Anvil Mining Quarterly Activities Report To Australian Stock Exchange Limited For the First Quarter Ended March 31, 2007

    Common shares outstanding 57.7 million(*)
    All amounts are expressed in US dollars, unless otherwise stated.

    PERTH, Australia, April 24 /CNW/ - Anvil Mining Limited (TSX, ASX: AVM),
("Anvil" or "the Company") and including its subsidiaries ("the Group") is
pleased to report on the activities of the Group for the first quarter ended
March 31, 2007 in accordance with ASX Listing Rule 5.1. The audited Financial
Statements and Management's Discussion and Analysis required under Canadian
National Instrument 51-102 are expected to be available on the SEDAR website
at and on the Company's website at during
the second week of May 2007.

    First Quarter Activity Highlights

    -   Quarterly production was 8,027 tonnes of copper and 537,858 ounces of
        silver contained in concentrates. The Dikulushi mine continued to
        outperform production targets, but production at the Kulu mine was
        below budget due to the combined effects of artisanal mining activity
        and an unusually heavy rainy season. The financial impact of below
        budget production at Kulu was offset by above budget sales of
        concentrate produced at Kulu but not sold during the December
        quarter. Overall, the Company expects to meet its planned 2007
        production of 50,000 tonnes of copper as higher than anticipated
        production from the Dikulushi mine should offset any deficiency at
        the Kulu mine.

    -   Stage III Dikulushi underground mine decline development had
        progressed to a total advance of approximately 1,278 metres by the
        end of the March quarter and is on target for commencement of mining
        on a production basis during the fourth quarter of 2007.

    -   The feasibility study for the Kinsevere Stage II expansion
        (60,000 tonnes per year of Solvent Extraction and Electrowinning
        ("SX-EW") copper) was completed in early April. The Board of
        Directors approved a capital cost of $238 million for the development
        and construction of the 60,000 tonnes per annum SX-EW plant at
        Kinsevere (see News Release April 23, 2007).

    -   Decision to rework the Kulu Stage II SX-EW pre-feasibility study of
        2005 and accelerate the timetable for the Kulu SX-EW development.

    -   Closing of the transaction for the acquisition of the additional 15%
        interest in the mining rights for the Kinsevere-Nambulwa copper-
        cobalt joint venture, as agreed in December 2006.

    -   Election to proceed with a detailed evaluation of the Itogon Suyoc
        Resources Inc. mineral properties in the Philippines.

    Mine Production & Development

    Dikulushi Mine (90%)

    Mining and processing operations at the Company's Dikulushi mine in the
Democratic Republic of the Congo ("DRC") continued to produce at above the
design capacity of 20,000 tonnes of contained copper per year during the March
quarter, with production of 5,469 tonnes of copper and 537,858 ounces of
silver contained in concentrates.

    Dikulushi mine production for the past four quarters was as follows:

                            June  September   December      March    Year to
                         Quarter    Quarter    Quarter    Quarter       Date
                            2006       2006       2006       2007       2007
    Total Ore
     Processed (tonnes)  135,234    114,154     92,755     87,262     87,262
    Head Grade (% Cu)        4.6        5.6        6.9       7.03       7.03
    Copper recovery (%)     89.1       89.5       89.9       89.1       89.1
     Produced (tonnes)     5,601      5,738      5,774      5,469      5,469
     Produced (ounces)   526,513    545,438    569,655    537,858    537,858

    All feed to the plant continued to be sourced from the Run-of-Mine
stockpiles of blended high-grade and low-grade ore, which are expected to
provide sufficient ore from the high-grade stockpile to adequately maintain
current levels of copper production until the underground mine comes on stream
during the fourth quarter of 2007. Mining from underground sources is expected
to ramp up to full-scale production in the first quarter of 2008.

