Breaker Energy Ltd. announces record production and its twelfth consecutive quarter of per share production growth

    CALGARY, Nov. 7 /CNW/ - Breaker Energy Ltd. ("Breaker" or "Company")
(TSX: WAV.A and WAV.B) is pleased to announce its financial and operating
results for the three and nine month periods ended September 30, 2007.

    Financial and Operating Summary

                              3 Months Ended             9 Months Ended
                         Sep 30,  Sep 30,       %   Sep 30,  Sep 30,       %
                           2007     2006   Change     2007     2006   Change
    Financials ($000s
     except per share
    Petroleum sales      13,947    9,609       45   34,981   17,538       99
    Natural gas sales     7,356    7,209        2   27,658   16,417       68
    Processing sales        322       79      308      753       81      830
    Total petroleum and
     natural gas revenue 21,625   16,897       28   63,392   34,036       86
    Funds from
     operations(1)       10,584    9,402       13   31,551   17,628       79
      Per share basic      0.29     0.26       12     0.86     0.66       30
      Per share diluted    0.28     0.26        8     0.85     0.64       33
    Net earnings            607      555        9    1,943    1,006       93
      Per share basic      0.02     0.02        -     0.05     0.04       25
      Per share diluted    0.02     0.02        -     0.05     0.04       25
     expenditures(2)     15,671    7,808      101   42,696  120,380      (65)
    Net debt             47,026   22,746      107   47,026   22,746      107
    Operating, General
     and Administrative
      Crude oil (bbls/d)  1,993    1,411       41    1,829      892      105
      Natural gas
       (mcf/d)           15,073   12,788       18   15,235    9,328       63
      Total (boe/d)       4,506    3,543       27    4,368    2,447       79
    Average realized
      Crude oil ($/bbl)   76.05    74.01        3    70.07    71.98       (3)
      Natural gas ($/mcf)  5.30     6.13      (14)    6.65     6.45        3
      Combined average
       (incl. processing
       revenue) ($/boe)   52.17    51.84        1    53.16    50.95        4
    Netback ($/boe)
    Petroleum and
     natural gas sales    52.17    51.84        1    53.16    50.95        4
    Royalties             (9.02)   (7.55)      19    (9.77)   (7.54)      30
    Operating expenses   (11.77)  (10.42)      13   (10.60)  (11.31)      (6)
     expenses             (1.63)   (1.63)       -    (1.72)   (1.54)      12
    Operating netback     29.75    32.24       (8)   31.07    30.56        2
    G&A expenses          (2.84)   (2.13)      33    (2.86)   (2.74)       4
    Interest expense      (1.36)   (1.07)      27    (1.36)   (0.80)      70
    Corporate netback     25.55    29.04      (12)   26.85    27.02       (1)
    Common Shares (000s)
    Class A Shares
     outstanding, end
     of period           35,127   34,845        1   35,127   34,845        1
    Weighted average
     Class A shares      35,125   34,845        1   35,078   25,545       37
    Weighted average
     Class B shares         900      900        -      900      900        -
    Conversion of
     Class B shares
     - weighted
     average(3)           1,552    1,277       22    1,552    1,277       22
    Weighted average
     basic shares
     outstanding(3)      36,675   36,122        2   36,630   26,822       37
    Stock option
     dilution (treasury
     method)                497      728      (32)     510      691      (26)
    Weighted average
     diluted shares
     outstanding(3)      37,172   36,850        1   37,140   27,513       35
    (1) Management uses funds from operations (before changes in non-cash
        working capital) to analyze operating performance and leverage. Funds
        from operations as presented does not have any standardized meaning
        prescribed by Canadian GAAP and therefore it may not be comparable
        with the calculation of similar measures for other entities.
    (2) Capital expenditures includes all cash additions for the period,
        including acquisition additions and capitalized general and
        administrative expense.
    (3) For the period ended September 30, 2007 the Class B shares are
        converted at the quarter-end Class A share price of $5.80 and added
        to the Class A shares to calculate basic shares outstanding. For the
        period ended September 30, 2006 the conversion price was $7.05.

    -   The third quarter of 2007 marked Breaker's twelfth consecutive
        quarter of per share production growth with record average production
        of 4,506 boe/d.

    -   Production grew by 27 percent to a quarterly record of 4,506 boe/d
        from 3,543 boe/d in 2006. Production per share grew by 25 percent in
        the third quarter of 2007 as compared to the same period last year.

