To ensure a smooth multichannel experience, CNW has created a helpful guide for sizing images to meet the spec requirements for some of the more common social networks and websites. Happy campaigning!

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Does nothing ever get easier? It seems that with each new development, marketers are faced with more to do than ever before. Next year, 2017 is already shaping up to be more demanding than ever.


While they provide ample opportunity for companies to share their news in a more digestable manner, some still bite off more than they can chew. Infographics must be well-researched, visually appealing and readable for your audience. We break down the anatomy of a successful infographic into 6 key parts:

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CNW’s Content Distribution Driver Checklist can help you to set your distribution strategy according to campaign goals and objectives.


This webinar will share these success factors in detail to give you a better understanding of how to develop great content that resonates with your buyer.

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This article from CNW looks at each stage of a successful product launch in detail.


Publishing a daily or weekly blog can be challenging all on its own as it requires valuable time and resources that many PR and content marketing teams no longer have. Timeliness aside, blogs must be interesting, compelling and useful in order to gain and maintain readership, which will often place communicators in a constant state of “writers block.” Here are five best practices for generating...