Wicked Wednesday Video Workshop Wrap-up

WWVW Video Team 1editededited


On Sept. 24th, bragging rights were awarded to and prizes collected by the winning team of CNW’s inaugural Wicked Wednesday Video Workshop! The competitive spirit was out in full force as ten of Toronto’s finest public relations professionals went to battle. Participants were paired with CNW producers and editors, and challenged to produce a video in just a few hours that our client, Twelfth Fret guitar shop, could use on their website.

Split into teams of five, each group was given the same materials to create their video. At the end of the night the videos were judged by industry professionals on the creative flow of video, use of materials provided, cohesiveness, and whether the video accomplished its goal: portraying the client’s key messages.

Congratulations to the winning team –Tasneem Dasoo, Argyle Communications; Colin Nekolaichuk, MAVERICK; Lisa Cancian, GCI Canada; Nancy Gray, LexPR and Michael McGrath, Post Beyond – who each walked away from the workshop with a $100 gift card and a shedload of priceless video knowledge!

Watch the winning video now!

WWVW Video

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