    -   Breaker achieved funds from operations per basic share of $0.29, an
        increase of 12 percent from $0.26 per basic share in the same period
        of 2006. Funds from operations grew by 12 percent to $10.5 million in
        the third quarter of 2007 from $9.4 million in the third quarter of

    -   Breaker attained net income of $0.6 million in the third quarter of
        2007 as compared to net income of $0.6 million in the third quarter
        of 2006. Net income per share was $0.02 per basic and diluted share
        in the third quarter of 2007.

    -   In the third quarter Breaker achieved a 100 percent success rate
        drilling 7 gross (7 net) wells, investing $15.7 million and
        concentrating its capital investments on high netback light oil
        projects at Irricana and Girouxville as well as continuing to develop
        its Provost property and advancing its farm-in in the Medicine Hat

    -   At quarter-end, Breaker had access to approximately 325,000 net acres
        of land. Breaker's management believes that access to a significant
        land base fuels future growth opportunities.

    -   Breaker's operations in the third quarter of 2007 resulted in an
        average operating netback (defined as revenue; less royalties,
        operating and transportation expenses on a per boe basis) of
        $29.75 per boe.

    -   At the end of the third quarter, Breaker's net debt to annualized
        third quarter 2007 cash flow ratio was 1.1. Breaker's bank line is
        $74 million and management forecasts a conservative level of leverage
        at year end with a net debt to annualized fourth quarter 2007 cash
        flow ratio of 1.0.

    -   During the quarter Breaker announced increases in light oil drilling,
        cash flow, exit production guidance and the acquisition of a high
        impact exploration property in British Columbia. Exit guidance was
        increased to 5,600 boed and cash flow guidance was increased to
        $43.5 million. Breaker's 2007 capital program was increased to
        $60 million, with the additional $14 million of capital focused on
        light oil prospects.

    Operational update
    Throughout the year, Breaker has concentrated its capital investments on
its high netback light oil projects at Irricana, Girouxville and East Prairie.
Breaker's results to date include: encouraging early production rates at its
first three multiple-fractured horizontal light oil wells in Irricana;  100
percent success on 3.5 net exploratory wells at Girouxville, and confirmation
of substantial reserve adds via discovery of a water-floodable light oil pool
at East Prairie. Breaker is also continuing with selective high-return, low
cost gas development projects at Irricana, Medicine Hat, and Provost.


    In the quarter, Breaker has made great strides in developing its large
light oil pool at Irricana. Breaker's first horizontal well, completed with a
multiple fracture treatment, commenced production in July at approximately 
400 boe/d. More than three months later, the well continues to perform above
forecast at a current rate of approximately 210 boe/d, which rate has been
stable for most of October. Breaker's second new drill commenced production at
over 200 boe/d, and is currently producing at stable rates of approximately
100 boed. Breaker's third horizontal light oil well has recently finished
drilling, with a 20% improvement in drilling time over the previous well
drilled. It was drilled in an area of the pool comparable in quality to the
first, very successful well, and will be fractured and on production before
year end. Both new wells' production rates are significantly higher than the
historical average well in the pool.
    Breaker has recently used the same multiple fracture technique to
recomplete one of the 25 horizontal wells drilled prior to Breaker acquiring
the property. Early results are very encouraging, with a more than tenfold
increase in production rate from 10 boe/d to a recent average rate of  110
boe/d, approximately one month after being put back on production. Current
production rates are similar to the initial production rates of the well when
it was first put on production nearly 10 years ago. As a multiple fracture on
an existing well is only 1/3 of the total cost of a new drill, this result
suggests that recompletions on the rest of the 25 wells could be very
lucrative. The company is now looking at expediting several similar operations
before year end.
    A turnaround at a third party gas plant lasted a total of one month,
twice as long as expected. This resulted in the shut-in of more than 300 boe/d
for the quarter. As a result of increased expenses related to certain one time
items, including the third party turnaround at Irricana, repairs and
maintenance costs at East Prairie as well as high electricity rates, the third
quarter of 2007 operating costs increased to $11.77 per boe from $9.91 per boe
in the second quarter. Year to date operating costs have been reduced by six
percent per boe as higher volumes and cost-saving measures have more than
offset rising costs. Breaker's annual per boe operating expenses are forecast
to decrease in 2007 as compared to 2006, as higher volumes and cost-saving
measures are anticipated to continue to offset rising costs.
    Approximately 66% of Breaker's current Irricana production is obtained
from freehold mineral acreage.


