With today’s consumer AI tools at your fingertips, it may feel like you don’t need a computer science degree to understand how artificial intelligence will bring value to the communications process.


If you’re interested in learning more about how Cision and Prime Research will work together to change the future of communications, view the video, or read the transcript below.


Recently, I co-hosted a webinar to discuss this topic. Entitled “The Rise of Earned Media: Quantifying Comms and PR Value,” I was joined by James McQuivey of Forrester and Amy Binder of R.F. Binder. In this webinar, we dove into how the decline of advertising has affected and even elevated earned media, as well as how earned media deserves a second look now that we have technological innovations...


Of the three pillars of the marketer’s media mix — paid, owned and earned — earned media can be the most challenging to measure.


Those who work in marketing communications have grappled with a very existential question in recent years: If marketing comms is becoming a more data-driven profession, then what happens to the art of storytelling I’ve cultivated my whole career?