Worthy on the Web – Best of 2014

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As we inch ever closer to a new year, we thought it would be fun to round-up our favourite stories from 2014! Here are the PR, media and communications stories we found Worthy on the Web this year.

Single-Tasking is the New Multitasking

This video, part of The Atlantic’s If Our Bodies Could Talk series, definitely made us LOL, but it also got us thinking about how media multitasking affects our daily lives. Our number one resolution for 2015: to really make Tabless Thursdays a thing.

PR and the pink ghetto

Of all the posts we shared this year, these two long-form think pieces that looked at gender dynamics in the public relations profession created the most buzz. Journalist Ann Friedman asks why do we treat PR like a pink ghetto, while Jennifer Pan dives into the Pink Collar.

How we got screwed by pumpkin spice condoms

From the Pope declaring that all dogs go to heaven to high school seniors making it rich, it feels like we can’t go a day without falling for another internet hoax. Craig Silverman – journalist, Tow Center fellow and our keynote speaker at #TheNewPR – looks at how we got screwed by pumpkin spice condoms.

Our changing news consumption habits

Earlier this year The New York Times published an interview with a Facebook developer that explained how the social networking platform’s algorithm is changing the way its users consume journalism. Meanwhile across the pond, The Online Journalism Blog shared new and interesting research into our news consumption practices.

Coverage of the Ottawa shooting from around the world

The Oct. 22 attack on Capital Hill was undoubtedly the top Canadian news story of the year. A day after the shooting Global News curated the covers of newspapers from around the world.

Ebola: Perspective vs. Panic

The Ebola crisis dominated headlines around the world, with stories ranging from to fear-mongering to well over-the-top. As a result, The Associated Press and The Canadian Press decided to stop reporting on every suspected case of Ebola, saving their stories for news of positive tests only. News Deeply created Ebola Deeply, a much needed hub for non-alarmist information on the disease.

And here are the top stories from our blog, Beyond the Wire:

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