Canadian Content We Love: Heart and Stroke Foundation video series brings research to life

The Heart and Stroke Foundation (HSF) has funded decades of research advancements leading to scientific breakthroughs that have transformed heart health across Canada. While it’s exciting for scientists to share research results, the subject matter is often so complex that its value is lost in the explanation. 

To show Canadians that research is more than microscopes and Petri dishes, HSF developed a series of testimonial videos that were produced by CNW Creative to educate audiences on the research process and inspire a deeper connection among donors by demonstrating the caliber of research that their generosity helps to propel. The videos were released in conjunction with the 2015 Heart and Stroke Foundation Report on the Health of Canadians as part of Hearth Month.

“Research is exciting possibilities; it is moments of life-changing discovery and breakthroughs that can transform lives,” said Geoff Craig, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer , Heart and Stroke Foundation . “Video inspires. It is a powerful tool for our researchers and survivors to tell their stories and create an understanding of and excitement about the incredible impact and potential of HSF research.”

A total of fifteen video clips were produced to highlight the transformative  potential  of HSF research and the survivors whose lives benefit from new discoveries. Each video featured a researcher or survivor and varied in length from 30 seconds to two minutes. 

Shared in HSF e-newsletters, website and on social channels, the number of people reached through the videos – measured in likes, views and shares – went beyond the HSF’s expectations: a combined total of more than 363,000 people viewed the videos. But even more important, the videos added a new layer of engagement with Canadians through their comments.

The social media community became ambassadors for HSF research, sharing their personal stories, giving the research narrative an emotionally compelling, engaging authenticity. Some said their lives were saved by the very researcher in the video; others told of loved ones lost too soon; and still others commented that this is exactly why they donate to HSF.

The HSF research testimonial videos brought an otherwise academic subject to life, lending an emotional element that could not be achieved through text or photos alone. Humans process video images faster than text and it’s a powerful way to trigger an emotional connection. The profound impact of the personal stories shared in the HSF video series makes this truly Canadian Content We Love!

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