CHUM Television Announces Programming Highlights for the 2007-2008 Television Season

       New Shows Include Chuck, Reaper, Kyle XY, South Side Story and
                             This is David Gest

         (*) Returning Favourites Include Ugly Betty, Men in Trees,
         America's Next Top Model, Everybody Hates Chris, Entourage,
                   Supernatural & Battlestar Galactica: 3

    TORONTO, May 29 /CNW/ - CHUM Television today announced highlights from
its 2007-2008 programming schedule. Premiering on CHUM this fall are the
comedic spy thriller Chuck (NBC simulcast), the dramatic comedy Reaper from
the CW Network, sci-fi thriller Kyle XY, Russell Crowe's reality series South
Side Story and This is David Gest, a reality series following the ex-husband
of Liza Minnelli.
    Highlights from CHUM's slate of Canadian programming include the highly
anticipated police drama The Bridge (working title), the quirky drama Less
Than Kind, outerspace saga Grand Star, and Murdoch Mysteries,(based on the
hugely-successful Detective Murdoch Mysteries MOWs) starring Yannick Bisson.
Also premiering this year is the edgy drama Terminal City starring Maria del
Mar and Gil Bellows, along with Blood Ties based on the Tanya Huff novels and
Across the River to Motor City, a six-episode mystery series spanning two
eras, two countries and two unforgettable characters. These programs are
produced in association with CHUM Television.
    "With so many returning successes from last season, CHUM didn't have many
scheduling holes to fill this year," said Roma Khanna, Senior Vice President,
Content and Co-Head, CHUM Television. "Our goal for the new year is to balance
our new shows and returning acquired hits with new and critically-acclaimed
homegrown programming, which creates a fresh, new television schedule. CHUM
will also continue to grow and enhance our position as an industry leader in
interactivity by bringing more innovative and exciting ways to engage and
connect with our audiences across multiple platforms."
    "Our fall schedule combines impressive new titles with proven hits like
Ugly Betty and Men In Trees with first-rate new Canadian productions," said
Ellen Baine, Vice President, Programming, CHUM Television. "We're delighted to
have renewed the shows that resonated so well with our viewers and to have
acquired new programming that is a great fit with our strong brands."
    Returning series include: Ugly Betty, Men in Trees, America's Next Top
Model, Everybody Hates Chris, Supernatural, Smallville, Supernanny, Battlestar
Galactica, Monk, The Bachelor, America's Funniest Home Videos, Entourage,
Access Hollywood, The Ellen Degeneres Show, Rachael Ray, Jimmy Kimmel, Late
Night with Conan O'Brien and The Tonight Show.
    The 2007-2008 season will also see new and original CHUM shows following
in the footsteps of MuchMusic VJ Search: The Series and Canada's Next Top



    CHUCK - Citytv/SPACE
    This one-hour, comedic spy thriller focuses on Chuck Bartowski, a typical
computer geek until he gets catapulted into a new career as the government's
most vital secret agent. Starring Zachary Levi (Less Than Perfect), Adam
Baldwin, (My Bodyguard), Yvonne Strzechowski (Gone), Sarah Lancaster (What
About Brian?) and Joshua Gomez (Without a Trace). From Executive Producer,
Josh Schwartz (The O.C.) and Executive Producer-Director McG (Charlie's
Angels, We Are Marshall). Simulcast with NBC.

    KYLE XY - A-Channels/SPACE
    A teenage boy is found wandering alone. He has no name. He has no past.
As innocent as a newborn, he doesn't speak and he seems to look at the world
as if for the first time. There is so much Kyle doesn't know, and yet he
demonstrates amazing abilities no one can explain. His talents however are
just the tip of the mystery and the questions are just starting to grow.
Starring Matt Dallas as Kyle, April Matson as Lori Trager, Bruce Thomas as
Stephen Trager, Chris Olivero, (Boston Legal, Navy NCIS) as Declan, Jean-Luc
Bilodeau as Josh Trager, Kristen Prout (The Love Crimes of Gillian Guess) as
Amanda, Marguerute McIntyre (The Shield, The Days) as Nicole Trager and
Nicholas Lea (CSI, Whistler) as Tom Foss.

