CTV Announces Powerhouse Fall 2007 Schedule

    -  More Buzz, More Creative Firepower and 16 Returning 'Top 20' Programs
    -  Combined with 7 of the Most Coveted NEW Series
    -  CTV Joins World Elite, Signs on for LIVE EARTH
    -  The Academy Awards(TM) and The Super Bowl, Together for the First Time
    -  If It's Big, It's Here ... Introducing Television's No. 1 Line-up

    TORONTO, June 4 /CNW/ - CTV announced its Fall 2007 Schedule today,
revealing a prime-time line-up featuring more creative firepower, more buzz
and 16 returning Top 20 Hits - all combined with the most coveted NEW
programs, strategically handpicked from the recent LA Screenings. The
announcement was made moments ago at CTV's Annual Upfront Presentation this
afternoon at the prestigious Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts in

    "If it's big, it's on CTV," said Susanne Boyce, CTV President of
Programming and Chair of the CTV Media Group. "With 16 returning Top 20 hits,
we've taken a bulletproof schedule and made it stronger. We've strategically
hand picked the most engaging new titles for the Fall schedule, each
delivering creative firepower both onscreen and off," she added. Boyce also
confirmed that 100 per cent of CTV's Fall Prime-Time Schedule will be
delivered in High Definition.

    In all, 7 NEW PROGRAMS (6 Dramas, 1 Comedy) will join the CTV Fall 2007
Schedule. They are: PRIVATE PRACTICE, the highly anticipated Grey's Anatomy
spin-off from Golden Globe winner Shonda Rhimes, starring Kate Walsh; DIRTY
SEXY MONEY, television's hottest new prime-time soap starring Donald
Sutherland, Peter Krause, William Baldwin and Jill Clayburgh; BIG SHOTS,
starring Dylan McDermott, Christopher Titus, Joshua Malina and Michael Vartan,
about four businessmen on the make; PUSHING DAISIES, described by The New York
Times as "the most talked-about new series of the fall for its striking look
and unusual plotline"; MOONLIGHT, a high concept drama about a vampire turned
detective in modern society; GOSSIP GIRL, a sexy new drama from acclaimed O.C.
creator Josh Schwartz and billed as the most anticipated new series from the
CW; and THE BIG BANG THEORY, a new comedy about brainy best friends. (See
below for program descriptions).

    CTV has acquired the Canadian television rights to the riveting drama
WITHOUT A TRACE, starring Anthony Lapaglia and smash hit comedy TWO AND A HALF
MEN, starring Charlie Sheen. Together they join a formidable CTV line-up
poised to return more Top 20 programs than all of its competitors combined; 16
in all, including American Idol, CSI, CSI: Miami, CSI: New York, Criminal
Minds, CTV Evening News, Corner Gas, Desperate Housewives, Lost, Grey's
Anatomy, Medium, Law & Order SVU and more.

    Boyce also announced that CTV has joined an elite group of worldwide
broadcasters today, announcing it has secured the Canadian broadcast rights to
LIVE EARTH, an historic, worldwide event featuring 9 concerts, spanning 7
continents and airing around the world on July 7, 2007. Together with the BBC,
NBC, Japan's NHK, MSN and a host of other broadcasters, CTV joins an
international initiative to deliver this historic event to an estimated
2 billion viewers worldwide in an effort to combat the climate crisis (See
"CTV Secures Rights for Live Earth" Announcement).

    Joining Live Earth on the CTV schedule is a clean sweep of the year's
biggest television events, beginning Canada Day with The Concert For Diana
(July 1). In September, CTV presents The 59th Prime Time Emmy Awards,
officially kicking off the new Fall Season and television's most potent Awards
show package.

    CTV officially welcomed its new partnership with The National Football
League today, introducing a new look Sunday to the lineup. NFL fans can now
make an appointment with CTV for the Regular Season Early Sunday Game, the
entire NFL Playoff Slate and THE SUPER BOWL. For the first time ever, The
Super Bowl joins THE ACADEMY AWARDS(TM) on one network schedule. It's
television's most watched special and North America's most watched sporting
event, together in the same month. It's Super February.

