99 Days until Calgary Welcomes the World

    CALGARY, May 25 /CNW/ - Deputy Mayor Diane Colley-Urquhart, WorldSkills
Calgary 2009 Ltd. celebrity spokesperson Chef David Adjey, along with
representatives from EnCana unveiled the official WorldSkills Calgary 2009
countdown clock on Monday. Also taking part in the celebration were Members of
Team Canada, who will be competing in the event, WorldSkills International,
and many Calgarians, who are all looking forward to seeing the largest
independent event ever hosted at Stampede Park.
    "Today's unveiling of the countdown clock builds the anticipation among
Calgarians and the international community for the 40th WorldSkills
Competition," said WorldSkills Calgary 2009 Ltd. President and CEO Richard
Walker. "We have been excitedly preparing since we won the bid in 2004 and we
look forward to showing the rest of the world how Calgary puts on an event.
This will be the best WorldSkills Competition to date."
    Coinciding with the unveiling of the countdown clock is the announcement
of EnCana as a Founding Sponsor of WorldSkills Calgary 2009. EnCana's
sponsorship will be focused around the WorldSkills Calgary 2009 education and
environmental programs. The countdown clock is visible in the windows of
EnCana Place, located across the street from the Fairmont Palliser on the
corner of 9th Avenue and 1st Street SW. EnCana is a leading North American
unconventional natural gas and integrated oil company. By partnering with
employees, community organizations and other businesses, EnCana contributes to
the strength and sustainability of the communities where it operates.
    As it winds down to the September 1 - 7, 2009 event, Calgary will welcome
over 900 Competitors, who are taking part in an intense head-to-head four-day
Competition in 45 skill categories. The countdown clock hits zero at midnight
September 1 and marks the official start of WorldSkills Calgary 2009.
    "Skills/Compétences Canada selected the team that will represent Canada
at WorldSkills Calgary 2009 a year ago," said Chris Browton, Executive
Director, Skills Canada Alberta. "Every region of Canada, including eight
Albertans, is represented on Team Canada. The 38 members are diligently
training to demonstrate to the world our pride for all men and women with
skilled talent to drive our economy and showcase the many promising futures to
be found in the trades and technologies."
    "WorldSkills International has been working closely with WorldSkills
Calgary 2009 Ltd. to make the 40th WorldSkills Competition one that raises the
bar in many areas. As well as viewing the 45 skill competitions, there will be
interactive and hands-on demonstrations throughout the Competition. We are
looking forward to seeing all of Calgary at the event in 99 days," said David
Hoey, CEO of WorldSkills International.
    The Competition itself, which is free to the public, takes place at
Stampede Park from September 2 - 5, 2009 and is flanked by Opening Ceremonies
(September 1), Closing Ceremonies (September 6), and a celebration of
WorldSkills Champions during the Labour Day Classic football game (September
7). Events around the city will also compliment the 40th WorldSkills
Competition, while showcasing Calgary to the world. More information is
available at www.worldskills2009.com.

    The 40th WorldSkills Competition is coming to Calgary, Alberta, Canada
from September 1 - 7, 2009. The organizing committee, WorldSkills Calgary 2009
Ltd., is leading the event coordination with support from WorldSkills
International, Skills/Compétences Canada, and Skills Canada Alberta.

                                                                  Fact Sheet

                           WorldSkills Calgary 2009

    -   WorldSkills Calgary 2009 takes place September 1 - 7, 2009.

    -   Over 900 Competitors and 51 Member countries/regions will take part
        in The 40th WorldSkills Competition.

    -   The 40th WorldSkills Competition takes place on Stampede Park and at
        80,000 square metres of Competition space, this is the largest
        independent event ever hosted on the grounds.

    -   WorldSkills Calgary 2009 is 2/3 the size of the 1988 Olympic Winter
        Games that were hosted in Calgary, Alberta.

    -   WorldSkills Calgary 2009 is only the second Canadian host of this
        event in its 60-year history.

    -   45 skill competitions take place within 6 major categories: Social
        and Personal Services; Creative Arts and Fashion; Information and
        Communication Technologies; Manufacturing and Engineering
        Technologies; Construction and Building Technologies; Transportation
        and Logistics.

    -   Team Canada has 38 Competitors, who are representing the country in
        35 different skill categories.

    -   Over 3,000 volunteers make WorldSkills Calgary 2009 possible and
        opportunities are still available.

    -   150,000 spectators are expected to attend WorldSkills Calgary 2009
        from September 1 - 7, 2009.

    -   Competitors participate in four intense days of competition during
        the event, from September 2 - 5, 2009. September 1, 2009 has opening
        ceremonies, with closing ceremonies on September 6, 2009, and
        September 7, 2009 celebrating WorldSkills Champions at the Stampeders
        football game.

    -   The Province of Alberta is the trades and skills capital of Canada
        Alberta trains 20% of Canada's apprentices while having only 10% of
        the nation's population.

