3rd edition of the Eureka! Festival: Science Here, There and Everywhere! - At the Quays of the Old Port - June 12, 13 and 14, 2009

    The annual not-to-miss event where science meets fun!

    MONTREAL, June 11 /CNW Telbec/ - Experiments, exploration, games,
hands-on activities, discovery, shows, conferences, over 100 all-new
interactive, entertaining, exciting and instructive activities-and it's all
free! In this time of economic turbulence, the Eureka! Festival offers an
unparalleled experience for the whole family. For the third year in a row, and
flush with the success of previous years (attracting over 40,000
science-curious visitors in three days), the Eureka! Festival is a chance to
experience a unique adventure, one that shows just how central science is to
our lives.
    After his fantastic experience last year, Marc-André Coallier has agreed
to be the Eureka! Festival spokesperson for a second year in a row. His
trademark energy conveys his passion for science and helps generate a lively
atmosphere for this unique event. The Eureka! Festival: Science Here, There
and Everywhere, and completely within our grasp.
    Last November, the Eureka! Festival won the 2008 "Innovation-Relève"
prize awarded by the ADRIQ, the Québec Network of Innovative Businesses.
    This event, an initiative of the Montréal, ville apprenante, de savoir et
d'innovation steering committee, part of the Montréal Conférence régionale des
élus (CRE), is organized by the Montréal Science Centre with funding from the
government of Québec and the participation of many Montréal-area partners.

    Opening night: science improv with the LNI

    The Eureka! Festival is starting with a bang this year. To kick off the
festivities, none other than the legendary improv troupe LNI (Ligue nationale
d'improvisation) and a team of well-known science presenters, including
Charles Tisseyre, will face off in a science improv match. Potential themes
will include major scientific theories, everyday life, or one of the many
topics covered at the Festival. LNI stars such as Sophie Caron, Salomé Corbo,
Daniel Malenfant, François-Etienne Paré, Luc Senay and Zoomba agreed
enthusiastically to take part in the match. And as a bonus, the ever-strict
Yvan Ponton will referee the match. A co-production of LNI and the Association
des communicateurs scientifiques, the match will take place on Friday, June 12
at 8 p.m. After the match, amateur astronomers from the Montréal Planetarium
will be on hand with their telescopes for a Galileo Moment in this
International Year of Astronomy.

                   Fanfare: an interactive art installation
                             by Mélissa Mongiat

    Among the guaranteed hits of the third edition is Fanfare, an interactive
installation created by Québec designer Mélissa Mongiat and produced by Groupe
Molior. The installation comes to life through public participation, giving
festival-goers a unique collective musical experience. As people pass under a
series of arches equipped with "sensors" they trigger different parts of the
score, with each arch having its own instrument. Visitors thus create their
own individual or collective fanfares as they enter the Festival. Bugles,
trumpets, clarinets and a whole lot of fun are on the program. Mélissa
Mongiat, of the Amuse collective, is an interactive environment designer. The
London magazine Wallpaper called her one of the world's 10 breakthrough
    In another thrilling experience, visitors will get a chance to make
spectacular leaps, try to keep their balance and view the Festival from atop
stilts. Powerstrider will be showing off their "jumping stilts" and will offer
initiation workshops to "powerblocking," a surf-culture sport that is taking
off around the world. These new stilts have a fiberglass leaf spring that
allows users to jump to heights of over 2 metres and lengths of 3 metres, or
to "run" at speeds of 20 kilometres per hour! Saturday and Sunday, June 13 &
14. Another activity that will please young people is the Jumpai acrobatic
bungee trampoline.
    In addition to these events and shows are a wide range of other activities
presented by science enthusiasts whose innovation and vision have made them
leading lights in their respective fields.