    Leading CTV's slate of hit Canadian programs returning this Fall is
Season 5 of Corner Gas, Season 7 of Degrassi: The Next Generation, Season 2 of
Whistler, Season 3 of Robson Arms, and all new seasons of Canada's No. 1
current affairs program W-FIVE, and entertainment pioneer eTalk. From Canada's
most watched news division, CTV National News With Lloyd Robertson returns
together with The CTV Evening News, Canada AM and political landmark Question

    Today's announcement follows the latest BBM Nielsen audience data that
confirms for the 5th consecutive year, CTV will finish the 2006-2007 Season
sweeping ALL 3 key advertiser demos (A18-34, A18-49 and A25-54) and total
viewers in head-to-head national comparisons with all competitors. CTV
finished the season with 8 of Canada's Top 10 programs (2+, 18-49, 25-54), 16
of the Top 20 and No. 1 ranked programs in every genre: TV Special (The
Academy Awards) Series and Drama (CSI), Sophomore Series (Criminal Minds),
Reality (American Idol), Comedy (Corner Gas), Canadian Drama (Degrassi), Local
News (CTV Evening News), National News (CTV National News With Lloyd
Robertson), Current Affairs (W-FIVE) and entertainment magazine (eTalk).
(Source: BBM Nielsen Media Research).

    The CTV Fall 2007 Prime Time Schedule is available online at
    www.ctvmedia.ca. Click the CTV Upfront Button.


    Big Shots

    This is the story of four friends at the top of their game...until the
women in their lives enter the room. Lines between boardroom and bedroom blur
when these competitive but dysfunctional CEOs take refuge in their friendship,
discussing business, confiding secrets, seeking advice and supporting each
other through life's surprising twists and turns. Cast: Michael Vartan
("Alias") as James Walker, Dylan McDermott ("The Practice") as Duncan
Collinsworth, Christopher Titus ("Titus") as Brody Johns, Joshua Malina ("The
West Wing") as Karl Mixworthy, Nia Long ("Premonition") as Katie Graham, Paige
Turco ("Party of Five") as Lisbeth, Peyton List ("Day Break") as Cameron
Collinsworth, Wendy Moniz ("Nash Bridges") as Stacey Walker, Jessica Collins
("The Nine") as Marla, Amy Sloan ("The Heartbreak Kid") as Wendy. Credits:
EP/Writer: Jon Harmon Feldman ("American Dreams"), Director: Charles McDougall
("Desperate Housewives"). Production Company: Warner Bros. Television

    Dirty Sexy Money

    Some people say money is the root of all evil. They may be right. Nick
George's whole life has been lived in the shadow of the Darling family, but as
an adult he's leading the perfect life as an idealistic lawyer, until his
father's suspicious death. The absurdly wealthy Darlings of New York have
asked him to take over his father's job as their personal lawyer, but the
money that will allow him the freedom to be an altruistic do-gooder is only
part of the picture. That same money pulls him into the dubious doings of the
Darling clan. Power, privilege and family money are a volatile cocktail. Cast:
Peter Krause ("Six Feet Under") as Nick George, Donald Sutherland ("Commander
in Chief") as Tripp Darling, William Baldwin ("The Squid and the Whale") as
Sen. Patrick Darling, Natalie Zea ("Eyes") as Karen Darling, Glenn Fitzgerald
("Six Feet Under") as Rev. Brian Darling, Samaire Armstrong ("The O.C.") as
Juliet Darling, Seth Gabel ("The Da Vinci Code") as Jeremy Darling, Zoe
McLennan ("JAG") as Lisa, Laz Alonso ("Stomp the Yard") as Colin, Jill
Clayburgh ("Running with Scissors") as Letitia Darling. Credits: EP/Writer:
Craig Wright ("Brothers & Sisters"), EP: Greg Berlanti ("Brothers & Sisters"),
EP/Director: Peter Horton ("Grey's Anatomy"), EP: Matt Gross ("Day Break"),
EP: Bryan Singer ("Superman Returns").
    Production Company: ABC Studios.