    REAPER - Citytv/SPACE
    This dramatic comedy from the CW Network is the story of Sam, who skipped
college, took a dead-end job and now wastes endless hours playing video games
and wishing he had the guts to ask out his pretty co-worker, Andi. But
everything in his slacker world changes the day Sam turns 21 and discovers his
parents sold his soul to the devil before he was born. He must now serve as
Satan's bounty hunter, tracking down evil souls that have escaped and
returning them to Hell. Along with his friends and his vessel of the week, Sam
prepares to face his destiny as the "Reaper". Starring Bret Harrison (The
Loop, Grounded for Life) as Sam, Allison Hossack (Falcon Beach) and Andrew
Airlie (The L Word) as Sam's parents, Kyle Switzer (15/Love) as Keith, Nikki
Reed (Thirteen, The O.C.) as Andi, Ray Wise (24, The Closer) as Satan, Tyler
Labine (Boston Legal, Invasion) as Bert, Rick Gonzalez (Coach Carter) as Ben
and Valarie Rae Miller (Dark Angel) as Josie. Kevin Smith (Clerks, Jay and
Silent Bob Strike Back) acts as an Executive Producer and also directed the

    What celebrity superstar would buy a sports team of guys who like to get
all bloody and knock the living snot - and sometimes teeth - out of each
other? Why, Russell Crowe of course! Watch as this tireless supporter of the
South Sydney Rabbitohs - one of Australia's premiere rugby teams - tries to
revive this once grand but now failing franchise. This six-part reality series
follows Crowe as he attempts to bring the team back to their former glory,
making the games family-friendly in the process and leaving many to wonder
whether this Hollywood tough guy might've have taken a few too many Cinderella
Man-style blows of his own.

    American celebrity and soon to be ex-husband of Liza Minnelli, David
Gest, stars in his own fly-on-the-wall series, granting exclusive
behind-the-scenes access to the music producer's life. Does he really have a
maid called Vaginica Ceaman? Do his mother and father really have one leg
each? All these answers and more will be revealed as the cameras follow David
around the clock as he embraces his exciting new life post-Liza, battles with
the camera crew and makes a number of life-changing decisions.

    THIS IS - Star!
    They leave you breathless with amazement and admiration. Now get a rare
glimpse of what the greatest and most influential stars are really like. This
Is digs deep to tell the true stories of the Hollywood A-List: from the first
glimmer of stardom to their biggest breakthroughs, break-ups and breakdowns.
Tune in to This Is for the inside story on the secrets, struggles and
successes of the Hollywood elite.

    THE O.C. (Season One) - MuchMusic
    Welcome to "The O.C.," where the lives of a group of friends and families
have forever been changed by the arrival of an outsider to their affluent
oceanside community of Newport Beach in Orange County, California. Stars Peter
Gallagher, Mischa Barton, Adam Brody, Rachel Bilson, Kelly Rowan and Benjamin

    MISSION: MAN BAND - MuchMoreMusic
    For half a decade, boy bands ruled the airwaves, maintaining a strange
hold on their bustling, female audience. And just as quickly, they faded from
the spotlight. Now all grown up, VH1 has decided to bring these teenage
heartthrobs together in this new reality series. Living together under one
roof, four boy-band legends - Bryan Abrams (Color Me Badd), Rich Cronin (LFO),
Chris Kirkpatrick ((*)NSYNC) and Jeff Timmons (98 Degrees) - will be challenged
to create new music and a dynamic stage show, and then perform as a new pop
group - all of which begs the question, "Can lightening strike twice?"

    LIVE FROM ABBEY ROAD - MuchMoreMusic
    This performance series has redefined and revolutionized music
television. The most renowned recording studio in the world invites viewers
through its famous doors to meet a host of A-list music makers. In each
episode, one iconic band, one top singer/songwriter and one contemporary act
showcase their talent. Acts include Grammy(R)-winning artists Red Hot Chili
Peppers, John Mayer and Gnarls Barkley as well as LeAnn Rimes, Paul Simon and
Corinne Bailey Ray.

    This innovative series of contemporary musical comedies from Richard
Thomas, the creator of the multi-award-winning hit musical Jerry Springer -
The Opera, showcases 30-minute operatic interpretations of major television
shows including The Apprentice and Wife Swap.


    Do you remember the time Jessica Simpson rescued a family of four from a
burning building? Or how about when Eminem finished second in the NBA slam
dunk contest? Or Hilary Duff delivering a set of quadruplets in the back seat
of a taxi? Of course not, because those things never actually happened, except
on MuchMusic's new mockumentary series The Totally Untrue Story Of... Weaving
together archival footage, phony testimonials, out-of-context interview clips
and expertly doctored images into a tapestry of hilarity, The Totally Untrue
Story Of a half-hour satire show that traces a completely false career
trajectory of an artist, band or musical movement.

