Dr. Siegal's Cookie Diet Book by Physician, Author, and Weight-Loss Expert Sanford Siegal, D.O., M.D., Available May 22nd

    In his first book in nine years and the first about his internationally
popular cookie-based diet, Dr. Sanford Siegal combines specific instructions
for hunger-free weight loss with a fascinating, entertaining history of
weight-loss diets through the Ages

    MIAMI, April 28 /PRNewswire/ -- Dr. Siegal's Cookie Diet Book (Hyde Park
Publishing Ltd., 320 pages, ISBN 978-0-9822728-3-19999) by physician Sanford
Siegal, D.O., M.D., will be available in hardcover beginning May 22nd.
Although he has achieved notoriety for his books on subjects such as high
fiber diets, hunger control without drugs, and hypothyroidism, Dr. Siegal is
best known as the Cookie Doctor(R) behind the venerable Dr. Siegal's COOKIE
DIET(R) weight-loss program and the hunger-controlling cookies that make it
possible to follow. Next week, Dr. Siegal, 80, kicks off an ambitious,
three-month publicity tour of North America and Europe.

    "Dr. Siegal's Cookie Diet Book is unlike my previous ones which were
traditional diet books, serious and all business," said Dr. Siegal. "I wanted
Dr. Siegal's Cookie Diet Book to stand on its own, whether or not the reader
intends to follow the diet. Therefore, while Dr. Siegal's Cookie Diet Book is
a diet book that provides specific instructions that have helped a lot of
people lose weight, there's much more to it. Even readers who don't intend to
follow the diet should be entertained by the extensive history of diets from
past centuries, and by the debunking of some of the ivory tower nutritional
nonsense that has made 65 percent of us overweight."

    Dr. Siegal's Cookie Diet Book is divided into five sections. In Section
One, Dr. Siegal endeavors to establish his credibility before asking the
reader to "make a leap of faith" and follow his admittedly unusual-sounding
diet plan. He reveals and accepts the tendency for some to "summarily dismiss"
Dr. Siegal's COOKIE DIET(R) based solely on its eminently catchy, even
gimmicky name. He acknowledges the need to explain the basis for his diet
before asking the reader to "trust [me] when I tell you that [you'll] lose
weight by eating cookies all day." In the chapter entitled "500,000
Anecdotes," Dr. Siegal reveals the omnipresence of "anecdotal evidence" in
every practicing physician's work, and he explains how his own observations of
more than a half million overweight patients support his approach to weight

    Section Two is the most scholarly part of the book and, perhaps
paradoxically, the most entertaining. In the lengthiest chapters in the
320-page volume, Dr. Siegal takes the reader on a fascinating, occasionally
hilarious journey through centuries of improbable weight-loss diets and
nutritional wisdom. An avid collector of diet books (his collection includes
hundreds of volumes dating back to 1727), Dr. Siegal resurrects for the
reader's pleasure a plethora of largely forgotten diets that, in their day,
were widely accepted. Among the most popular of these was "Fletcherizing," the
creation of "The Great Masticator," Horace Fletcher, who insisted that the
secret to good health was to chew each mouthful of food 32 times (once for
each tooth)  and then spit it out. Fletcher's system gained a massive
following during the early 20th century.

    "Lately, it seems that every time I pick up a magazine or turn on the
news, people are talking about how this or that celebrity is on Dr. Siegal's
Cookie Diet. I wonder if people realize that every generation going back a
couple of hundred years has had its share of diets with famous followers.
Fletcher's diet had no shortage of eminent disciples including Mark Twain,
John D. Rockefeller, and Upton Sinclair."

    In Section Three, which is certain to be the most controversial, Dr.
Siegal includes a series of myth-busting chapters in which he enthusiastically
blasts the nutritional advice with which the public is constantly bombarded by
well-meaning but misguided "experts" who, more often than not, have never
treated an overweight person. He charges nutritionists, diet coaches, and even
some of his fellow physicians with propagating impractical and theoretical
advice that is too complicated or demanding for real people to follow.

    "I take a practical approach to losing weight," Dr. Siegal explained.
"The world is full of well-intentioned nutritional advice. While much of it is
nonsense, some would benefit anyone who followed it. But almost nobody follows
that kind of advice because it comes out of an ivory tower and is too
complicated and demanding to be useful in the real world. I want results, not
unrealized good intentions."

    Dr. Siegal offers several opinions that run counter to conventional
wisdom, and he also confirms or refutes a number of popular urban myths.
Chapter titles from Section Three include "The Great Calorie Theory," "The
Last Ten Pounds are the Hardest," and "Faster is Better."

    Section Four is the diet part of this diet book. It contains recipes,
meal guidelines, and detailed instructions for following Dr. Siegal's COOKIE
DIET(R), a three-step program that Dr. Siegal and approximately 200 other
physicians have used in their medical practices since 1975. The first step is
to take an at-home, self-test called Dr. Siegal's 28-Day Calorie Burn Rate
Self-Test that estimates one's daily caloric maintenance level. The second
step is to use one of two free, web-based calculators (they're in the
Resources section at www.CookieDiet.com) that Dr. Siegal created to help
dieters set a realistic goal weight and goal date. The final step is to follow
a strict, 1,000 calorie diet using Dr. Siegal's cookies to control hunger.

    The last section of Dr. Siegal's Cookie Diet Book contains just one
chapter called "For Your Doctor's Eyes Only." The chapter is intended for the
reader's doctor who, Dr. Siegal advises, should monitor his patient's health
on any weight-loss diet.


    Sanford Siegal, D.O., M.D., is a practicing physician whose South Florida
medical practice, Siegal Medical Group, has treated more than 500,000
overweight patients. Although he has achieved notoriety for his books on
subjects including high fiber diets, hunger control without drugs, and
hypothyroidism, he is best known as the Cookie Doctor(R) behind the popular
Dr. Siegal's COOKIE DIET(R) weight-loss program and hunger-controlling foods.
Dr. Siegal is frequently in the news and has been profiled by dozens of media
including Good Morning America, The New York Times, The Today Show, National
Post, and Forbes.



    Hyde Park Publishing Ltd.
    888-870-0213 (U.S., toll-free)
    001 202-664-1172 (Worldwide)


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For further information: Hyde Park Publishing Ltd., 1-888-870-0213
(U.S., toll-free), +001-202-664-1172 (Worldwide) Web Site:

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