    Kulu Mine (80%)

    The Kulu Heavy Media Separation ("HMS") processing operation, located in
the Kolwezi Region of the DRC, produced a total of 2,572 tonnes of copper
contained in oxide concentrates for the March quarter. Notwithstanding the
lower production level, concentrate stockpiles at the end of the March quarter
stood at 11,400 tonnes at an average grade of 27% copper.
    The lower Kulu production was due to lower feed grade (6.0% Cu), but
mainly lower copper recoveries (averaging 53%) from processing generally finer
grained material. Lower feed grades and finer grained material available for
the March quarter were due to the combined effects of intense activity by
artisanal miners and torrential rains during the rainy season that may have
resulted in a redistribution of material near the areas being mined. In order
to gain a better understanding of this ore/tailings redistribution, the
Company will conduct an evaluation including a surveying and sampling program
to determine the degree to which the material has been redistributed along the

    Kulu mine production for the past four quarters was as follows:

                            June  September   December      March    Year to
                         Quarter    Quarter    Quarter    Quarter       Date
                            2006       2006       2006       2007       2007
    Total Ore
     Processed (tonnes)   80,848     82,424     92,509     80,245     80,245
    Head Grade (% Cu)        8.5        8.2        7.6       6.03       6.03
    Copper recovery (%)     72.6       70.1       62.6       52.8       52.8
     Produced (tonnes)     5,009      4,711      4,408      2,558      2,558
    Artisanal Copper
     Produced (t)            488      2,367        341         14         14
    Total Copper
     Produced (t)          5,497      7,078      4,749      2,572      2,572

    In order to more effectively process finer grained and lower grade
material, the Company is installing a bank of spirals which will be
commissioned during May and has ordered a new enlarged desliming screen which
is expected to be installed early in the third quarter. Production will
continue to be affected during April until the river dries out, at which time
the tailings can be mined more selectively between the 2 km and 10 km marks.
Improved production is expected to resume in May, although it is unlikely that
the year-to-date production shortfall at Kulu will be recouped by year-end.
However, with above target production being consistently achieved at the
Dikulushi mine, the Company expects to meet its planned 2007 production level
of 50,000 tonnes of copper.

    Decision to rework the 2005 Kulu SX-EW pre-feasibility study

    Engineering studies will be carried out in the coming months aimed at
building a small SX-EW plant at Kulu, instead of the Electric-Arc Furnace
("EAF") announced in the first quarter of 2007. However, the Company will
continue with a 120KV hydroelectric powerline commitment. The Company believes
that construction of a small, expandable SX-EW plant, with an initial capacity
of 15,000 tonnes per year could be the best option for reprocessing the coarse
rejects/tailings and optimizing the value of the deposit, as the present HMS
process on finer grained material is yielding sub-optimal recoveries.
    A major advantage of SX-EW processing is that metallurgical recoveries
would be expected to increase to over 90%. It is expected that the Kulu SX-EW
would be a whole ore leach operation, as gangue-acid-consumption levels, from
the limited amount of test-work completed to date, appear to be very low. The
deposit also has the advantage of being an unconsolidated gravel with no
requirement for drill and blast or waste stripping.
    Furthermore, the coarse floats and the fine tailings from the current HMS
operation, which now amount to more than 300,000 tonnes at an average grade of
3.2% copper, are being stored in a retention dam for subsequent reprocessing.
This reassessment of the SX-EW project is a priority, and every effort is
being made to complete the Kulu SX-EW feasibility study as quickly as

    Kinsevere Stage I Mine Development (95%)

