Marketing Trends 2016: Marketing Automation

According to marketers surveyed by Smart Insights, Marketing Automation is the marketing trend that will have the greatest commercial impact in 2016.  
Entrepreneur defines Marketing Automation as a category of technology that allows companies to streamline, automate and measure marketing tasks so they can increase operational efficiency and grow revenue faster. The Marketing Automation industry has experienced a high-level of growth compared to other CRM-related segments and it is estimated that by 2020, customers will manage 85% of their brand interactions without ever talking to a human being.

Marketing automation is a solution that provider Marketo suggests can lift the time consuming burden of modern marketing. Using a marketing automation platform – even at its most basic – can allow marketers to save time by scheduling thousands of emails, automating the publishing of social posts, tracking the lifecycle of customers in the marketing funnel and segmenting contacts.  

Once you get the hang of basic marketing automation features, you can use it for even greater benefit to boost your company’s brand awareness, customer acquisition, activation and retention rates. What follows are just a few of the advanced marketing automation hacks that Entrepreneur, believes every company should be using in 2016.

1. Use automated incentives

Using automated incentives is an activity best explained by Dropbox, who used this hack to increase signups by 60%. The file hosting service automatically incentivizes you to share and refer the service to your friends and social networks by rewarding you with additional memory. This free perk encourages sharing among users’ networks, without Dropbox having to spend any additional resources on advertising or promoting. They are using their customers as product ambassadors.

2. Automate content marketing with a user-generated system

Content marketing has shown enough early success that including it within long-term user acquisition strategies is expected to continue. When you build a large audience, implementing an automated, user-generated content system can help you to ensure a constant flow of new material on your site. YouMoz Blog, an SEO and online marketing blog created by the readers of Moz, is a great example. Anyone can post, and the best submissions are promoted to the main Moz Blog.

3. Segment promotions based on purchase behavior

Segment your prospects according to information such as previous activity history, personal and company information. Then, customize your marketing message and promotions for each marketing segment. This effort goes far beyond basic determination of customer personas and will require skilled data management and nuanced writing.

4. Know exactly when to call with real-time notifications

This means setting up alerts that send your sales team a notification in real-time that a lead is looking at a specific section of your site. For example, when a lead is viewing the pricing page on your site, a sales rep can receive a real-time notification telling them to call the prospective customer before they leave the page. An effective sales aid, this feature nonetheless has high creepy potential – you need to ensure this level of sales assertiveness is right for your brand and your customers.

5. Share behaviour insights with alerts

In addition to “call now” alerts, many of the top marketing automation software applications can trigger email or text alerts to sales when a lead…

  • Is assigned to a sales rep
  • Lands on your site
  • Requests a demo or trial
  • Watches a video marketing piece on your site
  • Attends webinars or virtual events

While these hacks can help you get more out of your Marketing Automation efforts, Hubspot advises that Marketing Automation can’t do it all. You still need a team of smart humans who can produce and promote strong content across channels, analyze data and keep your organization healthy and on the grid from a PR standpoint.   


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