Anvil Mining Limited - Updated Feasibility Study for Kinsevere Stage II SX-EW Project following a 34% increase in Measured and Indicated Resources and Updated Mineral Resource at Dikulushi and Kulu Operations

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    All amounts are expressed in US dollars, unless otherwise stated.

    MONTREAL, Feb. 4 /CNW/ - Anvil Mining Limited (TSX, ASX: AVM), ("Anvil"
or the "Company") is pleased to announce the completion of an updated
Feasibility Study (the "Feasibility Study") for the Stage II Solvent
Extraction and Electrowinning ("SX-EW") development at its Kinsevere Copper
Project as a result of completion of a 45,370 metre drilling program during
2007. Completion of this drilling program has allowed for an increase of 34%
in Measured and Indicated Mineral Resources and a subsequent 32% increase in
the Proven and Probable Mineral Reserves.
    The Feasibility Study follows a preliminary study prepared by the Company
in April 2007 on the establishment of a 60,000 tonnes per annum capacity SX-EW
processing plant and includes several enhancements to the Stage II processing
flow-sheet and adjustments to the overall Project capital costs.
    The updated Mineral Resource estimate for the Kinsevere Copper Project
focuses on the Tshifufia, Tshifufiamashi and Kinsevere Hill deposits, with
subsequent completion of revised mine planning and new Mineral Reserve
estimates. Exploration at the nearby Kinsevere north-west extension is ongoing
and it is now expected that a Mineral Resource estimate for these deposits
will be completed during the second quarter of 2008.
    The Feasibility Study was undertaken on the basis that the existing Stage
I Heavy Media Separation ("HMS") plant will close once the Stage II plant is
commissioned in 2009. The Feasibility Study further envisages that the
associated Electric-Arc Furnace ("EAF") will be converted to treat sulphide
concentrates from the Company's Dikulushi mine.
    Against this background, the Feasibility Study reported a combined Stage
I and Stage II life of operations of 16.5 years, producing a total of 882,500
tonnes of copper metal as "black copper" ingots assaying 90% to 93% Cu and LME
grade A quality cathode copper, respectively. The average total operating
costs are expected to be $0.99/lb Cu produced, including depreciation and
royalties ($0.24/lb Cu). Using a longer term copper price of $1.43/lb Cu and a
discount rate of 10%, the economic analysis yielded a Net Present Value
("NPV") of $281 million, an internal rate of return ("IRR") of 39% and a
payback period of 5.2 years.
    Bill Turner, President and CEO of the Company said: "The results of the
economic analysis of the Kinsevere Project are very robust with an internal
rate of return of nearly 40%, reflecting the exceptional quality of these
deposits. Not only have we increased our Mineral Resource and Mineral Reserve
thanks to the excellent exploration results, but we have also been able to
reclassify some of the Mineral Resource into higher categories. We will
continue drilling on the lateral extensions and at depth in the sulphide zone
and plan to complete more than 25,000 metres of drilling during 2008 to
further define and expand these resources. Kinsevere will continue as our
flagship operation and will become our most important asset and cash-flow
generator for the foreseeable future".
    An update on the Mineral Resources at the Company's other two operating
mines in the DRC, at Dikulushi and Kulu, is also included in this news

    Mineral Resource and Ore Reserve Estimates

    Mineral Resource and Ore Reserve estimates have been classified and
reported using the guidelines of the Australasian Code for Reporting of
Exploration results, Mineral Resources and Ore Reserves (the JORC Code, 2004).
These guidelines are generally consistent with those of the Canadian Institute
of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum ("CIM"), 2000.
    Mineral Resource estimates have been prepared for the Tshifufia and
Tshifufiamashi deposits as at the date of this news release, plus the resource
estimate for the Kinsevere Hill deposit previously reported in December 2005.
All estimates have been prepared by CSA Australia Pty Ltd ("CSA"), (formerly
FinOre Pty Ltd of Perth), under the supervision of Mr. Gerry Fahey (CSA) and
Mr. Ivor Jones (Anvil's Group Resource Geologist) and total 33 million tonnes
of oxide resource at 3.7% Cu, at a 0.5% Cu cut-off grade. There is also an
additional 15.3 million tonnes of sulphide resource at 2.9% Cu. The updated
Kinsevere Mineral Resource and comparison with the previous Kinsevere Mineral
Resource of December 31, 2006 is shown in Table 1. The Mineral Resource has
been reported inclusive of the Ore Reserve.

