GEOCAN Energy Inc. announces 2006 results

    CALGARY, March 30 /CNW/ - GEOCAN Energy Inc. ("GEOCAN" or the "company")
(TSX: GCA) announces financial and operating results for the year ended
December 31, year 2006.
    Cash flow from operating activities was $18.36 million or $0.33/share
(diluted) as compared to $12.97 million or $0.34/share (diluted) in 2005.
GEOCAN average number of common shares for the period 2006 was 56.5 million
(diluted) as compared to 28.5 million (diluted) for 2005. The average share
numbers primarily reflect the effect of the timing of the Assure Energy, Inc.
acquisition and a subsequent bought deal private placement financing, both of
which occurred in the latter part of 2005 and were previously announced by the
    Cash flow for 2006 was a record for the company and an increase of 42% as
compared to 2005. Average production for the year increased 41% to a record
3,077 boepd from 2,188 boepd in 2005. GEOCAN reached an exit production rate
of 3,544 boepd while achieving record operating and corporate netbacks in 2006
in the process.
    Earnings loss for 2006 was ($0.97 million) or ($0.02 /share) (diluted) as
compared to earnings of $1.55 million or $0.05/share (diluted) in 2005. The
earnings loss for 2006 resulted primarily from higher than anticipated
depletion, depreciation and accretion ("DD&A") in 2006 due to lower than
anticipated drilling success in replacing its proven reserves. Total proven
plus probable reserves however, were up 312% due to a significant heavy oil
discovery with high recovery potential. GEOCAN's first quarter 2007 drilling
program improved the company's success rate with 11 wells drilled and all
wells cased for production.
    GEOCAN's most notable accomplishment of 2006 was the discovery of a
significant heavy oil pool in the Lloydminster core area (100% working
interest) that has potential for a major steam assisted gravity drainage
("SAGD") recovery program. With approximately 25 million probable recoverable
barrels, as assessed by independent third-party engineers DeGolyer and
MacNaughton Canada Limited, this project has the potential to be very
significant for GEOCAN.
    Finding development and acquisition ("FD&A") costs for proved reserves
were $33.03/boe before future capital ($35.26/boe after future capital). FD&A
costs for proved and probable reserves were $1.78/boe before future capital
($9.44/boe including future capital). The total proved plus probable FD&A
calculation includes the probable reserves assigned to SAGD as well as SAGD
capital of approximately $200 million.
    The oil and gas industry experienced many challenges in 2006 and GEOCAN
was not immune to them. Although the price of heavy oil, which represents 45%
of GEOCAN's commodity mix, strengthened 23%, lower prices for natural gas,
down 35%, had an impact on the company, as they did on the entire oil and gas
industry. GEOCAN operates about 90% of its production which enabled the
company to control costs resulting in year over year production and general
and administration expenses remaining essentially flat on a per unit basis.
This was in contrast to a general industry trend of higher per unit costs
resulting from increased oilfield services and labour costs.

    Highlights of 2006 include:

    -   The discovery of a significant heavy oil pool near Lloydminster added
        24.8 million barrels of probable reserves.

    -   On the strength of this discovery GEOCAN's year-end independently
        assessed proved and probable (P+P) reserves increased 312% to 32.5
        million boe compared with 7.9 million boe at the end of 2005.

    -   Proved reserves were well balanced in 2006, with 28% allocated to
        light and medium oil, 30% to natural gas and 42% to heavy oil.

    -   Average production rose 41% from 2,188 boepd in 2005 to 3,077 boepd
        in 2006, as GEOCAN surpassed the one million boe annual production

    -   The reserves replacement ratio was approximately 24 times, based on
        additions to proved plus probable reserves of approximately 24.5
        million boes. The company came close to replacing its one million boe
        of production from proved additions with a proved reserves
        replacement ratio of 0.83.

    -   Gross revenues reached $47.9 million, up 43% from $33.4 million in

    -   Cash flow rose 42% to a record $18.4 million in 2006 from $13 million
        in 2005.