               The third edition's activities and major themes


    New: Aéro Montréal, Higher, Farther! - Discover the technological
innovations of the Québec aerospace sector with the Aéro Montréal team and its
partners, featuring technologies used to reduce the sector's environmental
    New: MDA, Space Missions - Presentation of the numerous Canadian
contributions to space robotics, most notably the Canadarm. Robotics
applications in our everyday lives.
    New activity: Canadian Space Agency, Get Fit For Space - Think you have
the right stuff to follow in the footsteps of Julie Payette and Bob Thirsk?
Drop by and find out all about their missions this summer and on the
International Space Station.
    Back this year: Ecole des métiers de l'Aérospatiale de Montréal (EMAM),
Now Boarding - Make a miniature plane and take part in an assembly
    Back this year: Ecole nationale d'aérotechnique (ENA), Cargo Plane and
Model Helicopter - Learn how to build a radio-controlled competition aircraft
and discover a few flight rules.


    New: Institut de technologie des emballages et du génie alimentaire
(ITEGA), Wrap It Up - Test your knowledge of the decomposition of packaging.
Will the packaging of tomorrow be smart, active and eco-responsible? What
stages do our food go through before it ends up on our plates?
    New activity: Institut de technologie agroalimentaire (ITA) The Good, the
Bad and the Ugly - Presentation and differentiation of bacteria present in our
food: the good, the harmful and the pathogens.

                         ARTS, SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY

    New activity: Association francophone pour le savoir (ACFAS), One Image,
Many Captions - The ACFAS asked a scientist, an artist and a child to caption
a series of surprising or unusual images. Now it's your turn.
    New: Creative Curiosity - Why do birds fly? Why is the sky blue? Whatever
your questions, concerns or favourite science and technology topics, record
them on an LED badge, then set off in search of Festival scientists.
    New activity: Troubadour Science - Scientists transformed into caterers,
paparazzi questing for the Nobel Prize, a strange "night-ologist": the
Festival is crawling with whacky characters.
    Back this year: Extrada, Science Goes Dancing - Try out a few steps with
professional dancers as you experiment with the physiological principles of

                            CHEMISTRY AND PHYSICS

    New: CoeffiScience, Everyday Chemistry - From your grocery cart to your
day-to-day activities, chemistry is going on all around you. Come see some
experiments to prove it.
    New: Energizer Canada, Energy Wherever You Go - A workshop where you make
your own electric battery.
    New: Elexpertise, An Electrifying Experience - What is eco-design? This
amazing demonstration reveals how electronic circuit boards are made.
    New activity: Les Scientifines, Is it Chemistry or Just Plain Fun? Make
fizz candies like the magic "every flavour" beans in Harry Potter.
    Back this year: Mad Science, Spin Pop Boom! - Centripetal and centrifugal
forces, foam factories, and a riot of chemical reactions. The crazy presenters
at Mad Science really go nuts.
    New activity: Conseil du loisir scientifique de la région métropolitaine.
(Les Débrouillards), Stimulating Science - Les Débrouillards offer a host of
fun building activities using recycled materials. Bell Science Fair winners
will also be on hand to show off their outstanding projects.
    New activity: Concordia University, Day-to-Day Physics and Chemistry - A
range of fascinating experiments are used to explore nanotechnology,
alternative energy and the art of making paper.
    Back this year: Ile du savoir and the CRE de Montréal, Science +
Technology = Passion - Come meet some major players in the Montréal science
and technology scene, who will share their passion and their research.
    Back this year: Ile du savoir and the CRE de Montréal, Science at School -
Students in grades 3 to 6 taking part in the Eclairs de sciences program will
test your knowledge of science and technology. Grades 1 and 2 students will
show you some of Québec's animals from a perspective you have never heard