      Table 1. Kinsevere Mineral Resource Summary, at December 31, 2007

                         Tonnes       Total Copper Grade   Contained Copper
    Classification     (M Tonnes)             (%)             (K Tonnes)
                  December  December  December  December  December  December
                  31, 2006  31, 2007  31, 2006  31, 2007  31, 2006  31, 2007
    Measured          6.01     18.50       4.4       3.9       267       718
    Indicated        14.07     14.79       4.3       3.4       598       504
    Total Measured
     & Indicated     20.08     33.26       4.3       3.7       865     1,222
    Inferred -
     oxide            5.58      2.60       5.0       3.3       280        86
    Inferred -
     sulphide        15.34     15.34       2.9       2.9       444       444

    A Mineral Reserve has been estimated for the Project deposits based on
the CSA Mineral Resource estimates for Tshifufia and Tshifufiamashi (2007) and
Kinsevere Hill (2005). The estimate was prepared from pit optimisations
completed by DumpSolver Pty Ltd and from detailed staged pit designs and
production schedules prepared by A & J Cameron & Associates Pty Ltd, both
under the supervision of Mr. Michael Lawlor (Anvil's Group Mining Engineer).
The estimated total Mineral Reserve is 25.0 million tonnes at 4.08% Cu,
allowing for mining depletion since completion of the Feasibility Study, as
shown below in Table 2.

       Table 2. Kinsevere Mineral Reserve Summary, at December 31, 2007

                         Tonnes       Total Copper Grade   Contained Copper
    Classification     (M Tonnes)             (%)             (K Tonnes)
                     April  December     April  December     April  December
                  30, 2007  31, 2007  30, 2007  31, 2007  30, 2007  31, 2007
    Proven            6.04     15.71       4.4      4.10       266       644
    Probable         11.77      9.30       4.4      4.05       519       377
    Total Proven
     and Probable    17.81     25.01       4.4      4.08       785     1,021

    As at December 31, 2007, an additional 0.9 million tonnes of Proven ore
grading 2.6% Cu, currently on three Run of Mine ("ROM") pad stockpiles has
been included in the Ore Reserve summary.
    The Mineral Resource and Ore Reserve grades have been reported as Total
Copper ("Cu") and not as Acid Soluble Copper ("ASCu"). The reported Ore
Reserve is based on an economic cut-off grade which accounts for a longer-term
copper metal price projection of $1.43/lb ($3,153/t).
    Phase 3 exploration at Kinsevere Hill has been completed and a final
oxide resource estimate which includes the Kinsevere extension is expected by
the end of the second quarter 2008. A Phase 4 exploration program at Kinsevere
has commenced to further evaluate the sulphide zone at the three main
    A new NI-43-101 Technical Report will be lodged on the SEDAR website at within the prescribed timeframe.

    Feasibility Study

    The Kinsevere Copper Project (95% Anvil) is located in Katanga
Copperbelt, 27 km north of Lubumbashi, the provincial capital of the Katanga
Province in the Democratic Republic of Congo ("DRC"). Together with the
Zambian Copperbelt to the south, this celebrated metallogenic province
contains some of the world's richest copper and cobalt deposits. The mineral
rights at Kinsevere cover an area of approximately 16.1 square kilometres and
are held by La Générale des Carrières et des Mines ("Gécamines"). AMCK Mining
s.p.r.l. ("AMCK") a special purpose joint venture company between Anvil Mining
Limited (95%) and Mining Company Katanga s.p.r.l. (5%) have a "Contrat
d'Amodiation" (Lease Agreement) with Gécamines to allow AMCK to mine and
process ore from the Kinsevere Project for a period of 25 years.
    Following the April 2007 study, several enhancements have been made to
the Stage II SX-EW processing flow-sheet to include 'milling in raffinate(1)'
and 'direct tailings disposal'. While their combined effects result in an
increase in the SX-EW capital costs to $298 million, overall processing costs
are reduced by $0.04/lb Cu, which improves the IRR of the project. These
enhancements, capital cost increases and operating cost reductions have now
been included in the Feasibility Study.

    (1) In solvent extraction, a raffinate is a liquid stream that remains
        after the extraction with the immisciable liquid to remove solutes
        from the original liquour.