    -   Netbacks rose 15% in 2006 to $21.49/boe compared with $18.69/boe in
        2005, driven by netbacks on heavy oil that were up 15% to $15.09/bbl
        although netbacks on light/medium oil were down 11% to $35.42/bbl and
        natural gas netbacks decreased 51% to $3.24/mcf driven by the 35%
        drop in natural gas prices. The company's balanced commodity mix
        served it well throughout the year, limiting the downward impact of
        decreasing natural gas prices on cash flow.

    -   Despite increasing costs for oilfield services and labour, GEOCAN
        kept cost increases to 5% for field operations and 7% for general and
        administration, both on a boe basis, due to the fact that the company
        operates approximately 90% of its production.

    -   Gross undeveloped land portfolio grew 60% to 322 gross sections (212
        net) in 2006. Total gross land is currently 394 sections (260 net),
        most of which are in gas and light oil prone areas, providing
        prospects for drilling well into 2007 and beyond.

    -   GEOCAN acquired Columbus Exploration Ltd. in July 2006, adding
        production, facilities and 21,142 gross acres (13,808 net) of
        undeveloped land northwest of Edmonton.

    -   Capital expenditures were focused primarily on drilling 30 gross
        (22.13 net) wells, completions and tie-ins for $29.2 million. The
        company spent an additional $2.7 million to acquire 18,560 gross
        (14,200 net) acres of undeveloped land at Crown sales in British
        Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan. Seismic programs (2D and 3D) and
        the acquisition of third party seismic required $2.4 million.

    Comparative Financial Highlights

                                      Year ended     Year ended      Percent
                                    Dec 31, 2006   Dec 31, 2005       Change
                                    ------------   ------------     --------
    Gross revenue                   $ 47,896,854   $ 33,381,746          43%

    Net revenues                    $ 39,783,567   $ 27,772,725          43%

    Production expenses             $ 14,192,042   $  9,999,149          42%
     Per unit ($/boe)               $      13.19   $      12.52           5%

    Depletion and site
     restoration expense            $ 22,368,173   $ 10,809,221         107%
      Per unit ($/boe)              $      20.79   $      13.54          54%

    General and administration
     expense                        $  3,959,704   $  2,184,961          81%
      Per unit ($/boe)              $       2.92   $       2.74           7%

    Cash flow                       $ 18,363,653   $ 12,972,434          42%
      Per share (basic)             $       0.33   $       0.40         -17%
      Per share (diluted)           $       0.33   $       0.34          -5%

    After tax net (loss)
    income                          $   (967,200)  $  1,552,666
      Per share (basic)             $      (0.02)  $       0.05

    Capital expenditures            $ 35,943,778   $ 19,905,887          81%

    Total capital assets
    (net of depletion)              $147,281,432   $107,939,000          51%

    Average production (boepd)             3,077          2,188          41%
    Exit production (boepd)                3,544          3,414           4%

    Average shares (basic)
     for the period ended             55,544,073     25,531,448         118%

    Production increases

    Average production in 2006 rose 41% to 3,077 boepd, compared with 2,188
in 2005. By year end, production volumes reached a capability exit rate of
3,544 boepd, up 4% from the 3,414 boepd capability exit level in 2005.
    GEOCAN committed to a more balanced commodity mix than it had a year ago,
aiming for one third heavy oil, one third light/medium oil, and one third
natural gas. At year end, the company's mix moved further in this direction
with production distributed 45% to heavy oil (2005: 56%), 35% to natural gas
(2005: 25%), and 20% to light/medium oil (2005: 19%). Management believes a
balance of all three commodities allows the company to focus on exploration
and development projects that are consistent with each commodity's price

