Marketing Magazine and Strategy Come Together Under New Ownership Structure

Yesterday, Brunico Communications announced that it has acquired  Marketing Magazine from Rogers Media. The 108-year-old publication joins Brunico’s list of existing media industry publications, including strategy, Media in Canada and stimulant.

“We have long enjoyed a friendly rivalry between strategy and Marketing that has benefited the industry through a competitive focus on evolving content and programs to better serve the audience, “ said Russell Goldstein, president and CEO of Brunico, in a statement.

But what does this mean for the Canadian PR and marketing community? With so few media outlets covering PR and marketing topics, losing a dedicated publication is a bit of a blow, particularly for PR, whose lower budget work is often overshadowed in the media by big ad agency spends.

“The U.S. market for PR and marketing publications is quite large, but more isn’t always better,” says Mary Maddever, VP, editorial director at Brunico Communications. “We want to provide a better service overall and Marketing and strategy are very complimentary publications.” Both outlets cover breaking news, which often results in replicated content. “Not having to duplicate this content gives us more time to reach out to more voices in the industry,” says Maddever.  



Maddever detailed Brunico’s current portfolio, which caters to a host of industry segments. For example, Media in Canada speaks to media sellers, buyers and planners, whereas strategy is more marketing-focused and stimulant is geared to design and digital creators. “We plan to put more resources into enterprise news and expand portfolios,” says Maddever.

The company is looking to invest in resources of scale that are complimentary to the current portfolio. Prior to Marketing, Brunico acquired Achilles Media, which included operating rights to the Banff World Media Festival. “We want to be the industry leader in media and marketing publications, and acquiring Marketing helps us accomplish that goal,” said Maddever. Brunico also acquired CARDonline and the National List of Advertisers (NLA) from Rogers Media, which helps them build richer database products for media and marketers.

In terms of next steps, Brunico plans to solicit feedback from the PR and marketing community on what they value most from each brand. Maddever says that the company has a vested interest in Marketing’s 30 under 30 program, but will make further decisions once they gather and assess this industry feedback.  The company doesn’t anticipate any changes to the existing event portfolio and hopes that print options for Strategy and Marketing won’t diminish, but said it entirely depend on moves made by the rest of the industry. Strategy publishes 7-8 issues per year and Marketing is published quarterly.  

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