    STARS GONE WILD - MuchMusic
    Driving under the influence. Throwing public hissy fits. Heroin
possession. Wearing no underwear to show off your freshly shaven crotch. Pill
popping. Selling sex for profit. Mandatory rehab. Jail time. Sound like the
behaviour of a common criminal or an attention-starved sociopath? Absolutely.
But these common criminals and sociopaths are also Hollywood stars and
infamous rich kids with bloated egos the size of their bloated paycheques. The
series Stars Gone Wild takes an irreverent, comedic look at all the ridiculous
celebs that live in a fantasy land where reality and accountability have
become very dirty words.

    TIP OF MY TONGUE - MuchMoreMusic
    Think you know Tom Cruise's weirdest meal ever? How about which rock star
snorted a line of ants? MuchMoreMusic's Tip of My Tongue is the quiz show that
tests only the most useless knowledge you've picked up from hours of listening
to music, watching TV, reading tabloids and talking trash with your friends.
The show combines Pop-Up Video trivia with NTN-style bar game interaction. So
put on your pop-culture thinking cap, sit back and prepare to put your
knowledge to the test with Tip of My Tongue.

    POPAGANDA - MuchMoreMusic
    This series offers an in-depth look at the controversial and compelling
stories of entertainment and music. In each themed one-hour episode, we dive
into subjects that are rarely explored, but are certain to pique the interest
of viewers - from the influence of religion to the increasingly important role
of public-relations reps. Revealing, fresh and fascinating, Popaganda goes
deep inside the world of celebrity.

    AWESOME 80s - Star!
    Were the 80s awesome? We think so and we've got the show to prove it! The
80s had it all - music that rocked, movies that kicked, and fashion
that...well it felt right at the time. Awesome 80s features all-new interviews
with icons from the era and industry experts who can shed some light on the
events that shaped the famous decade. Re-live the good times, scrunchies and
all, because if it happened in the 80s, it was awesome man! A Star! Original

    MAKE ME A STAR - Star!
    A new weekly half-hour reality series, follows the life of Sean Gehon as
he desperately seeks stardom. From stand-up comic to runway model, from pop
star to rehab, there's nothing Sean won't try in order to become a star. A
Star! Original Production

    Pitting celebrities against each other, a panel of in-studio judges
determine which celebrity will reign after they're heavily critiqued on their
career hits & misses; as well as, their relationship & fashion choices. Let
the battle begin! A Star! Original Production

    Blood Ties follows the misadventures of Vicki Nelson, a feisty,
attractive, 29-year old ex-cop turned private investigator with a degenerative
eye disorder, who seems destined to sit on the sidelines until fate
intervenes, turning her life upside down. After witnessing a terrifying
murder, she finds herself on a collision course with a stranger who is also
investigating the murder. He is Henry Fitzroy, a 450-year old vampire who just
happens to be the bastard son of King Henry VIII. After solving the murder,
Vicki finds her forays into supernatural crime are anything but over. Week
after week, Vicki's relationship with Henry draws her into baffling cases
involving a terrifying pantheon of occult adversaries. Forget fraud
investigations and cheating spouses - she's squaring off against ghosts,
goblins and ghouls. Vicki and Henry's unlikely alliance soon progresses beyond
a purely professional arrangement, complicating her relationship with her
long-suffering ex-partner in policing and love, Detective Mike Celluci and
pretty well everything else in her life. Starring Christina Cox as Vicki
Nelson, Dylan Neal (Dawson's Creek) as Mike Celluci and Kyle Schmid (The
Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants) as Henry Fitzroy.

    TERMINAL CITY - Citytv
    This Gemini-nominated 10-part series looks at the modern family through
twin lenses of cancer and reality television. The series seeks to uncover the
truth about ourselves, emotionally and sexually, as we confront fear with
comedy, adulation with loss, and life with death. Stars Maria del Mar, Gil
Bellows, Katie Boland, Adam Butcher and Paul Soles who received a 2006 Gemini
Award for his role. Produced by Crescent Entertainment. Executive Producers
are Harold Tichenor and Jayme Pfahl.

    Across the River to Motor City is a mystery series spanning two eras, two
countries and two unforgettable characters. As an insurance investigator in
1960s Windsor and Detroit, Ben Ford weathered the storms of those tumultuous
years. Four decades later, a long-buried tragedy leads his daughter Kathleen
to unravel the secrets and lies at the heart of her troubled relationship with
her father - secrets Ben will risk everything to keep. Stars Sasha Roiz, David
Fox, Anne Openshaw, Joe Pingue, Howard Jerome, Matthew Deslippe and Raven
Dauda. Executive Producers are Robert Wertheimer, Richard Mozer and David
Devine and is a joint production by Devine Entertainment Inc. and Jonsworth
Productions Inc.