    New: Armand-Frappier Museum, Stop Those Blue Algae! - Visitors are invited
along on a fascinating investigation. The mission: to reveal the true nature
of blue-green algae. The investigation examines a range of evidence to try and
understand why these micro-organisms are proliferating in Québec's lakes and
    New activity: Hydro-Québec, Green Technology Takes to the Road - Did you
know that the Indica EV is the world's first entirely electric mass-produced
car? Discover the secrets of its engine and drive a virtual electric car.
    New activities: Montréal Nature Museums, People at the Heart of Nature -
Through various observations, hands-on activities and association games, learn
to recognize the foods that nature provides us. Identify clues left by
animals. Succumb to the beauty of insects. And find your own place in the
    Back this year: Groupe uni des éducateurs-naturalistes et professionnels
en environnement (GUEPE), Discover Nature in the City - A naturalist guide
reveals some little known plants and animals in Montréal: marshland
    Back this year: The 4-H Clubs of Québec, The ABCs of Recycling - A
creative workshop to find ways to divert as much garbage as possible from our
    New: Ecole Polytechnique de Montréal, The Esteban Group - Presentation of
a car that runs on solar energy.
    New: Ecole de technologie supérieure (ETS) - Association du bâtiment
durable, Building Green - LEED certification and the construction of green
    Back this year: Ecole de technologie supérieure (ETS), Eclipse -
Presentation of the solar energy car Eclipse VI.
    Back this year: Ecole de technologie supérieure (ETS), Evolution -
Presentation of the EVO III green car and its technological advances.


    New activity: Ecole de technologie supérieure (ETS), Walking Machine! -
The Walking Machine Club presents an autonomous robot that can build different
structures using wooden pieces placed around the play area.
    New activity: Ecole Polytechnique de Montréal, Archimedes - A
consideration of and interactive experiments to do with drinking water, a
resource that must be protected and conserved in Québec.
    New: Ecole Polytechnique de Montréal, Formula SAE, Drive in Peace - New
built-in technology to withstand potholes and help improve road safety.
    Back this year: Ecole de technologie supérieure (ETS), Meet S.O.N.I.A. -
Visitors can maneuver S.O.N.I.A., an autonomous submarine controlled by
artificial intelligence.
    Back this year: Ecole Polytechnique de Montréal, SAE Robotique, Robot to
the Rescue! - Meet Smart Bird, an urban rescue robot designed to find victims
following a disaster.
    New activity: McGill University Faculty of Engineering, The Infinite
Possibilities of the Infinitesimally Small - What do an airbag and a hearing
aid have in common? Microelectromechanical systems. Take a look into our
microscope and see some tiny devices with huge potential!
    New: BIXI Bikes, BIXI 101 - Learn all about BIXI-Montréal's new
self-service bike rental system-the technological challenges involved, and the
special features of these bikes.


    New: Ecole de technologie supérieure (ETS), Programme de regroupement
étudiant pour la coopération (PRECI), Act - Students talk about their project
to build a health centre in Africa.
    New activity: UNICEF Québec, Water for Everyone - Do you have the right
stuff to be an international cooperant? An activity about the lack of
universal access to drinking water that tests your skills and knowledge.

                          TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATIONS

    New: CTT Group - Centre for Textile and Geosynthetic Technologies,
Invisible, Intelligent Indestructible - On planes, underground and even in the
bedroom, we are surrounded every day by materials that are invisible to the
naked eye, smart and indestructible. Come meet these textile superheroes.
    New activity: Sûreté du Québec, Technology at Your Service - Sûreté du
Québec specialists explain how a crime-scene investigation takes place, how
composite drawings are made, and the technology used to help police divers.
    New: Association Géocaching Québec and Ecole Polytechnique de Montréal,
Treasure Hunting Redefined - Two geocaching activities, the 21st century
version of the treasure hunt.

                          MULTIDISCIPLINARY SCIENCE

    New: Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC), Science is
Cool! - Geology summer camps, a centre for the study of climate change and
student internships are just a few of the many instances of NSERC support for
various organizations that promote science among young people.
    New activity: Université de Montréal, Science... Is it for Me? - Come meet
scientists from different fields.
    New activity: Association des communicateurs scientifiques du Québec
(ACS), Let's Simply... Talk Science - Debates on how best to communicate