    Lloydminster discovery

    GEOCAN discovered a significant heavy oil pool near Lloydminster that
independent third party engineers DeGolyer and MacNaughton Canada Limited have
estimated at 24.8 million barrels of probable reserves.
    The pool, which was delineated with five vertical wells in 2006, is
concentrated in less than one section of land, making development relatively
straight forward. The reservoir is 3D seismically defined. It displays good
characteristics for a SAGD program, and is in an area well served by pipelines
and other infrastructure. The company holds 100% working interest in the
    A pilot phase will likely be initiated to validate the geologic model and
streamline any technical issues before proceeding to a full-scale enhanced
recovery scheme. This pilot project would include two to three horizontal well
pairs with surface facilities to handle the associated production volumes.
This phase is expected to cost approximately $40 million. Preliminary
estimates identifying potentially up to 15 well pairs could be necessary to
fully develop the reserves in place. The full phase development including the
initial pilot is anticipated to cost $200 million.
    As the technical work on this project continues, it will provide GEOCAN
the opportunity to continue to grow at a different level. Traditional junior
oil and gas producers grow primarily through the drill bit and acquisitions.
This strategy will continue at GEOCAN but more emphasis will be placed on the
development of projects like this that converts known reserves into production
and cash flow.

    Reserves replacement

    GEOCAN reached a major milestone in 2006, surpassing the 1,000,000 boe
annual production threshold. The company's reserves replacement ratio was
approximately 24 times based on its proved and probable reserves additions of
24.5 million boe. With 888,100 boe of this being proved reserves additions,
GEOCAN came close to replacing its 1.08 million boe of production from proved
additions alone. The company's proved reserves were allocated 28% to light and
medium oil, 30% to natural gas and 42% to heavy oil in 2006.

    Focus areas

    Overall, GEOCAN concentrated its 2006 capital program in its
high-working-interest core areas of northeast British Columbia, west central
Alberta, and Lloydminster, Saskatchewan. Exploration drilling accounted for
47% of drilling, higher than ever before. This trend is expected to continue
in 2007. As a result, GEOCAN exited 2006 with greater prospects. Also, for the
first time, the company's new technical team will be generating all the
company's plays in 2007 and beyond.
    In the Lloydminster core area the company drilled 14 (100% working
interest) wells including those on the SAGD property: 13 wells were cased, one
was abandoned.
    Outside the Lloydminster core area, the company collaborated with a major
integrated oil and gas producer in the Peace River area of northern Alberta,
carrying out a 3D seismic program on Crown land in this region. This resulted
in the acquisition of a further 12 sections of Crown land in 2006, bringing
the total contiguous land base there to 22 sections. This is consistent with
the company's strategy of developing an inventory of high-impact natural gas
and light oil plays in central and northwestern Alberta and northeastern
British Columbia.
    The company readied itself for drilling in northeast British Columbia
this past winter and as a result drilled three wells there in the first
quarter 2007.
    Overall, GEOCAN's portfolio of gross undeveloped land grew 60% in 2006 to
322 gross sections (212 net). Total gross land is currently 394 sections (260
net), a sizable asset. Most of this land is in gas and light oil prone areas,
providing GEOCAN with a portfolio of drilling prospects well into 2007 and

    Drilling activities

    GEOCAN drilled 30 gross wells in 2006, casing 83% of the wells (12
natural gas wells, 13 oil wells), compared with 23 wells drilled and an 86%
casing rate in 2005. The company had five new pool discoveries in 2006. Of the
five wells abandoned, one non-operated well - the Raven well near Caroline -
received considerable press coverage. Raven represented only approximately 10%
of GEOCAN's capital budget for 2006 and the fact that GEOCAN was a partner on
this opportunity is a testament to the size and sustainability of GEOCAN
today. Going forward, the company plans to continually allocate 10% to 15% of
its annual capital budget to various higher impact opportunities.


    The acquisition of Columbus Exploration Ltd. in July 2006 added to
GEOCAN's natural gas weighting and brought with it 21,142 gross acres (13,808
net) of undeveloped land. These assets fit well with the company's current
operations, giving it a stronger presence in the region north and west of

    Revenues and prices

    Gross revenues reached $47.9 million, up 43% from $33.4 million in 2005
although commodity prices generally declined in 2006. Natural gas prices were
down 35% year over year to $6.59/mcf and light/medium oil prices were down 8%
to $55.31/bbl. However, heavy oil prices rose 23% to $41.92/bbl.