    Gossip Girl

    Welcome to Manhattan's Upper East Side, where gossip rules and affluent
prep-school students find themselves with the money, access and appetite to
explore all the temptations New York City has to offer. Based on the
best-selling series of young-adult novels by Cecily von Ziegesar, this drama
is told through the eyes of an all-knowing blogger who is determined to
uncover and fuel every scandal possible - including the intense rivalry
between two girls, Serena and Blair - via her constant, avidly read text
messages. When Serena unexpectedly returns home from boarding school, she
stirs up an old love triangle, finds new romance and creates some powerful
enemies. Cast: Blake Lively as Serena Van Der Woodsen, Leighton Meester as
Blair Waldorf, Penn Badgley as Dan Humphrey, Taylor Momsen as Jenny Humphrey,
Matthew Settle as Rufus Humphrey, Chace Crawford as Nate Archibald, Ed
Westwick as Chuck Bass, Kelly Rutherford as Lily Van Der Woodsen, Kristen Bell
as Gossip Girl Voice. Credits: Executive Producers: Josh Schwartz, Stephanie
Savage, Bob Levy, Leslie Morgenstein.


    From prolific movie producer Joel Silver ("The Matrix" Trilogy),
Moonlight is about Mick St. John (Alex O'Loughlin, upcoming "White Out"), a
captivating "undead" private investigator who uses his acute vampire senses to
help the living...instead of feeding on them. In an agonizing twist of fate,
Mick was "bitten" 60 years ago by his new bride, the seductive and beguiling
Coraline (Amber Valletta, "Hitch"). Immortal and eternally as young, handsome
and charismatic as he was then, Mick is sickened by Coraline and other
vampires who view humans only as a source of nourishment. With only a handful
of undead confidantes for company, including deceitful ally Josef (Rade
Serbedzija, "24"), Mick fills his infinite days protecting the living, and
trying not to think about how his life would have been if he hadn't followed
his heart. However, after six decades of resisting, he wonders if it's time to
pursue the love of a mortal. He has his eyes on Beth Turner, a beautiful,
ambitious reporter who has been covering the ongoing plague of unusual
murders. But would Beth even consider giving up a normal life to be with him,
and can Mick risk the pain of seeing himself as a monster in her eyes? As Mick
lives between two realities, fighting his adversaries among the undead and
falling in love with Beth, he knows he needs to figure out a reason to keep
"living." Moonlight is directed by executive producer Rod Holcomb ("ER"). Joel
Silver, Ron Koslow ("Birds of Prey"), Trevor Munson and Gerard Bocaccio are
also executive producers for Warner Bros. Television.

    Private Practice

    From Shonda Rhimes, the Golden Globe-winning creator of "Grey's Anatomy,"
comes a story about new beginnings and old friends. Addison Forbes Montgomery
is a renowned neonatal surgeon, respected by her friends and colleagues at
Seattle Grace Hospital. Deciding she can no longer healthily co-exist with her
ex-husband, McDreamy, and her ex-lover, McSteamy, Addison heads to Los Angeles
for sunnier weather and happier possibilities. Reunited with her once-married,
newly divorced medical school friends, Naomi and Sam, Addison joins their chic
private practice. Featuring an all-star cast including Kate Walsh, Amy
Brenneman, Tim Daly and Taye Diggs, "Private Practice" tells the story of a
woman unafraid of change and willing to begin a new life. Cast: Kate Walsh
("Grey's Anatomy") as Addison Forbes Montgomery, Tim Daly ("The Nine") as Dr.
Peter Finch, Taye Diggs ("Day Break") as Dr. Sam Bennett, Paul Adelstein
("Prison Break") as Dr. Cooper Freedman, Merrin Dungey ("The King of Queens")
as Dr. Naomi Bennett, Chris Lowell ("Veronica Mars") as William "Dell" Cooper,
Amy Brenneman ("Judging Amy") as Dr. Violet Turner. Credits: EP/Writer: Shonda
Rhimes ("Grey's Anatomy"), EP: Betsy Beers ("Grey's Anatomy"), EP: Marti Noxon
("Grey's Anatomy"), EP: Mark Gordon ("Grey's Anatomy"), Director: Michael
Grossman ("Grey's Anatomy"). Production Company: ABC Studios.

