Throughout the long, dark journey of January we curated our way down many a social stream, clicked every link, read all of the articles, watched a dozens of videos and streamed more than one Bowie tune through earbuds at our desks. Here is a mere snippet of what we found worthy on the web in January.


Amidst the chaos of the holiday season, we still found time to read some great stories this month. Check out our final Worthy on the Web for 2015.

WOTW November 2015

Gee, thanks November for presenting us with a cacophony of world news stories too tragic or political for sharing on WOTW. The good news is we still found many noteworthy items on the interwebs this past month that we can and did share with you.

Worthy on the Web - October 2015

October was a pretty busy month in Canadian media. Feel like you missed out on some compelling non-election news? Catch up with our favourite finds from this month.

Worthy on the Web - Sept 2015

September we hardly knew you. This back-to-school month always seems to sweep past, fuelled by the energy of fresh resolve, the delight of new projects and in this case, a total eclipse of a harvest moon that added exciting multimedia assets to the first days of fall. Also, squash! But what are the stories that sucked us away from our to-do lists and dragged us deep into the interwebs this month?

WOTW Aug 2015

So summer is over, more or less, but we’re still wearing flip flops off-hours and that counts for something right? In other good news, it’s time for our monthly round-up of things we found, read and “liked” online as we clicked and curated our way to September.

WOTW July 2015

In case you weren’t watching, July has come and gone already and it’s time again for a round-up of things we found worthy of our available minutes this past month.


As we head into another month, we wanted to share some of the links from around the web that caught our attention over the past few weeks. Here’s what we’ve been reading and what’s been popular on Beyond the Wire!