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Public relations professionals have been using a wide array of metrics to show the ROI of their efforts to senior management. But with so many to choose from, where should you focus? Here are five metrics you should be using to measure the performance of your news release:

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When you have mastered the basics of news release writing, you need to go beyond those basic steps to optimize your content distribution.

Cover Engaging the Media

When it comes to media relations, who better to learn from than journalists themselves? Here are few things worth considering before you pick up the phone or send that pitch email.

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It is important to strategically choose your wire provider service and the latest CNW white paper, Your Trusted Partner: Selecting a Wire Service Provider, gives you expert tips and advice to help you make your decision.

Its Time to Rethink Public Relations.

It’s time to rethink public relations. Here are three ways you can reignite your PR strategies and tactics.

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In today’s digital era, the media landscape and definition of earned media has changed. There are many new opportunities to earn visibility for your brand as earned media is no longer confined to the front page of a newspaper or magazine.

Sobeys Case Study

IGA, Sobeys Québec’s retail brand, is the largest group of independent grocers in Canada and when they added a new product to their offering, their communications team develops a product launch campaign, targeting both the media and public to build brand awareness and increase visibility. We took a brief look at their challenge and approach, which was guided by CNW’s services.

Why You Need More EarnedMedia

Although it may be difficult to acquire earned media, it is incredibly valuable and can play a major part in a brand’s success. However, why is earned media so important to a brand achieving its objectives? We explore three reasons why your brand should be seeking out earned media.