The Key to Press Release Success? Multiple Visual Elements



How can you get better results with your press releases? The data is in and the answer is clear: visual illustration of your message is a key driver of success.

PR Newswire’s analytics team recently updated – and significantly expanded – our analysis of press release types, and the results each produces in terms of online views. For the most recent iteration of this ongoing analysis, we looked at every press release viewed on last year, regardless of when it was issued. Well over one million press releases were measured.

For the analysis, we broke the release types into the following buckets:

  • Text Only
  • Text + one visual asset, such as a single image or video
  • Text + multiple visuals
  • Fully loaded multimedia press releases and campaign microsites

The results are clear – visuals drive more content views, and adding multiple media assets to your content (press releases, and anything else you publish online, for that matter) generates even better results.

Why visuals improve results:

One visual is good, more are better. There are a few reasons why this is the case.

  • Each visual is distributed in its own right, and has its own potential for garnering attention. In addition to the distribution of visual content the brand either pays for or executes on its own, each visual also has the potential to trigger social sharing, further expanding the audience for the message.
  • Visuals surface story elements that may be overlooked by readers, giving your messages second (and third) chances at connecting with readers. It’s easy to overlook a theme that’s presented in the middle of the fourth paragraph. However, calling attention to that theme with a visual – a video snippet or image – can help connect that message with readers who care, and who might have glanced over the message initially.
  • Journalists and bloggers are also hunting for visuals to illustrate the digital media they create. While they may not use the visuals your brand provides in their original form, they will often edit video to fit their stories or derive new works from infographics. Additionally, including visuals communicates that the story is one that can (and should be) illustrated visually, which will increase the story’s appeal for many digital content creators.

In Canada, CNW operates a photography assignment service and a professional in-house video production team ready to assist clients seeking quality visual assets to run with their news.

Author Sarah Skerik is PR Newswire’s vice president of strategic communications, and is the author of the ebook Driving Content Discovery. Follow her on Twitter at @sarahskerik. A version of today’s guest post previously appeared on PR Newswire’s Beyond PR blog. CNW Group is a PR Newswire company.

Sarah Skerek

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