    -   There are currently 40,000 registered apprentices in Alberta.


                           WorldSkills Calgary 2009

    WorldSkills Calgary 2009 marks the second time Canada hosts this
international event in its 60-year history. In May 2004, at the WorldSkills
General Assembly in Hong Kong, Canada officially won the right to host the
WorldSkills Competition. The successful bid was made possible through
collaboration with Skills Canada Alberta and Skills/Compétences Canada.
Shortly thereafter, WorldSkills Calgary 2009 Ltd., a not-for-profit
organization, was established.
    For the past 5 years, WorldSkills Calgary 2009 Ltd. has been working
closely with legacy, government, and industry partners to make the 40th
WorldSkills Competition the most successful to date. Although the event is
held from September 1 - 7, 2009, WorldSkills Calgary 2009 Ltd. is an active
partner in the global legacy movement that addresses labour shortage,
competency standards, and education programs designed to motivate and
encourage young adults to explore successful career options in skills, trades,
and technology.


                                 David Adjey

    With the observation of an artist, Adjey views everything as a sum of its
parts... a good painting as a collection of expertly-placed pigments; a car as
a pile of parts ingeniously crafted to work together and take us places; a
book a jumble of alphabet letters carefully untangled and chosen to inform or
inspire. For Adjey, the creation of a new dish is to collect a series of
elements - taste, colour, texture and aroma - and to combine and transform the
parts into an always greater, delicious new sum.
    He simplifies the complex, makes sense of the many layers involved in a
single dish, and always resists the idea of throwing in an auto part just to
mix things up. To the professional cook, or the aspiring kitchen connoisseur,
Adjey's ideas and descriptions are very simple to follow - even when it looks
or sounds really complicated.
    Best known for his tough and direct approach, as the passionate chef on
Restaurant Makeover, it all started in Toronto. David worked an apprenticeship
to Dante Rota, of Toronto's once-legendary Noodles, launched his trajectory to
the ranks of the top masters. Next he worked under the tutelage of Richard
Krause who opened the doors of his restaurants, Melrose and Rose Café to
Adjey's creativity.
    Adjey was subsequently honored with an invitation to assist the famous
chef and cookbook author Guiliano Bugialli in Florence, Italy, where he
further developed his love of cooking, artful style and inventive
presentations. This is where David fell in love with the open-air markets.
Cooking with the idea, of whatever was available that same day, to create your
dinner menu for the restaurant.
    Jay Leno, for one, who quickly invited him to The Tonight Show and helped
catapult him into the limelight. The new toast of the town from New York to
L.A., Adjey appeared on the Food Network's Ready, Set, Cook, was acclaimed as
the "Best New Chef in California " by the celebrated Frommer's guide and
lavished his talent on celebrities in the role of personal chef (Dan Aykroyd).

                               Steven Dingwall

    Home: Calgary, AB
    Competition Area: Industrial Control

    Steven Dingwall considers himself to be an easy-going person who enjoys
snowboarding, down-hill mountain biking, and working on his truck. Initially,
Steven was drawn to the trades because he desired something that challenged
him mentally and physically. Working in an industrial environment for one
summer allowed Steven to discover that he enjoyed the electrical components of
the worksite. As a result, he decided to pursue a career as an electrician.
    Steven attended Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT)
Polytechnic in Calgary to study his trade. He enjoys the fact that the
applications for electricity are expanding because it encourages him to learn
about current technologies and how to work with them.
    A poster advertising the Skills/Compétences Canada - Alberta Provincial
Competition is what introduced Steven to competing against other skilled youth
in his trade. After his success at the regional, provincial and Canadian
Skills Competitions, he has now been invited to join Team Canada to compete at
the 40th WorldSkills Competition in Calgary.
    "Competing in my hometown will give me one of those life experiences that
I will never forget. The competition is a good opportunity to gain positive
experience in my trade."
    Steven is currently working as a fourth-year electrician in Calgary. His
daily tasks are focused on commercial sites, allowing him to gain practical
experience in preparation for the WorldSkills Competition. His favourite
aspect of being an Electrician is that he works in a different location every
day and faces variable and stimulating challenges. Steven believes that the
trades offer good career opportunities, and if you work hard, you can enjoy
the many benefits and rewards that accompany these careers.

                                 Daniel Reid

    Home: Cochrane, AB
    Trade: Information Network Cabling

    Daniel grew up in a large family of three kids and continues to live in
his home community of Cochrane, Alberta. In his spare time, he enjoys hobbies
that combine technology and creativity such as photography and gaming. After
high school, he was determined to find a full-time career that would be fun
and flexible, pay well, and offer lots of opportunity. He found his dream
career within the telecommunications industry.
    Currently studying telecommunications systems at the Southern Alberta
Institute of Technology (SAIT), he credits his success to his ability to
listen, his commitment to practicing his techniques, and the practical
experience he gained while working in the field. The quality that he
appreciates the most about his career is the wide variety of work within the
trade and the vast opportunities within the industry.
    At the suggestion of his instructors, he became involved in skills
competitions. After participating in an Information Network Cabling Selection
Event, organized by Skills/Compétences Canada-Alberta, Daniel became eligible
to compete at the 40th WorldSkills Competition in Calgary, Alberta. He
realizes that by participating in the Competition, he will have a once in a
lifetime opportunity to challenge his skills and further his career goals."
    "I am hoping to achieve a higher understanding of my trade, meet new
people and enhance my personal development."
    His advice to young people is to get involved in skilled trades and take
advantage of the opportunities they offer.

