Here are four easy ways to help marketing teams learn about their customers on a deeper level to find the very best strategies for engagement.


What does it mean to have company culture? What are company values? At Cision®, we’ve invested a lot of time and energy in defining who we are and what’s important to us. Here’s a slide that identifies our values:


If you’re interested in learning more about how Cision and Prime Research will work together to change the future of communications, view the video, or read the transcript below.


The message for marketers? Stop thinking like an advertiser and start thinking like a media company. Instead of trying to creatively interrupt content that consumers watch, listen to, and read, be the content that consumers want to interact with.


New and innovative ideas are a must in your marketing strategy, but designing campaigns is a long and involved process. What if you could get your customers to create ads for you?


Recently, I co-hosted a webinar to discuss this topic. Entitled “The Rise of Earned Media: Quantifying Comms and PR Value,” I was joined by James McQuivey of Forrester and Amy Binder of R.F. Binder. In this webinar, we dove into how the decline of advertising has affected and even elevated earned media, as well as how earned media deserves a second look now that we have technological innovations...


Here are eight types of content and examples of how to promote them to not only boost your organic presence but to drive demand and engagement.


This blog post explains the limitations of traditional PR metrics and shows how leveraging new technology and services, such as the Cision Communications Cloud and Cision Intelligence, successfully helped Slimming World attribute sales funnel activity and revenue to PR campaigns.