'Dietless' Approach to Permanent Weight Loss Offers Hope to Millions of Overweight, Obese People

    Self-mastery expert's weight-loss technique helped woman lose  200 pounds
-- and keep it off

    OTTAWA, Nov. 8 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- As the number of overweight and
obese men, women and children -- more than 10 million in Canada and 100
million in the United States -- reach epidemic proportions, people are sinking
tens of billions of dollars into dieting and diet-related products in an
effort to control their weight. "It's a huge waste of money," says veteran
self-mastery practitioner Patricia Wall. "For the vast majority of people,
dieting simply doesn't work over the long term and can actually do more damage
than good as people get caught in a vicious cycle of losing and regaining

    Wall, who has developed a proven weight-loss approach that has helped
many people permanently lose excess weight, says diets need to be put into
perspective. "Healthy eating is important, but it can't happen until root
issues are addressed. Pretending it is a matter of willpower creates an
atmosphere of judgment and guilt that is devastating for people who do not
understand how subconscious programs drive their eating behaviors," she
asserts. "Study after study shows dieting is ineffective over the long-term.
Yet you see a new diet book or silver-bullet pill in stores everyday. It's a
really shameless way of preying on a rather desperate group of people."

    Statistics support Wall's statements. Conservative estimates indicate
that 95 percent of all dieters will regain their lost weight in 1 to 5 years.
Furthermore, 35 percent of "normal dieters" evolve into "pathological
dieters." For this group, dieting itself becomes an addiction. Wall points out
that the "diet addiction" clearly works to the advantage of the industry
because they sell more books, medications and other diet-related products --
while the dieters are caught on an emotional roll coaster.

    Wall has an admirable 10-year track record of providing people with
progressive meditative techniques to permanently lose weight through intensive
workshops and a thriving private practice. The Ottawa native explains that
diets are ineffective because they don't drill down deep enough to get to the
root of the problem. "Diets apply a band-aid to the surface of a problem that
needs a much deeper remedy. I'm not a weight-loss guru," states Wall. "What I
teach is totally different. It's a process of reprogramming the subconscious
mind to change behaviors at the root cause. The approach is highly effective
when applied to behaviors tied to food and eating."

    Chantal Vandette, a graduate of Wall's "Naturally Slim" workshop, lost
200 pounds and 20 inches from her hips -- and she's currently celebrating her
third anniversary of that amazing accomplishment. "I came to the Naturally
Slim Workshop as a diet expert," says Vandette. "I had lost weight many times,
only to regain all the weight I lost and even more in some instances."
Vandette, like so many other failed dieters, speaks poignantly of the
disheartening effect of repeated weight loss and gain. "It's a failure that
leaves you battered to your very core. Despite my success losing weight, I
always felt doomed to be a fat slob for the rest of my life because it always
came back."

    Using self-mastery techniques to become naturally slim is not a quick
fix, Vandette explains.  "You have to be honest about what's not working so
you can fix it at the root. The tools Patricia Wall teaches make that do-able.
The results don't stop the way a diet invariably does."

    The difference between traditional dieting and Wall's subconscious
reprogramming is that dieting centers on willpower -- that is, one must
consciously do battle with an eating addiction every hour of every day.
Whereas Wall's reprogramming approach permanently changes one's desire to eat
-- excessively or the wrong types of food -- so willpower is removed from the
equation. The rules of engagement are changed forever.

    Vandette speaks of a new serenity about weight loss. "In the past if I
gained weight it would be the start of a spiral up on the scales. Now it's
just an opportunity to identify an issue and heal it, so it never bothers me
again. Patricia calls it peeling the onion, healing the issues layer by layer,
until the onion is gone and there's nothing left. I know how to do this, and
it will never conquer me again. I'm the master."

    Wall's expertise in self-mastery comes from the consummate hands-on
experience of a painful recovery from a devastating four-car accident.
"Willpower was not going to get me back on my feet, but ancient methods of
energy medicine tapped into my body's ability to heal," Wall explains. Years
of study and private practice combined with a background in research and
development have led Wall to create modernized toolsets from ancient

    Self-mastery expert Patricia Wall will share her wisdom and teachings at
two upcoming "Naturally Slim" workshops in Ottawa November 17th-18th and in
Toronto November 24th-25th relating to re-programming the subconscious mind to
lose weight permanently. She is also immediately available for print, TV and
radio interviews. For more information, please visit

    To immediately schedule an interview with Patricia Wall, please call
Peter Wendel of Direct Design Communications, LLC at 202.380.5120.

    Patricia Wall has taught self-mastery for more than a decade in Ottawa,
Ontario. She specializes in exploring the root causes of human behavior and
teaches people to change or re-program those root causes to improve their
quality of life on a variety of levels. Wall has published dozens of articles
on the subject of self-mastery and has a private practice in Ottawa to help
people permanently change their lives for the better. Originally a software
developer and international project leader for a high-tech firm, Wall credits
her background in R&D and the logic of computers for her revolutionary use of
ancient wisdom. On November 17th-18th in Ottawa, Wall will conduct a two-day
"Naturally Slim" workshop designed to help people permanently lose weight. She
will teach the "Naturally Slim" workshop in Toronto on November 24th-25th. For
more information, visit www.teachingselfmastery.com.

For further information:

For further information: Peter Wendel, +1-202-380-5120, 
pwendel@directdesigncommunications.com, for TeachingSelfMastery.com

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