It was a golden night for Cision at this year’s AMEC Awards, as its companies took home a combined 12 prizes, including four Gold awards.


A powerful press release has just that — power — the power to get the point across quickly, efficiently and effectively, while conveying the most important information.


To truly get a comprehensive understanding of how your brand fits into the media landscape, and figure out new ways your client can be included in future coverage, you need to think a step beyond traditional media monitoring. Here are three other areas where you should be paying close attention to.


Here are four easy ways to help marketing teams learn about their customers on a deeper level to find the very best strategies for engagement.


For marketers looking to tap into the brand ambassador subset of influencer marketing, these numbers indicate that simply having an ambassador program is no longer enough differentiation.


As consumers become warier of digital ads that infringe on their privacy, brands must think of ways to relate to their customers without appearing to intrude on them. Is there an opportunity for brands to get ahead by establishing themselves as privacy-conscious, at a time when targeted — even invasive — ads are the norm?


The message for marketers? Stop thinking like an advertiser and start thinking like a media company. Instead of trying to creatively interrupt content that consumers watch, listen to, and read, be the content that consumers want to interact with.


Let’s discuss some social selling strategies that can help your business in creating profitable and positive messages.


Taking the extra time to build a comprehensive database of well-researched and targeted contacts will help you better develop relationships with media — which will ultimately lead to results in the form of earned coverage.


New and innovative ideas are a must in your marketing strategy, but designing campaigns is a long and involved process. What if you could get your customers to create ads for you?


When you engage or respond, you’re able to do so from a high-level, bird’s-eye view. You will know how the public and competition see you and the point of view they’re coming from. You’ve established a brand they’re playing off of, and you know how to talk to them and convince them.


If you want to get a better picture of your PR efforts, you’ll need to understand the nuances behind the metrics. Here are four ways to do that.


Generating and distributing your brand’s vital news is an important part of how you stay relevant in the minds of the media and your wider customer base. But a news release can do so much more than simply tell someone about your company.


Unfortunately, you may not know when a PR disaster is going to happen. However, you have the choice to be prepared so that when it does you can put out the fire before it spreads.


SEO for content is all about discovery. It’s no longer about competing in just your industry or niche. You have to find a way to stand out in a marketplace overflowing with news.


There’s a new trend in the creative world — more companies are building their own in-house teams for a range of creative work that used to be assigned to external agencies.


How can your company make waves in an overcrowded industry? In her work, Strong Marketing's Lisa Strong follows these five tips to ensure client success.


Analytics has opened up an entirely new world to marketers, sending many down the data rabbit hole. The numbers seemingly tell us what does and doesn’t work, but these metrics only answer a yes or no question: Are people engaging?


Could cross-channel reporting usher in a new way of doing PR measurement in the digital era? Read on to find out.


Let’s examine three ways of distributing content and how to get them up to date.


While it’s indisputable that content marketing is making waves in the business world, many marketers still complain about challenges they face on a daily basis.


With nearly 91 per cent of people saying advertisements are more intrusive today than they were two years ago, earned media or word-of-mouth approach provides an excellent opportunity to improve conversion rates and generate sales.


As the digital realm expands and becomes increasingly complex, many modern-day marketing departments are dividing themselves into multiple specialized teams. CMOs believe this is the best way to remain nimble and on the cutting edge of the latest techniques and tactics — and they're correct.


The mantra in the newsroom used to be, “If it bleeds, it leads.” Today’s new buzz phrase is, “If it’s shareable, it’s airable.” Social media is becoming a dictating force in all aspects of marketing and PR. It’s no longer just getting covered in a media outlet — it’s how far can that story be carried with social media. Does it evoke emotion...


Yes, holiday gift guide pitching season is here already! Editorial staffs at major publications are gearing up for their annual product recommendations, bloggers and influencers are outlining deadlines and a variety of guides they will publish, and you the PR professional are planning to showcase your latest product for the holidays.


Public Service Announcements (PSAs) can be an excellent way to raise awareness for a nonprofit organization — to help bring their mission to life and drive intended actions to help support a cause.


If you tell your brand’s story well, it can have a significant impact. If not, you can confuse and lose customers.


Mark Schaefer explains how brands can listen to their influencers more effectively.


Competition for attention and business has never been fiercer…ever. Your competitor is no longer the shop down the street or even a contender in your home state or country. They are stealing your lunch from the other side of the world.


If you had to guess, how long is the average person’s attention span? Five minutes? One minute? Maybe 10 seconds?


You can’t use customer feedback to improve your operations without listening. And in an increasingly noisy world, we need to listen harder than ever. Here’s how.


Here are a few ways you can remove the boundaries between business and philanthropy, to help create the big picture.


It isn’t a tweet, a newsbite or factoid; it’s a news release. And it’s your story. Here is how you can tell it


While not all press is good press, the more earned media coverage you receive, the more likely you are to be noticed and remembered by your target audience. Here are four instances when you should consider going off-message.


There are social conversations happening all around us, and people aren’t just talking about what they had for breakfast anymore.


Some people like just peanut butter on their sandwich and some people like just jelly; but when you put them together, that’s where the magic happens. It’s the same thing with social media and PR.


Travel season is here and for those of you in the travel PR business, there are countless opportunities to tell your story to travel journalists, bloggers, influencers – and consumers. But how do you reach the always-on-the-move travel media?


Ken Wincko, SVP of Marketing at Cision and PR Newswire, explored three fundamental questions that every Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Communications Officer should be able to answer about their communications strategy.