    Stage I development of Kinsevere, which comprises the establishment of an
open pit mining operation and the construction of an HMS plant and EAF is
approximately 86% complete. The HMS plant is expected to be completed in
May 2007, the delay due primarily to an unusually wet period in recent months
and industry-wide issues associated with availability of materials and
    The design and supply of two 7.5 MVA Electric-Arc Furnaces by Keech
Furnace Technologies is progressing well. The on-site building and supporting
civil engineering works for the EAFs have been completed, with commissioning
expected during the third quarter of 2007.
    The clearing for the 120 KV power line, which is being erected by
Powerline Africa, is 80% complete. This will link Kinsevere to the DRC
national hydro-electric grid. Overhead line portals have been ordered and are
due for delivery in May. A Memorandum of Understanding was signed in
December 2006 with the DRC electricity company, Société Nationale
d'Electricité ("SNEL") for the supply of sufficient hydro-electrical power to
support the planned Stage II, 60,000 tonnes per year SX-EW development.
    Open pit mining in both the Tshifufia and Tshifufiamashi open pits
operated at full capacity during the March quarter. A significant amount of
higher grade ore has now been accessed slightly earlier than scheduled.
Recruitment and on-site placement of senior operating staff has been

    Kinsevere Stage II SX-EW feasibility study

    The feasibility study for the 60,000 tonnes per year Kinsevere Stage II
SX-EW plant was completed in mid-April, 2007. The capital cost of
$238 million, including contingency, has been approved by the Board of
Directors (further details in News Release issued on April 23, 2007). The
Company has begun the process of calling for tenders for detailed design and
construction, with a view to commencing work during the third quarter of 2007.


    Kinsevere Project (Lubumbashi Region)

    In January 2007, the Company released the results of the Kinsevere
Phase 2 drilling program carried out during 2006. The previous Kinsevere
Mineral Resource estimate announced in November 2005 was based on a Phase 1
drilling program of approximately 8,000 metres carried out on the Tshifufia,
Tshifufiamashi and Kinsevere Hill deposits. The 17,220 metre 2006 Phase 2
drilling program, which focused entirely on the Tshifufia deposit, increased
the Measured and Indicated resource to 865,300 tonnes of contained copper,
from 210,800 tonnes, as reported at the end of 2005, while the Inferred
resource was increased to 716,500 tonnes of contained copper, from 137,600
tonnes. The Phase 2 drilling on the neighboring Tshifufiamashi and Kinsevere
Hill deposits is now being undertaken to define the full potential of the
oxide resource at these two deposits.

    Dikulushi Mine

    The deep drilling program at Dikulushi, completed in the second quarter
of 2006, showed that the deposit extends to at least 400 metres below surface.
There is also evidence to indicate that further potential exists in
eastward-plunging high-grade shoots. This potential is being tested with an
ongoing drilling program that commenced in December 2006.
    A second drill program, designed to test at least six geochemical
anomalies that have been identified within about 5 kilometres of the Dikulushi
mine, began during February 2007. Ground magnetic surveys are being carried
out to assist with the definition of drill targets on each of these anomalies.
    In addition, the regional airborne magnetic and radiometric survey,
commenced in December 2006 to assist in the definition of new exploration
targets, continued. Approximately 20,500 line km (of a total planned
30,000 line km program) had been surveyed at the end of the March quarter.

    Mutoshi Project (Kolwezi Region)

    The Phase 1 scope drilling program at Nioka, which began in the third
quarter of 2006, was completed during the March Quarter, with 448m of Reverse
Circulation ("RC") drilling and 309m of diamond drilling completed. In
addition, 2,042m of RC drilling was completed immediately west of the old
Mutoshi Mine open pit, where the target was an extension of the mineralised
brêche ore that was previously mined.

