happens, it's evidence the primitive parts of your brain where
operating the driver's seat of your life," Wall explains.  "When a decision
you make fails to become reality, it's because a primitive brain program
overrode your decision and changed the outcome in your life and your behavior.
When a man has an unplanned affair, it's because a primitive brain program
overrode his vows, his decisions, and his intentions."
    Wall's results-driven approach is catching on with a wide swath of the
population that wants to control its destiny and live life to the fullest.
"Patricia Wall's methodology is both radically new and extremely old," said
Marcia Falconer, Ph.D., who is intimately familiar with Wall's work.  "The
specific techniques she developed for a series of workshops on relationships
and weight loss are based on a form of meditation that leads to deep levels of
self-awareness and self-mastery.
    The use of these techniques has proven quite effective to induce positive
changes in life-style and personal relationships."
    Wall's expertise comes from the consummate hands-on experience of a
painful recovery from a devastating four-car accident.  "Willpower was not
going to get me back on my feet, but ancient methods of energy medicine tapped
into my body's ability to heal," Wall explains.  Years of study and private
practice combined with a background in research and development have led Wall
to create modernized toolsets from ancient technology.
    Psychology may give an understanding of behavior and motivation, but
Wall's studies go beyond that.  "Emotion is the domain of the subconscious,"
Wall says.  "To be master of your life requires mastering the location of
emotion and the primitive programs that result in sabotaging behaviors and
destruction of relationships.  The programs have to change so life can change
for the better."
    Combining understanding of the subconscious function with specific tools
for different goals, Wall uses a combination of meditation and simpler
techniques to by-pass the thinking brain to where "the real power is."
    Self-mastery expert Patricia Wall will provide solutions for bringing
passion and renewed sexual interest back into relationships at an upcoming
workshop in Ottawa, October 26th-27th.  She is also immediately available for
print, TV and radio interviews.  For more information, please visit
    Patricia Wall has taught self-mastery for more than a decade in Ottawa,
Ontario.  She specializes in exploring the root causes of human behavior and
teaches people to change or re-program those root causes to improve their
quality of life on a variety of levels.  Wall has published dozens of articles
on the subject of self-mastery and has a private practice spanning the
continent to help people permanently change their lives for the better.
Originally a software developer and international project leader for a high-
tech firm, Wall credits her background in R&D and the logic of computers for
her revolutionary use of ancient wisdom.  Wall will conduct a two-day
workshop: Renovate or Relocate: The Relationship Challenge in Ottawa on
October 26th-27th.  On November 24th-25th, also in Toronto, she will teach
"Naturally Slim," a two-day course designed to help people permanently lose
weight.  For more information, visit www.teachingselfmastery.com.

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