    Controlling costs

    The past year saw costs rise for oilfield services and labour. GEOCAN's
operatorship of 90% of its properties enabled the company to keep field
operating cost increases to 5% and general and administrative cost increases
to 7% as measured on a boe basis.

    Cash flow

    GEOCAN generated a record cash flow of $18.4 million, up 42% from $13
million in 2005. Cash flow was somewhat hampered by the lower prices but also
due to 370 boepd of behind pipe and deferred production at year end that did
not get to market. Cash flow per share (diluted) declined $0.01 cents to $0.33
cents when compared with $0.34 cents per share (diluted) in 2005, reflecting
two developments in late 2005 - the share issuance related to the acquisition
of Assure Energy, Inc. and a subsequent bought deal private placement
financing, both of which occurred in the latter part of 2005. Finally, GEOCAN
posted record operating ($21.49/boe) and corporate ($16.88/boe) netbacks in
2006 in a challenging industry environment.


    From an earnings perspective, simply replacing production with proved
reserves additions (both integral components of the DD&A calculation) during a
downward price trend, resulted in a larger than anticipated DD&A charge at
year end. As a result GEOCAN posted negative earnings of $(967,200) or
$(0.02)/share (diluted) in 2006 after a significant future tax recovery.

    Fourth Quarter 2006 Highlights

    -   Fourth quarter revenues were $10.5 million, down 11% from $11.8
        million in the fourth quarter 2005 and 22% from third quarter 2006
        revenues of $13.6 million.

    -   Heavy oil prices averaged $38.00/bbl (2005 - $34.14/bbl),
        light/medium oil averaged $49.10/bbl (2005 - $50.66/bbl) and natural
        gas averaged $6.82/mcf (2005 - $10.78/mcf).

    -   Fourth quarter average production was essentially flat at 2,816 boepd
        compared with 2,808 boepd in the fourth quarter 2005, reflecting a
        number of operational issues during October/November in the Tomahawk
        area of west central Alberta and in northeast British Columbia. Heavy
        oil production averaged 1,306 boepd, light /medium averaged 644 boepd
        and natural gas averaged 5,199 mcf/day.

    -   The company drilled seven of its 30 wells during the fourth quarter
        and five of these seven wells were tied in and producing by year end.
        One exploration well was drilled at Soda Lake, Saskatchewan, four
        heavy oil development wells were drilled in the Lloydminster core
        area and one natural gas development well was drilled at Buick Creek
        in northeast British Columbia. One location at Lloydminster was

    -   Royalty expense was $2.5 million in the quarter compared with $2.1
        million in fourth quarter 2005 and $1.9 million in the third quarter
        2006. The fourth quarter total reflects a true-up between estimate
        and actual for royalty amounts.

    -   Operating costs (before transportation expense) were $3.9 million
        ($14.41/boe) in the fourth quarter, reflecting significant facilities
        work performed at Northminster North, Tomahawk and newly acquired
        assets in central Alberta. This compares with $3.7 million
        ($12.25/boe) in the third-quarter 2006 and $3.2 million ($12.29/boe)
        in the fourth quarter last year.

    -   Fourth quarter non-capitalized general and administrative expense was
        $562,778 ($2.10/boe) compared with $705,457 ($2.73/boe) in the
        comparable quarter of 2005. Costs reflect the full absorption of the
        Columbus acquisition, year-end reporting requirements, an upgrade to
        the company's accounting, land and field level production reporting
        systems, as well as the hiring of full-time field operations staff
        late in the year.

    -   The fourth quarter was burdened by year-end charges for a non-
        recurring federal corporate tax charge, the annual Saskatchewan
        resource surcharge and a true-up between estimate and actual for
        royalty amounts. Normalized fourth-quarter cash flow was $3.3 million
        (2005 - $4.9 million).