    Corporate Social Responsibility

    In conjunction with the Company's social development partner, Pact Inc.,
("Pact") an International Development Agency, the Company continues to make
significant progress with its community projects. Based on the success
achieved in the Dikulushi area, the Pact - Anvil partnership is extending
schools, health clinics, potable water supplies and agriculture projects to
communities surrounding the Company's other two sites at Kulu and Kinsevere.
    Sustainable small enterprise projects were a key priority this quarter,
resulting in the opening of a permanent market-place for up to 120 small
vendors near Dikulushi, and the establishment of a cooperative gravel making
venture near Kulu. The gravel making project is designed to provide safe,
alternative employment for artisanal miners. Additional Donor contributions
from USAID have enabled the Pact - Anvil partnership to strategically focus on
creating additional research and pilot projects for alternative employment and
especially the prevention of child labour.
    Beyond tax revenue, local employment and local procurement benefits, the
Company is working with local government institutions to develop
infrastructure that will support responsible resource investment and
development. This includes the commitment to provide $5 million of financing
assistance to the DRC electricity company, SNEL, to be amortized against
Anvil's power usage at Kinsevere. Similarly, Anvil is installing electrical
infrastructure in Lubumbashi for the supply of electrical power to Kinsevere,
which SNEL will own and for which Anvil will be reimbursed. The Company has
also contributed a grant of $200,000 towards the necessary upgrading of the
Luano airport at Lubumbashi to assist in enhancing the transportation network
of the Katanga province.
    Looking forward, Anvil is focused on the implementation of a
comprehensive Voluntary Principles program throughout the Company, and on the
continued support for the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative, both
of which are key to the successful growth of the DRC.


    Kinsevere Mine Acquisition

    In March 2007, the Company finalized the documentation for the
acquisition of the additional 15% interest in the mining rights for the
Kinsevere-Nambulwa copper-cobalt joint venture, as was agreed in December

    Philippines Evaluation and Development Agreement

    Following the completion of due diligence in December 2006, the Company
elected in February 2007 to proceed with a detailed evaluation of the Itogon
Suyoc Resources Inc. ("Itogon") mineral properties in the Philippines. The
Company made a cash payment of $2.0 million to Itogon on February 16, 2007 and
will provide a minimum of $2.0 million in exploration funding and use its best
efforts to complete the detailed evaluation within a two-year period.

    Anvil Mining Limited is an unhedged copper and silver producer whose
shares are listed for trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange (as common shares)
and the Australian Stock Exchange (as CDIs) under the symbol AVM. It owns a
majority interest and operates the Dikulushi copper-silver mine and the Kulu
copper tailings operation in the Katanga Province of the DRC. In addition, the
Company is currently developing the Kinsevere project as the Company's third
mine in the DRC.

    Additional Notes: The information in this news release that relates to
in-situ Mineral Resources is based on information compiled by Gerry Fahey of
FinOre Pty Ltd. Gerry Fahey is a Chartered Professional and a member of the
Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy, and a member of the
Australian Institute of Geoscientists, and has sufficient experience, which is
relevant to the style of mineralization and type of deposit under
consideration, and to the activity he is undertaking, to qualify as a
Qualified Person in terms of the Canadian National Instrument 43-101. Gerry
Fahey consents to the inclusion of such information in this news release in
the form and context in which it appears.

    Caution Regarding Forward Looking Statements: The forward-looking
statements made in this news release are based on assumptions and judgments of
management regarding future events and results. Such forward-looking
statements, including but not limited to those with respect to the operation
of the Dikulushi and Kulu mining and processing operations, the construction
and development of a 60,000 tpa SX-EW plant and Electric-Arc Furnace and power
grid at the Kinsevere project and its capital costs and estimated future
production involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties, and other factors
which may cause the actual results, performance or achievements of the Company
to be materially different from any anticipated future results, performance or
achievements expressed or implied by such forward-looking statements. Such
factors include, among others, the actual market prices of copper and silver,
the actual results of current exploration, the actual results of future
mining, processing and development activities, changes in project parameters
as plans continue to be evaluated, as well as those factors disclosed in the
Company's filed documents.

    %SEDAR: 00020549E

For further information:

For further information: Craig Munro, Vice President Corporate & Finance
and CFO, Tel: +61 (8) 9481 4700, Email: (Perth); Robert
La Vallière, Vice President Investor Relations, Tel: (Office) (514) 448-6664,
(Cell) (514) 944-9036, Email: (Montréal), Website:

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