Why PR Should Add Trendspotting to Their Toolkit


Creating compelling content on a consistent basis can be challenging for any company. While evergreen content is the long-term goal for content marketers, timely and trendy content also has its space in the content marketplace. It’s often tempting to jump on the bandwagon with newsjacking tactics, it’s possible to make viral content through good target audience research. 

In our recent webinar Trendspotting: Tips on Creating Cutting-Edge Content to Gain Brand Attention, Ken Wincko, Senior Vice President, Marketing at PR Newswire, and Marian Salzman, CEO at Havas PR North America shared their professional insights and experiences with content creation and marketing. Here are three reasons why PR and marketing should add trendspotting to their repertoire.




1. It is good for big business

When it comes to trends, you must “look at their density and velocity,” says Salzman. “How big is the trend? Will it be short-lived or have some longevity?” It’s a way for big businesses to stay on top of their industry. Keep a close eye on Twitter’s trending topics for breaking trends and Google Trends for more long-term traffic. This will help you determine what matters most to your key stakeholders. 


2. Discover unexpected opportunities that can transform your brand

Trendspotting can create opportunities both big and small for your business. No one can forget Oreo’s “Daily Twist” campaign in which they celebrated pop culture events with the iconic cookie. 



It brought Oreo’s brand front and center to consumers in places other than retail.  “Everything can be an opportunity if you have your research right,” says Salzman. 



3. It helps you plan for long-term success

Identifying trends early will help you plan for the future.  Knowing what changes are coming for your industry can help determine new product lines and what communications platforms to focus on. Media monitoring tools provide a competitive edge while helping to identify industry issues and opportunities.  Wincko suggests planning your editorial calendar with major events and holidays in mind. This is a great way to take control of your content while creating a sense of spontaneity for your audience.




To learn more about trendspotting and content marketing, listen to the full webinar or check out our slides. See how you can further diversify your content marketing by downloading our white paper, Reach Your Communications Objectives with an Intelligent Mix of Tactics. 


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