In observance of our anniversary, I want to highlight some significant milestones from this past year that embody our company values and community.

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PR Daily’s 2018 Digital PR & Social Media Awards has just awarded the Cision blog with an honourable mention, and we’re so thrilled to be part of the transformation we see in our organization and in the greater PR and communications space.


As we commemorate the great progress LGBTQ people have accomplished in recent years, it is important to continue a productive dialogue in the workplace, in our communities and at the dinner table about LGBTQ equality and inclusion all year long.


Although the press release is a tried-and-true tactic for brand communications, there’s much more to writing and distributing one than meets the eye.


You can still pick up a phone and call a journalist, or send a direct message on social platforms like Twitter, otherwise known as “sliding into their DMs.” Based on the latest stats, though, nothing is as likely to get the media’s attention as sending a press release.


A powerful press release has just that — power — the power to get the point across quickly, efficiently and effectively, while conveying the most important information.


Once again Cision surveyed journalists in six countries this year about their perception of the media industry. And as is the case every year, we’re amazed at how things change.