    Breaker continues to demonstrate a 100 percent success rate discovering
high rate light oil pools. The 100 percent working interest 14-19 dual zone
discovery drilled in the second quarter has been producing at its allowable
rate of 125 bbls/d. The 50 percent working interest (before payout) 7-32
second quarter discovery is also producing at its allowable of 110 bbls/d. In
the third quarter, Breaker discovered another new pool at 13-10, which tested
at 200 bbls/d. Breaker is currently drilling another exploratory well at 1-21,
which is a direct offset to the significant dual zone discovery at 13-15 which
has been producing since July 2006. The 13-15 well has produced approximately
240,000 bbls of light sweet oil in 15 months. All 3 wells brought on
production this year will qualify for new pool royalty holidays.
    Breaker has recently increased its opportunity inventory in the area via
an undeveloped land acquisition several miles east of its recent 7-32
discovery. Currently non-producing, Breaker sees up to five 100 percent
working interest locations on the land.
    With many uphole zones behind pipe, its four most productive gross wells
currently rate-limited by the EUB, and more than a dozen drilling locations in
the exploration and development inventory, Breaker is well positioned to
continue growing this high netback property. Breaker will seek to accelerate
development of this sizeable inventory to take advantage of current royalties
and high netbacks.

    East Prairie

    Breaker continues to advance development of its large original light oil
in place discovery. Construction of a central battery and treater was ongoing
in the third quarter, which will significantly drop operating costs and
increase the netbacks received. The facility will be operational before year
end. The company is preparing to waterflood this high quality reservoir, and
has recently tested a water source well which has confirmed sufficient
deliverability. A waterflood application will be submitted to the EUB before
year end. Internal waterflood design based on analogs and classical waterflood
analysis suggest a recovery factor in the range of 25 percent would result
from successful waterflood implementation. The impact to Breaker would be
additions of approximately 2 million proved plus probable barrels of light
    This discovery is only one of several oil pools recently discovered by
Breaker at East Prairie, all of which still have significant room to grow via
further delineation drilling, currently planned for the first quarter of 2008.

    Medicine Hat and Provost

    Five gas wells were drilled in these areas in the third quarter for a 100
percent success rate, taking advantage of lower service costs for shallow
activity. The program was very lucrative, delivering an average initial rate
in excess of 400 mcf/d.
    At Medicine Hat, the company drilled three farmin wells, all of which
continued to delineate an aerially extensive gas bearing sand first produced
by the company in late 2006. Breaker continues to cost effectively acquire
land and fulfill its farmin commitments on this sizeable gas trend,
significantly increasing its gas drilling inventory for future growth.
    At Provost, several standing wells were completed and tied in, adding
production at low cost and providing pilot production information in areas
with substantial tight gas resource but limited production history.
    Both areas contain a large number of gas drilling locations that are
still commercially viable under current industry conditions; however the
company has deferred most of these activities in favour of light oil
opportunities which are currently realizing a higher netback.
    Breaker is preparing an innovative enhanced oil recovery scheme at
Millard to increase the currently low recovery factor on its 100% owned large
original oil in place pool. The EUB has recently approved the project, which
will begin its pilot phase in early 2008 with only modest capital investment.

    Monias, British Columbia

    Breaker recently acquired a 100 percent working interest in a deep Leduc
reef prospect with an unrisked potential target size of 1 TCF. Preparations to
shoot a 3-D seismic program on the prospect this winter are ongoing, with the
original near-miss well being prepared for re-entry. The original well
established the presence of more than 130 metres of tight dolomite, allowing
for the possibility of a world-class pay column similar to other deep Leduc
gas pools elsewhere in western Canada.

    Royalty Review
    On October 25, 2007 the Government of Alberta announced increases to
royalties on conventional oil and natural gas as well as oil sands production.
The core of the New Royalty Framework ("NRF") is available with further
clarifications being released since the October 25th announcement. Breaker has
investigated the changes internally and has also commissioned GLJ Petroleum
Consultants ("GLJ") to assess financial impacts to the best of their ability
and using publicly available information on the NRF.
    GLJ previously conducted the evaluation of Breaker, which formed the
basis of Breaker's reserves disclosure effective December 31, 2006. The
associated economic forecasts were modified by GLJ and rerun to include the
provisions of the NRF (the "NRF rerun").
    A comparison of results from the base evaluation and the NRF rerun
indicates that, if implemented, the NRF would have a negative impact on
Breaker's net present value of less than five percent (based on 10% discounted
cash flow pre-tax net present value of Proved plus Probable reserves). The
reduction in present value was also found to be less than five percent when
the base and NRF projections were rerun utilizing October 30, 2007 strip
    The NRF is estimated to have a maximum reduction in cash flow of six
percent in 2009, the first year of the NRF. This estimate is based on the GLJ
2007-01 price forecast.