    Both flow-sheets have been designed for the processing of oxide and mixed
(i.e. transitional, weathered) ores. However no allowance for recovery of the
cobalt present in the deposits has been made yet, and as a result no value is
assigned to cobalt in this new study. Furthermore, processing of cobalt and
recovery of sulphide copper mineralisation will be considered in future
Project studies.
    The underlying assumptions applied to key aspects of the project, based
solely on the Proven and Probable Ore Reserves are as follows:

    Capital Costs

    The capital cost of the Engineering, Procurement and Construction
Management ("EPCM") works was revised during the Feasibility Study to include
escalation calculated at 10%, and milling in raffinate modifications which
increased the EPCM portion of the capital cost by $16.6 million. The decision
to move from neutralised tailings disposal to direct tailings disposal added a
further $28.6 million to the capital estimate of the Project, plus
$2.8 million to the closure costs (all before contingencies), but has
contributed to a significant reduction in operating cost over the life of the
    In addition to these increases, owner's costs before contingencies were
revised upwards by $8.4 million, inclusive of $6.0 million for further mobile
equipment purchases. These revisions have increased the overall capital
estimate of the Project, inclusive of contingencies, sustaining capital
allowances and import charges, from the $238 million reported in April 2007 to
$298 million as shown in Table 3.

                 Table 3. Capital Estimate Kinsevere Stage II

                              $ million including     $ million including
                                      contingency             contingency
    Description                       (April 2007)          (January 2008)
    EPCM Cost                               166.8                   182.9
    Infrastructure                           19.1                    18.9
    Tailing Storage Facility                  4.6                    39.8
    Mobile Equipment                          1.0                     8.1
    Owner's Cost                             39.4                    36.1
    Closure Costs                             4.0                     8.2
    Import Charges                            3.0                     4.1
    Total                                   237.9                   298.2

    Operating Cost Estimate

    The capital cost increases have been justified by a reduction in the
processing costs of $0.04/lb Cu produced. The estimated operating costs for
Stage I and Stage II, as summarised in the Feasibility Study and presented in
Table 4, are based on actual operating costs for the commissioned sections of
the Stage I development together with reductions in the Stage II estimate.
This results from the decision to undertake milling in raffinate and direct
tailings disposal.

       Table 4. Operating Cost Estimate Kinsevere Stage I and Stage II

    Description                        Stage I:    Stage II:  Stage I and II:
                                     $/lb of Cu  $/lb of Cu      $/lb of Cu
                                       Produced    Produced        Produced
    Site Administration                    0.18        0.07            0.08
    Technical Services                     0.03        0.02            0.02
    Mining                                 0.06        0.16            0.12
    Processing                             0.48        0.26            0.27
    Maintenance                            0.04        0.06            0.07
    Product Transport and Marketing        0.38        0.16            0.19
    Depreciation and Royalties           0.16(1)     0.06(1)         0.24(2)
    Total                                  1.33        0.77            0.99
        (1) Excludes depreciation costs.
        (2) Includes depreciation costs.


    The Feasibility Study is based on an operating life at Kinsevere of 16.5
years, during which time, approximately 25.7 million tonnes of ore will be
mined and 882,500 tonnes of copper metal will be produced. A summary of the
key operating parameters for Kinsevere Stage I and Stage II is shown in
Table 5.

           Table 5. Summary of Operations Kinsevere Stage I and II

    Description                        Stage I      Stage II    Stage I + II
    Ore mined (million tonnes)                                          25.7
    Head grade                                                       4.0% Cu
    Waste mined (million tonnes)                                        43.7
    Waste to ore ratio                                                  1.70
    Processing life (years)                1.5            15            16.5
    Ore processed (million tonnes)(1)      1.0          26.2            27.2
    Average processed grade            6.9% Cu     3.5% ASCu         4.0% Cu
    Recovery (% Cu)                       57.6          92.1            89.7
    Cu metal produced (tonnes)          39,997       842,487         882,484
        (1) Total ore processed exceeds the total ore mined due to reclaim
            from existing Run-of-Mine ("ROM") stocks, floats and effluent
            stockpiled from Stage I

    Operating assumptions made in the Feasibility Study include:

    -   Mining by conventional truck and excavator methods;

    -   A significant proportion of material classified as "free-dig" in both
        oxide (75%) and transitional zones (50%);

    -   Perimeter dewatering and depressurisation of pit slopes will be
        required over the life of the mine;

    -   Part of the mined waste from the Tshifufia Pit is required for
        construction of downstream raised walls of the Tailings Storage

    -   The Stage I processing limit of 25,000 tpa delivered from the HMS
        plant, with 23,500 tpa recovered from the EAF;

    -   Feed into the 60,000 tpa tank-house limited Stage II processing plant
        including stockpiled Stage I floats and effluent; and

    -   Stage II production ramp-up period is 7 months.


