Once again Cision surveyed journalists in six countries this year about their perception of the media industry. And as is the case every year, we’re amazed at how things change.


In Cision’s 2017 Global Comms Report: Challenges and Trends, we talked to communications professionals around the world to understand the issues they face. In this post, we’ll also assess the cause of these issues, as well as look at solutions.


The concept of “fake news” is anything but novel. In the 1890s, it was called yellow journalism and was a tactic designed by greedy newspaper publishers to sell more newspapers using scandalous (and not necessarily true) headlines.


According to the recent Cision 2017 Canadian Social Journalism Study, among journalists, there are five distinct types of social media users. These personas impact the way journalists view social media as a tool of their trade.


According to the recent Cision 2017 Canadian Social Journalism Study, 68% of journalists believe that fake news is a problem that social media may perpetuate. We look at ways for PR professionals and marketers to overcome this mistrust.


While there are many different challenges that come along with overhauling or updating your brand image, these five tasks will set you off on the right track.


We just finished celebrating our 150th anniversary (and brand launch, and IPO!) and now we're strapping our party hats back on to celebrate a decade of CODiE Award wins for Cision.


VP Nick Bell explains how he refocused the brand image to better reflect Cision’s vision, which is to elevate the art, science and impact of the communications profession.


Read on to learn how you can tell your best rebranding story.


Journalists are more prepared today to engage in a digital-first environment and they see sponsored content and native advertising as less important than last year. This presents a huge opportunity for brands to tell newsworthy stories in a variety of formats; by doing so, they can use content as a tool for building brand credibility and thought leadership, educating and entertaining their audiences...