                              Tiffany Vandermey

    Home: Calgary, AB
    Competition Area: Painting and Decorating

    Tiffany Vandermey is an active woman who enjoys camping, all-terrain
vehicle trail riding, and music. She has always been a hands-on person, giving
her an advantage in the field of painting and decorating. She thrives on the
new challenges that occur every day and likes to be precise in her work.
Tiffany even enjoys making mistakes because she is a natural problem-solver.
    Apprenticing and attending SAIT Polytechnic, Tiffany learned the
necessary skills for drawing and planning projects. She was able to use her
critical eye to excel at distinguishing paint colours and shapes. In order to
be successful in her courses, Tiffany works very hard and focuses on her
skills training.
    It was her employer and instructors who introduced her to the Aberta
Provincial Competitions and provided her with the support and expertise that
she needed to excel. The success that she has experienced at each level of
competition resulted in her invitation to participate at the 2009 WorldSkills
Competition in Calgary.
    Tiffany regards the WorldSkills Competition as a great opportunity, a
learning experience, and a chance to meet new people.
    "Everything I have learned from my training will help me achieve my best
at this competition. My experiences at the WorldSkills Competition will be
carried with me throughout my life."
    With the combination of her work and school experience, she is actively
preparing for the WorldSkills Competition. Tiffany is thankful that her
parents and teachers believe in her skills and she knows the support that she
received from them has helped her to find a rewarding career.

                                                 Founding Sponsor Fact Sheet


    EnCana is a leading North American unconventional natural gas and
integrated oil company. By partnering with employees, community organizations
and other businesses, EnCana contributes to the strength and sustainability of
the communities where it operates. EnCana common shares trade on the Toronto
and New York stock exchanges under the symbol ECA.

    -   EnCana is a Founding Sponsor of WorldSkills Calgary 2009 Ltd.
    -   EnCana sponsorship will focus around education and environmental

    One School, One Country Program Presented by EnCana

    -   The One School, One Country engages 159 Calgary schools and an
        estimated 55,000 students
    -   The program partners Calgary schools with Member countries/regions of
        WorldSkills International

    WorldSkills Calgary 2009 Environmental Program Presented by EnCana

    -   The program is focused on highlighting numerous environmental
        initiatives that will create benchmarks for future WorldSkills

    -   Program is highlighted by the EnCana "Green Team" a group of
        individuals that will educate spectators regarding both WorldSkills
        Calgary 2009 Ltd. and EnCana environmental endeavors

                                                 Legacy Partner Backgrounder

    Skills/Compétences Canada

    Skills/Compétences Canada was founded in 1989 as a national,
not-for-profit organization that works with employers, educators, labour
groups and governments to promote skilled trades and technology careers among
Canadian youth. Its unique position among private and public sector partners
enables it to work toward securing Canada's future skilled labour needs while
helping young people discover rewarding careers. Skills/Compétences Canada
offers experiential learning opportunities including skilled trades and
technology competitions for hundreds of thousands of young Canadians through
regional, provincial/territorial, national and international events, as well
as, skilled trades awareness programs. Headquartered in Gatineau, Quebec,
Skills/Compétences Canada is the Canadian Member organization of WorldSkills

    WorldSkills International

    WorldSkills International's principal activity is organizing the
WorldSkills Competition in a different Member country/region every two years.
These Competitions bring the best young professionals from trades, service and
vocational programs from around the world to showcase their talents and
ability at the WorldSkills Competition.

For further information:

For further information: WorldSkills Calgary 2009 Ltd.: Jennifer
Laraway, Director Media Relations and Communications, Direct Line: (403)
774-5113, Mobile: (403) 708-9398, Email: jennifer.laraway@worldskills2009.com,
Website: www.worldskills2009.com; Skills/Compétences Canada: Christianne
Scholfield, Director Pan-Canadian Partnership Development, Direct Line: (819)
771-7545 ext. 1, Fax: (819) 771-5575, Toll Free: 1-877-754-5226, Website:
www.skillscanada.com; WorldSkills International: Michelle Bussey, Secretariat
- Communications and Marketing Director, Direct Line: (902) 450-5412, Fax: +31
23 531 0816, Mobile: (902) 441-7041, Email: michelle.bussey@worldskills.org,
Website: www.worldskills.org

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