As the requests come in, make sure that your media spokesperson is informed and prepared for each interview by preparing a media interview brief. Here's how to do it.


To ensure a smooth multichannel experience, CNW has created a helpful guide for sizing images to meet the spec requirements for some of the more common social networks and websites. Happy campaigning!

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This week, we’re introducing the latest news release upgrade: Choice!

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Whether you want to drive discovery of owned channels, increase traffic or boost downloads, taking your blog to the next level can help you reach your marketing goals.


An unprepared or untrained spokesperson can be a ticking time bomb for your brand. The company spokesperson represents the voice and personification of your brand, so it’s imperative that they be informed, prepared, trained and knowledgeable. This extends to the media contacts listed on your news release or website; are they ready?

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In a previous post, we talked about the tactic of pivoting, or bridging, back to your story in the face of adverse questioning from a skeptical audience, moderator or journalist. The prospect of fielding questions from a reporter can be intimidating but, if handled correctly, engaging in a media interview can prove to be beneficial to all parties.

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In this post, we examine how you can bring data from multiple sources to illustrate how your release is contributing to business outcomes.

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As any PR professional knows, measuring the true impact of PR efforts remains an inexact science. Here are foundations to creating reports that are more meaningful to clients.