Worthy on the Web – August 15, 2014



Didn’t get a chance to read all the things this week? Here’s what we found Worthy on the Web for PR, marketing and media types this week!

Timely vs. news jacking

Finding a news hook is the first thing you learn in media relations 101, but there’s a difference between being timely and news jacking. Bob LeDrew explains the difference in the wake of the myriad news articles, blog posts and social media that followed the recent death of Robin Williams.

Women in PR

On the heels of the Jennifer Pan’s in-depth look at PR’s “pink ghetto,” the Atlantic’s Olga Khazan asks why are there so many women in public relations? Get yourself a fresh coffee, this is an industry must-read.

Everything is content

Marketing expert Jon Sinden offers five tips for content marketing – starting with everything is content. We couldn’t agree more.

How pretentious do you sound?

Try out the Latin-O-Meter to test yourself for pretentiousness! Use this app to remove – or add – snobbishness from your content.

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