The Steps to Effective Crisis Communications Planning

Your brand can spin into crisis at any moment. This may sound like fear-mongering, but in the social media age, it’s reality. The good news is that with proper planning, communications professionals can effectively handle or even diffuse a crisis the moment it strikes. In “Staying Ahead of the Game: The Steps to Effective Crisis Communications Planning,” a webinar with Colleen Pizarev of PR Newswire and Davia Temin (the CEO of Temin and Company, a reputation and crisis-management firm), the speakers review the appropriate actions to take before, during and after a crisis hits.

The Steps to Effective Crisis Communications Planning discusses:

  • The issues, vulnerabilities and audiences to identify before a crisis hits
  • What to do at the onset of a crisis … step by step, how to proceed
  • How to keep the situation under control, and monitor perception and sentiment throughout the crisis

Don't wait for a crisis to hit before considering your communications strategy. Getting caught off guard can mean the difference between success and failure, especially if your competitors are quick to respond. Take action today to ensure tomorrow's stability. Join CNW for this on-demand webinar, or read the written recap to obtain the tips and tools needed to craft an effective crisis plan.