    Based on Proven and Probable Reserves, the assumptions presented above
and forward copper prices of $3.33/lb (2007), $2.75/lb (2008), $2.25/lb
(2009), $1.90/lb (2010) and $1.43/lb thereafter, and allowing for corporate
tax in the DRC of 30%, royalty payments to Gécamines(2) and the DRC government
(2% Net Smelter Return), and applying a discount rate of 10%, the key
financial results of the Feasibility Study are presented in Table 6. For
comparative purposes, the financial results issued on May 10, 2007 and based
on the April feasibility study are also included in the table.


                    Table 6. Summary of Financial Results

    Description                                    Result          Result
                                               (May 10, 2007)  (January 2008)
    Net Present Value-Stage I and II          $109.2 million  $281.2 million
    Internal Rate of Return                              24%             39%
    Payback period                                5.40 years     5.16 years

    Sensitivity to Movement in the Copper Price

    The Feasibility Study has employed a longer term copper price of
$1.43/lb, consistent with market forecasts, as advised to the Company.
However, the financial outcomes associated with Stage II are highly sensitive
to variations in copper price, with every 10% change in the copper price
resulting in a 36% change in the NPV. Accordingly, changing the operating
costs by 10% will result in an impact on the NPV of 17%. By contrast, capital
expenditures are the least sensitive of the three variables, with a 10% change
to capital expenditures resulting only in an 8% change in the NPV.

    Consultants Involved in the Feasibility Study

    In preparing this Feasibility Study, Anvil engaged renowned international
consultants, including:

    ALS Chemex                              Assaying

    CSA (formerly FinOre Pty Ltd)           Mineral Resource estimates

    Turner Mining and Geotechnical Pty Ltd  Open pit geotechnical engineering

    Dumpsolver Pty Ltd                      Pit optimization

    A & J Cameron & Associates Pty Ltd      Pit designs and production

    Lycopodium Engineering Pty Ltd          Engineering Cost Study

    Knight Piésold Consulting               Civil geotechnical engineering,
                                            hydrogeology and environment

    (2) The royalty payment is calculated on both copper and cobalt mined and
        presented to the mill for processing, as copper equivalent tonnes
        (Cueq) and varies from a floor price of $35 per tonne of Cueq at the
        LME copper price of $2,200 per tonne to a ceiling price of US$70 per
        tonne of Cueq at the LME price of $4,000 per tonne. Note that no
        account has been made for potential cobalt revenue for either the
        Stage I or Stage II projects.

    Environmental and Social Impact Assessments

    In conjunction with the Feasibility Study, an Environment Impact
Assessment was undertaken for the Stage II Project, with the following

    -   Determine baseline conditions for the Stage II Project;

    -   Identify potential impacts associated with Stage II; and

    -   Develop an Environmental Management Plan to prevent, reduce, mitigate
        and rehabilitate the impacts identified during this of the Stage II

    A Social Impact Assessment was also undertaken to identify the social and
economic conditions existing in the Project area. A survey of the local
villages indicated that the community generally considers that the Project
will be beneficial.
    During the construction and development of Stage II, over a two-year
period, the Company will employ a peak workforce of 1,500 people. When the
SX-EW plant is operational in mid-2009, the Company will employ approximately
750 permanent employees, mainly from the surrounding villages and from the
city of Lubumbashi.
    Anvil's commitment to implementing sustainable community development at
Kinsevere continues to be executed in conjunction with the Company's social
development partner, Pact Inc., a Washington based International Development
Agency. The Company's community development projects continue to address the
local communities' needs for basic infrastructure and economic development,
with clean water, health and education the primary components of the Company's
community development program.
    Following the successful commissioning of 13 water boreholes in
surrounding villages, construction of two schools and a health facility are
underway. Programs to increase food crop production, adult savings and
literacy are also in place and the construction of a new market is scheduled
for later this year. Looking forward, the Company's community development
programs will continue to focus on building the capacity of local communities
to benefit from the Company's current and future operations.

    Mineral Resource Estimates at Dikulushi and Kulu

    The Company is also pleased to provide an update to the status of Mineral
Resources at its Dikulushi and Kulu mines, as of December 31, 2007 and as
shown in Tables 7 and 8.

      Table 7. Mineral Resource Dikulushi Mine, at December 31, 2007(1)

                                                  Copper   Silver     Silver
    Classification       Resource     Copper       Metal    Grade      Metal
                        (K Tonnes)  Grade (%)  (K Tonnes)   (g/t)  (M Ounces)
    Measured                  194       9.64        18.7     289         1.8
    Indicated                 869       6.50        56.5     155         4.3
    Indicated Stockpile        41       2.50         1.0
    Total Measured and
     Indicated              1,104       6.90        76.2     173         6.1
    Inferred                  336       4.30        14.5     112         1.2
        (1) Reported at a 1.5% Cu cut-off grade.