    -   Capital expenditures in the fourth-quarter were $9.6 million,
        resulting in the drilling of five heavy oil wells and two gas wells,
        the acquisition of 39,680 gross (13,920 net) acres of land and the
        investment in 6.71 square miles of proprietary and trade 3D seismic
        as well as 47.9 miles of proprietary and trade 2D seismic. All but
        one of the wells drilled in the quarter were cased. This program was
        financed by funds generated from operations and the company's
        revolving bank facility.


    -   GEOCAN has now completed its 2007 first quarter drilling program and
        has cased all 11 wells drilled. Five of these wells are currently on
        production. In addition two more are anticipated to be on production
        by the end of the second quarter. The company will elaborate on this
        through an operational update in mid-April.

    -   Six of the company's 2006 successfully cased wells are being
        completed or are awaiting completion when natural gas prices improve.

    -   At GEOCAN's Lloydminster heavy oil discovery, work is underway to
        develop a strategy to optimize development of the resource. A pilot
        phase will likely be needed to validate the geologic model and
        streamline any technical issues before proceeding to a full-scale
        enhanced recovery scheme.

    -   Key priorities for the year ahead will be to tie-in existing
        discoveries, ensure environmental and safe operations, advance
        engineering work on the Lloydminster SAGD opportunity, and build a
        sufficient cash reserve to meet unanticipated issues throughout the
        balance of the year.

    -   The company will monitor its capital and operating expenditures to
        ensure prudent, profitable and cost effective deployment of its cash
        flow. The company plans minimal capital expenditures throughout
        breakup and the second quarter. For the balance of the year the
        company will focus on high-priority opportunities as it works to
        reduce its leveraged balance sheet.

    A growing talent pool

    GEOCAN nearly doubled the number of employees from 13 to 25 while keeping
G&A expenditures in check, increasing only 7% on a boe basis. This growth
allowed for less reliance on third-party consultants and increased the
company's independence in planning and execution. GEOCAN now has seven
engineering staff, six geoscientists, three land staff, seven accounting
staff, and two office staff.


                                                 December 31,    December 31,
                                                        2006            2005

      Accounts receivable                      $  14,300,804   $  10,181,438
      Prepaid expenses                             1,402,637         763,289
                                                  15,703,441      10,944,727

      Property and equipment                     147,281,432     107,639,000
      Investment                                     968,266         968,266
      Goodwill                                     2,653,902       2,653,902
                                               $ 166,607,041   $ 122,205,895


      Bank indebtedness                        $   3,637,022   $     650,856
      Accounts payable                            17,754,660      14,078,650
      Cumulative dividend payable                    194,216          70,286
      Bank debt                                   48,075,537      10,900,000
      Long-term debt - current portion                     -       1,190,221
                                                  69,661,435      26,890,013

    Asset retirement obligation                    6,950,116       5,926,421
    Long-term debt                                         -       2,206,559
    Future income taxes                           17,117,673      16,663,800
    Preferred shares                               2,739,676       2,739,676
                                                  96,468,900      54,426,469

    Shareholders' Equity

    Share capital                                 67,918,997      64,763,778
    Share purchase warrants                        1,513,400       2,094,819
    Contributed surplus                            1,532,404         657,476
    (Deficit)/Retained earnings                     (826,660)        263,353
                                                  70,138,141      67,779,426

                                               $ 166,607,041   $ 122,205,895


    for the year ended
                                                 December 31,    December 31,
                                                        2006            2005
    Revenues                                   $  47,896,854   $  33,381,746
    Less: Royalties (net of ARTC)                 (8,113,287)     (5,609,021)
                                                  39,783,567      27,772,725


    Operating                                     14,192,042      9,999,149
    Transportation                                 1,720,381        821,363
    General and administration                     3,959,704      2,606,298
    Interest and bank charges                      1,805,266        836,816
    Cumulative dividend on preferred shares          123,930         70,286
    Depletion, depreciation and accretion         22,368,173     10,809,221
                                                  44,169,496     25,143,133