    Breaker's prospects for continued per share growth in reserves,
production and cash flow are excellent. Breaker re-iterates its guidance of
average production of 4,650 boe/d and exit production of 5,600 boe/d in 2007.

    Breaker is well positioned to meet its 2007 guidance as follows:

        Average Production Rate                 4,650 boe/d
        Exit Production Rate                    5,600 boe/d
        Cash flow                               $43.5 million
        Cash flow per A share                   $1.24
        Capital Program                         $60 million
        Year End Debt                           $52 million
        Authorized Bank Line                    $74 million
        Unused Bank Line Capacity at Year End   $22 million
        Q4 Annualized Debt to Cash Flow         1.0 times

    The above guidance assumes US$75.00/Bbl WTI, CDN$5.25/Mcf AECO and
US$/CDN$1.00 for the fourth quarter.

    Financial Statements and Management's Discussion and Analysis
    Breaker has filed with Canadian securities regulatory authorities its
unaudited financial statements for the three and nine month periods ended
September 30, 2007 and 2006 and the accompanying Management's Discussion and
Analysis.  These filings are available for review at
    Breaker Energy Ltd. is a junior oil and gas company focused on creating
shareholder value by growing per share production and reserves through
acquisitions and a focused exploration, development and exploitation plan.
    Breaker has 35,130,258 Class A shares and 900,000 Class B shares
    Breaker Energy trades on the TSX under the symbols WAV.A and WAV.B.

    Forward-Looking Statements
    This press release contains forward-looking statements concerning the
Company's expectations of future production, cash flow, earnings and expansion
of its oil and gas property interests and concerning the Company's exploration
and development drilling, seismic operations, regulatory applications, payout
estimates, capital expenditures, number and drilling locations, seismic
acquisitions and facility upgrades.  These statements are based on current
expectations that involve a number of risks and uncertainties, which could
cause actual results to differ from those anticipated.  These risks include,
but are not limited to: the risks associated with the oil and gas industry
(e.g., operational risks in development, exploration and production; delays or
changes in plans with respect to exploration or development projects or
capital expenditures; the uncertainty of reserve estimates; the uncertainty of
estimates and projections relating to production, costs and expenses, and
health, safety and environmental risks), acquisitions, commodity price, price
and exchange rate fluctuation and uncertainties resulting from competition
from other producers and ability to access sufficient capital from internal
and external sources.  Additional information on these and other risk factors
that could affect the Company's operations and/or financial results are
included in the Company's reports on file with Canadian securities regulatory
    The forward-looking statements or information contained in this news
release are made as of the date hereof and the Company undertakes no
obligation to update publicly or revise any forward-looking statements or
information, whether as a result of new information, future events or
otherwise, unless so required by applicable securities laws.

    Oil and Gas Advisory
    This press release contains disclosure expressed as "Boe/d".  Boe means
barrel of oil equivalent and Boe/d means Boe per day.  All oil and natural gas
equivalency volumes have been derived using the ratio of 6,000 cubic feet of
natural gas to 1 barrel of oil.  Boe equivalency measures may be misleading,
particularly if used in isolation.  A conversion ratio of 6,000 cubic feet of
natural gas to 1 barrel of oil is based on an energy equivalency conversion
method primarily applicable at the burner tip and does not represent a value
equivalency at the well head.
    In this press release: (i) mmboe means million boe; (ii) boe/d means boe
per day; (iii) bbls/d means barrels per day; (iv) mcf means thousand cubic
feet; (v) mmcf means million cubic feet; (vi) mcf/d means thousand cubic feet
per day; and (vii) mmcf/d means million cubic feet per day.

    The TSX does not accept responsibility for the adequacy or accuracy of
    this release.

    %SEDAR: 00021180E

For further information:

For further information: Dan O'Neil, President & Chief Executive
Officer, (403) 215-5264; or Max Lof, Vice President, Finance & Chief Financial
Officer, (403) 215-5264,,

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