         Table 8. Mineral Resource Kulu Mine, at December 31, 2007(1)

                                                  Copper   Cobalt     Cobalt
    Classification       Resource     Copper       Metal    Grade      Metal
                        (K Tonnes)  Grade (%)  (K Tonnes)    (%)   (K Tonnes)
    Indicated (coarse
     tailings)              2,900       3.25       102.6     0.14        4.3
    Indicated Stockpile
     (coarse tailings)        224       4.00         9.0     0.14        0.3
    Total Indicated         3,124       3.57       111.6     0.14        4.6
    Indicated (fine
     tailings)              4,900       0.89        44.0     0.09        4.4
        (1) Reported at a 1.5% Cu cut-off grade.

    The above Mineral Resources are reported in accordance with both the JORC
Code and the CIM guidelines and were prepared by Mr. Ivor Jones. Mr. Jones is
a Qualified Person in accordance with Canadian National Instrument 43-101.
    Anvil Mining Limited is an unhedged copper and silver producer whose
shares are listed for trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange (as common shares)
and the Australian Stock Exchange (as CDIs) under the symbol AVM. It has
majority interests in and operates the Dikulushi copper-silver mine, the
Kinsevere copper mine, and the Kulu copper tailings operation in the Katanga
Province of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

    Additional Notes: The commentary in this news release that relates to
in-situ Mineral Resources is based on information compiled by Gerry Fahey of
CSA (previously FinOre Pty Ltd) and Ivor Jones of Anvil. Similarly, the
commentary in this news release that relates to Ore Reserves is based on
information compiled by Mike Lawlor of Anvil. Gerry Fahey is a Chartered
Professional, a member of the Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy,
a member of the Australian Institute of Geoscientists, and has sufficient
experience which is relevant to the style of mineralization and type of
deposit under consideration and to the activity he is undertaking, to qualify
as a Qualified Person as defined by Canadian National Instrument 43-101. Ivor
Jones is a a Chartered Professional and a Fellow of the Australasian Institute
of Mining and Metallurgy and has sufficient experience which is relevant to
the style of mineralization and type of deposit under consideration and to the
activity he is undertaking, to qualify as a Qualified Person as defined by
Canadian National Instrument 43-101. Mike Lawlor is a Fellow of the
Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy and has sufficient experience
which is relevant to the style of mineralization and type of deposit under
consideration and to the activity he is undertaking, to qualify as a Qualified
Person as defined by Canadian National Instrument 43-101. Information in this
news release that relates to Ore Reserves has been reviewed by Tony Cameron of
A & J Cameron and Associates Pty Ltd. who is a Fellow of the Australasian
Institute of Mining and Metallurgy. Other technical information in this news
release has been reviewed by the following Anvil personnel: Mike O'Sullivan,
Anvil's Senior Vice President Strategy and Business Development who is member
of the Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy, Malcolm Hillbeck,
Anvil's Senior Vice President Operations DRC, who is a Fellow of the
Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy, Lee Nehring, Anvil's Vice
President Social Development and Roger Tyler, Anvil's Exploration Manager DRC,
all of whom have consented to the inclusion of such information in this news
release in the form and context in which it appears.

    Caution Regarding Forward Looking Statements: The forward-looking
statements made in this news release are based on assumptions and judgments of
management regarding future events and results. Such forward-looking
statements, including but not limited to those with respect to the operations
of the construction and development of a 60,000 tonnes per year SX-EW plant
and Electric-Arc Furnace and power grid at Kinsevere and its capital
expenditures and estimated future production and operating cash costs involve
known and unknown risks, uncertainties, and other factors which may cause the
actual results, performance or achievements of the Company to be materially
different from any anticipated future results, performance or achievements
expressed or implied by such forward-looking statements. Such factors include,
among others, the actual market prices of copper, the actual results of
current exploration, the actual results of future mining, processing and
development activities, changes in project parameters as plans continue to be
evaluated, as well as those factors disclosed in the Company's filed

    %SEDAR: 00020549E

For further information:

For further information: Craig Munro, Senior Vice President Corporate &
CFO, Tel: +61 (8) 9481 4700, Email: (Perth); Robert La
Vallière, Vice President Investor Relations, Tel: (Office) (514) 448-6664,
(Cell) (514) 944-9036, Email: (Montréal); Website:

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