Many marketing and PR teams choose to build a stand-alone website as a way to share all the links and multimedia assets related to a news event or marketing initiative. But thinking beyond the planning and producing of multiple campaign assets (on time), and packaging it all together as a website (on time) can seem like an impossible task. Creating a one of these sites, sometimes called a digital...


These days, it’s incredibly rare for communicators to create any content without multimedia. From social media to news releases and blog posts, visual assets can dramatically increase your brand’s visibility in a crowded marketplace both online and offline.


Generating types of content worth sharing may seem overwhelming, but is easier than you think.

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CNW’s Content Centre is a landing page and content distribution platform that acts as a digital meeting kit for your campaign. Here are three reasons why you should consider using a digital media kit with your next release:


This is not the first time we have discussed the importance of multimedia and it probably won’t be the last; we simply cannot emphasise enough just how impactful adding that video or image along with your content, truly is.


In our recent webinar, Video Creation and Strategy for Today’s Modern Content Marketer, Jay Durgan, Chief Content & Marketing Officer at MediaMobz, Paul Kontonis, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer at DIGIDAY, and Allison Stern, Co-Founder & VP, Business Development at Tubular Labs shared their professional insights and experiences with video creation and how it fits into your...


Beyond the Wire has created a new series of posts dedicated to debunking the myths & misconceptions that surround marketing and PR activities. Here are 5 common multimedia myths—and the truth behind them.

St. Baldricks Case Study

St. Baldrick’s enlisted the help of CNW’s parent company, PR Newswire, to develop and share a new narrative around childhood cancers.