    MURDOCH MYSTERIES - Citytv/Bravo!
    Murdoch Mysteries builds on the success of the highly-rated Detective
Murdoch Mysteries made-for-television movies adapted from Maureen Jennings'
best-selling mystery novels. The series, set in 1895 Toronto, combines
compelling Victorian tales of murder with the fast-paced, visually-intriguing
styles of today's leading crime series. Stars Yannick Bisson and Helene Joy.
Produced by Shaftesbury Films Inc. Executive Producer is Christina Jennings.

    GRAND STAR - SPACE/A-Channel
    What if the universe's grandest star didn't exist? Towards the end of the
21st century, nuclear waste stored on the moon explodes and the Earth falls
into a new Ice Age and the name, the function and the very existence of the
Sun has been forgotten. The few hundred people that survived the disaster
succeed in preserving the species, but quickly destroy democracy, civilization
and liberty. Those with dictatorial control over all the other inhabitants
know about the past and that the sun still exists - but they keep it a secret
because that fact would bring their downfall. Grand Star is based on the saga
by French novelist Georges J. Arnaud and produced in association with CHUM

    This one hour dramatic cop series in the vein of The Wire and Rescue Me,
is set in Toronto and exceeds the speed limit while following politics, law
and gang enforcement. Set in a fictious police division, The Bridge spans two
disparate worlds, one of affluence and one and one of abject poverty, a
combination of high stakes theft and murder to muggings in a world where the
victim's rap sheets run longer than the perps. Produced by Barna-Alper
Productions (Da Vinci's Inquest, Blue Murder) 990 Productions and Jonsworth

    A delayed Bar Mitzvah epiphany reveals to Sheldon that his life sucks.
He's overweight, with a self-destructive driving instructor father, a
pyromaniac mother, and a failed egotistical actor brother. The family driving
school business is on its way down the toilet AND he lives in Winnipeg. Less
than Kind is a dysfunctional family half hour comedy that follows Sheldon as
he tries to maneuver through the maze of teenage angst and unrequited love all
the while being too awkward and too smart to possibly be related to his
family. As Sheldon struggles with his family, and his family struggles to keep
the business running, cars crash, hearts break, blood pressure boils,
buildings burn down and corned beef is eaten. Less Than Kind is produced by
Breakthrough Entertainment and Buffalo Gal Pictures.

    Legendary Canadian singer-songwriter Joni Mitchell collaborated with
Alberta Ballet's artistic director Jean Grand-Maitre to create The Fiddle and
the Drum, a ballet set to her music and performed before projections of her
artwork. This one-hour dance, music and visual art performance special,
produced by Joe Media Group in association with Bravo!, is a reflection of
Mitchell's life-long concerns about environmental neglect and the warring
nature of mankind.

    A one-hour documentary about Christopher House, one of Canada's beloved
modern dance maestros and the artistic director of the popular and
internationally acclaimed Toronto Dance Theatre. This intimate exploration of
the art of choreography reveals the detailed processes House brings to his
work, and is a story of an artist and his enduring search for knowledge and
inspiration. A film by Rosemary House, Christopher's sister, in association
with Bravo!

    This one-hour documentary profiles Canadian author Margaret Atwood and
her invention, the LongPen, the world's first long distance, real-time, real
pen and ink autographing device operated over the Internet. Produced by Joel
Gordon in association with Bravo!


    THE 4400

    CHUM Television is a division of CHUM Limited (, one
of Canada's leading media companies and content providers which owns and
operates 34 radio stations, 12 local television stations and 21 specialty
channels, as well as an environmental music distribution division. Through
international format licences and program sales, CHUM's original content is
seen in over 120 countries worldwide and is distributed via new media
platforms, including interactive television, wireless services and exclusive
CHUM-branded Internet properties.

For further information:

For further information: For CHUM Television, Marsha Mowers, (416)
591-7400 x 2599,; For Citytv, CP24, Star!,
A-Channels, FashionTelevisionChannel, SexTV: The Channel, Bev Nenson, (416)
591-7400 x 2659,; For MuchMusic, MuchMoreMusic, MuchVibe,
MUCHLOUD, MuchMoreRetro, Razer, PunchMuch, Scott Campbell, (416) 591-7400 x
2794,; For Bravo!, SPACE, Drive-In Classics, TV Land
Canada, Jennifer Lo, (416) 591-7400 x 2761,; For ACCESS,
BookTelevision, CLT, CourtTV Canada, Pam Hnytka, (780) 440-8871,

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