    (Loss)/Income before income taxes             (4,385,929)     2,629,592

    Provision for income taxes (recovery)

        Current taxes                                544,975        396,510
        Future                                    (3,963,704)       680,416
                                                  (3,418,729)     1,076,926

    Income/(loss) for the period                    (967,200)     1,552,666

    Retained earnings (deficit), beginning
     of period                                       263,352     (1,284,114)
    Acquisition of shares in excess of
     assigned value                                 (122,812)        (5,199)
    (Deficit) Retained earnings, end of
     period                                    $    (826,660)  $    268,552

    (Loss)/Income per share
      Basic                                    $       (0.02)  $       0.05
      Diluted                                  $       (0.02)  $       0.05

    for the year ended                           December 31,    December 31,
                                                        2006            2005
    Operating activities:
      Net income (loss) for the period         $    (967,200)  $   1,552,666
      Adjustments for non-cash items:
        Equity share of earnings of investment
        Depletion, depreciation and accretion     22,368,173      10,809,221
        Unrealized financial risk mgmt.
         liability                                         -        (561,492)
        Stock based compensation                     812,547         421,337
        Foreign exchange gain                        (10,093)              -
        Future income tax (recovery)              (3,963,704)        680,416
        Cumulative dividend on preferred
         shares                                      123,930          70,286
                                               $  18,363,653   $  12,972,434

        Asset retirement obligation settled         (511,728)       (244,102)
        Other income on disposal of asset           (987,748)     (1,031,688)
        Change in non-cash working capital          (756,912)     (1,268,890)
                                                  16,107,265      10,427,754

      Capital asset expenditures               $ (35,943,778)  $ (19,905,887)
      Acquisition of Columbus Exploration        (15,726,254)              -
      Transaction costs of acquisition            (1,656,745)     (5,448,240)
      Proceeds on disposition of capital assets            -       1,031,688
      Change in non-cash working capital             201,864      (2,086,746)
                                               $ (53,124,913)  $ (26,409,185)

      Issuance of common shares                $   2,634,624   $  20,595,730
      Repayment of third-party loan                               (1,500,000)
      Repurchase of common shares                   (361,048)              -
      Proceeds of debt                            35,154,686     (11,755,216)
      Repayment of debt                           (3,396,780)              -
                                               $  34,031,482   $   7,340,514

    Decrease in cash                              (2,986,166)     (8,640,917)

    (bank indebtedness) beginning of period         (650,856)     (2,079,767)
    (bank indebtedness) end of period          $  (3,637,022)  $ (10,720,684)

    Supplemental information
    Interest paid                              $   1,805,266   $     378,260
    Taxes paid                                 $     544,975   $           -

    The company notes that this news release contains selected financial and
other information from its 2006 annual report, which is available at SEDAR
( and the company's web site ( This information
should be read in conjunction with the December 31, 2006 and 2005 audited
consolidated financial statements of the company, the attached notes and the
management's discussion and analysis relating thereto, all of which are
available on SEDAR and contained in the 2006 annual report.

    Advisory -- Forward-looking Information

    This press release may include certain forward-looking statements. These
statements involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties, and other factors
that may cause actual results or events to differ materially from those
anticipated in the forward-looking statements. However, while management
believes these forward-looking statements to be reasonable, the reader cannot
be assured that these expectations will prove to be correct. The reader should
not unduly rely on these forward-looking statements as these statements speak
only as of the date of March 30, 2006. Additional information about the
company can be found on
    Barrel of oil equivalent (BOE) may be misleading, particularly if used in
isolation. A BOE conversion ratio for natural gas of 1 bbl : 6 mcf. This is
based on an energy equivalency conversion method particularly applicable at
the burner tip and does not represent a value equivalency at the wellhead.

    %SEDAR: 00010382E

For further information:

For further information: Wayne Wadley, President and CEO or Brad Farris,
VP Finance and CFO, GEOCAN Energy Inc., Phone (403) 261-3851, Fax (403)
261-3834, Email, or, Website:

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