    New: Douglas Mental Health University Institute, Explaining the Brain's
Behaviour - What happens in our brain when we experience stress or suffer a
burn-out? What is a neuron? How does memory work? Students of neuroscience
reveal the brain's mysteries.
    New: Wyeth Canada, Exotic Potion or Pharmaceutical Cure - Dr. Galène
Mortier of the University of Higher Knowledge developed a drug to treat the
worst illnesses. Its origin: a glowing rock that fell out of the Amazonian
    New activity: Génome Québec, Welcome to the Island of Genomia - Come
discover this fascinating virtual island with its population of garden gnomes,
all of whom are science whizzes and genomic experts.
    Back this year: Héma-Québec, O, A, B, AB? Positive or Negative? -
Héma-Québec representatives will be on hand to determine your blood type.
    Back this year: Urgences-Santé, Paramedics Save Lives - Check out the new
Urgences-Santé ambulance and learn all about the pre-hospitalization emergency
system, from the 9-1-1 call to the hospital.


    New: Computer Research Institute of Montréal (CRIM), Hear Pictures, See
Voices - Multimedia can be of great assistance to people living with vision
and hearing loss. Come see different experiments with cutting-edge
technologies into automatic speech and image recognition.
    New: CREO inc.: Game for science?, Forestia - Urgent! Can you sustainably
manage a forest? Your mission is to find a balance among economic, ecological
and societal needs in this fascinating simulation game.
    New: CyberCap, Just Like in the Movies - Everyone knows the special
effects scenes in today's movies are shot against a "green screen." Film
yourself in front of a green screen and embed your image into a video you edit
    New: TechnoMontréal, Great Careers in ICT - Who are the designers behind
our movies, videos and electronic gadgets? Come meet some of them.

               SCIENCE TAKES THE STAGE, presented by Energizer

    Designed by the excellent chemistry professor and science popularist Ariel
Fenster, Cooking with Science is a multimedia show that explains the science
of food and cooking. Chock full of funny stories, entertaining demonstrations,
and even a little magic!
    Life is full of risks. Do climate change, food safety problems and other
dangers threaten our existence? Chemistry professor Ariel Fenster warns
against unjustified paranoia. Risks is an interactive presentation that
reassures and sets the record straight.
    With Yvon Fortin, you can't help but love science. In his interactive
presentation Traces, this unrivalled scientific communicator lets you relive a
400-year-old scientific experiment and reveals the masterpieces hidden inside
the everyday objects around you.
    Yannick Bergeron shows you a side of chemistry you've never seen before.
Colour, smoke, energy, explosions, collisions, fire and much more. A
high-energy performer who reveals the scientific secrets behind some
spectacular reactions.
    In another vein altogether, don't miss Semèl Rebèl, Fanfare Funk, a septet
of zany characters who sing and dance to the sounds of their brass and
percussion instruments. Seven performances to watch for.

             CONCOCTING SCIENCE, presented by Merck Frost Canada

    Ecole de l'ADN with support from the Consulat de France au Québec, Three
Genetic Enigmas - What do we know about DNA? Three entertaining workshops will
help reveal this mystery molecule. DNA, a Very Private Detective, DNA to
Darwin's Rescue and It's MY DNA!
    Look At the Stars. The Festival celebrates the International Year of
Astronomy with various star-finding workshops, presentations on the solar
system, and telescopic observations. Presented with the collaboration of the
Montréal Planetarium.
    What does the formula heat + sugar + centrifugal force produce? Find out
in the workshop Scientific Cotton Candy. Yes, science can be a real treat!

    Eureka! Festival hours

    Friday, June 12:   10 a.m. to 7:30 p.m., special programming from 8 to
                       11 p.m.
    Saturday, June 13: 11 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.
    Sunday, June 14:   11 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.

    To download high-resolution photographs of the Eureka! Festival, visit
    http://www.box.net/shared/x9duqos6ab Photo credits: Roland Lorente

For further information:

For further information: and press relations: Evelyn Dubois, (514)
527-3983, Mobile: (514) 770-3983, e.dubois@sympatico.ca; Lyne Pelletier, (514)
529-9797, Mobile: (514) 831-0991, lpcom@sympatico.ca; Source: Julie Mailhot,
Montréal Science Centre, (514) 283-8085, Mobile: (514) 838-4524,

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