    Pushing Daisies

    From Bryan Fuller ("Heroes") and Barry Sonnenfeld ("Men in Black") comes
an unprecedented blend of romance, crime procedural and high-concept fantasy
in a forensic fairytale about a young man with a very special gift. Once upon
a time, a mild-mannered boy named Ned realized he could touch dead things and
bring them back to life. Grown-up Ned puts his ability to good use, not only
touching dead fruit and making it ripe with everlasting flavor, but working
with an investigator to crack murder cases by asking the deceased to name
their killers. But the tale gets complicated, as all tales do, when Ned brings
his childhood sweetheart, Chuck, back from the dead and keeps her alive. Chuck
encourages him to use his power to help others, instead of merely solving
mysteries and collecting the rewards. Life would be perfect for Ned and Chuck,
except for one cruel twist: If he ever touches her again, she'll go back to
being dead, this time for good. Cast: Lee Pace ("The Good Shepherd") as Ned,
Anna Friel ("Rogue Trader") as Chuck, Chi McBride ("Boston Public") as
Emerson, Swoosie Kurtz ("Sisters") as Lily, Kristin Chenoweth ("The West
Wing") as Olive, Jim Dale ("reader of the "Harry Potter" series audio books")
is Narrator. Credits: EP: Dan Jinks ("Traveler"), EP: Bruce Cohen
("Traveler"), EP/Director: Barry Sonnenfeld ("Men in Black"), EP/Writer: Bryan
Fuller ("Heroes"). Production Company: The Jinks/Cohen Company in association
with Warner Bros. Television.


    Big Bang Theory

    Leonard and Sheldon are brilliant theoretical physicists, the kind of
guys who understand the nuts and bolts of how the universe is put together.
But none of that genius helps them deal with people - especially women. When a
free-spirited beauty, Penny, moves in next door, sensitive Leonard realizes
that she could represent his best chance to live in the real world. Even
Leonard's pragmatic roommate, Sheldon, whose idea of meaningful social
interaction is gathering "friends" on MySpace and playing Klingon Boggle until
1:00 a.m., can see that Penny might just change both of their lives. This
comedy was created by Chuck Lorre ("Two and a Half Men," "Dharma & Greg") &
Bill Prady ("Gilmore Girls," "Dharma & Greg"). Cast: Johnny Galecki as
Leonard, Jim Parsons as Sheldon, Kaley Cuoco as Penny, Simon Helberg as Howard
Wolowitz, Kunal Nayyar as Rajesh Koothrappali. Credits: EP Chuck Lorre, EP
Bill Prady. Production Company: Warner Bros. Television.

    About CTV

    CTV, Canada's largest private broadcaster, offers a wide range of quality
news, sports, information, and entertainment programming. It has the
number-one national newscast, CTV National News With Lloyd Robertson, and is
the number-one choice for prime-time viewing. CTV owns 21 conventional
television stations across Canada and has interests in 15 specialty channels,
including the number-one Canadian specialty channel, TSN. CTV is owned by
CTVglobemedia, Canada's premier multi-media company. More information about
CTV may be found on the company Web site at ctv.ca.

For further information:

For further information: Mike Cosentino, Vice President, Communications,
CTV Inc., (416) 332-5048 or mcosentino@ctv.ca; OR CTV Entertainment, Scott
Henderson, (416) 332-5305; or Renee Dupuis, (416) 332-4596; or Laura Heath,
(416) 332-4633; News, Current Affairs, Greg McIsaac, (416) 332-5180; Sports
Information, Andrea Goldstein, (416) 332-7575

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