Abigail Bimman is an award-winning journalist and an Ottawa-based correspondent for Global National. Most recently, Bimman was based in Kitchener, leading CTV’s local investigative unit. Before that, she spent five years as their weekend anchor and producer.


Journaliste primée, Abigail Bimman est correspondante à Ottawa pour l’émission Global National.


Here are a few insights communicators may find worth knowing as they roll out their 2018 plans.


Award-winning journalist David Akin is a familiar face to Canadians who follow federal and electoral politics. He’s currently the Chief Political Correspondent for Global News where his work is featured across Global News programs, on Corus Radio stations and on


Born and raised in Calgary, award-winning journalist Linda Olsen anchors the 6 p.m. newscast at Global News Calgary. In her 20 years at Global, Olsen has seen some of the biggest events to hit the city including the 2013 Southern Alberta Floods.


Matt Gurney is a print and broadcast journalist based in Toronto who can be heard weekday mornings from 5:30 to 9 a.m., on AM 640. A military historian by education, Matt’s first big break in media came at the National Post, where he began writing in 2007.


Drex has over 20 years experience in broadcasting and programming. He co-hosts the Steele and Drex show alongside Lynda Steele weekday afternoons on CKNW 980.


Here are a few simple and creative ways your brand can create experiences that move people from inspiration to action.


Gord Steinke is no stranger to the people of Edmonton, he’s anchored the local Global News 6 p.m. newscast for the past 25 years.


PR agencies typically work with clients who have a wide range of communications needs. Efficiency is key and agency pros must find quick ways to meet and exceed their clients’ goals.


Charles Adler is a 40-year radio and television broadcast veteran whose career has taken him all across Canada; working in Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, London, Hamilton, and Winnipeg. He can be heard across the Western Canada airwaves weeknights on Corus Radio.


As the requests come in, make sure that your media spokesperson is informed and prepared for each interview by preparing a media interview brief. Here's how to do it.


To celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday, the bank is revitalizing over 150 community spaces across the country. Here’s why we’re digging this year-long campaign.


On March 7th, The Canadian Journalism Foundation hosted a ‘J-TALK’ about the Harassment of Women in Media. A panel moderated by Piya Chattopadhyay, host of CBC Radio’s Out in the Open, included Heather Mallick, columnist at the Toronto Star, Manisha Krishnan, Canada’s senior writer, and Janet McFarland, business reporter at The Globe and Mail.


To ensure a smooth multichannel experience, CNW has created a helpful guide for sizing images to meet the spec requirements for some of the more common social networks and websites. Happy campaigning!


Many marketing and PR teams choose to build a stand-alone website as a way to share all the links and multimedia assets related to a news event or marketing initiative. But thinking beyond the planning and producing of multiple campaign assets (on time), and packaging it all together as a website (on time) can seem like an impossible task. Creating a one of these sites, sometimes called a digital...


If you’re a nighthawk or use the news to wind down from the day, you’re probably familiar with Antony Robart. The news anchor and host can be seen weeknights across the country at 11p.m, covering major local, national and international stories.


This week, PR agency Edelman Canada unveiled its “Trust Barometer,” which aims to educate media, businesses and government on the status of public trust. Given that 2016 was largely considered the year of “post-truth,” it’s unlikely that many will be surprised at this year’s results.


Planning and execution are important processes for IRO professionals.


With the year-long Canada 150 celebration now underway, CNW and Cision decided to see how engaged Canadians are with this milestone anniversary.


In a recent webinar hosted by the Canadian Marketing Association in partnership with CNW, “Brand You: Building Your Personal Brand,” Paralympic Gold medalist Benoît Huot shared his best practices for building a credible and recognizable personal brand. “A strong personal brand can drive your career by opening up professional opportunities,” he said. Here are a few of...


When it comes to the web, curation is the process of hand-selecting, organizing and presenting content, to improve user experience. Today’s curators are subject matter experts who take the time to carefully review and thoughtfully determine which material has the most relevance and value to site visitors.


There isn’t a “one-size-fits-all” social media strategy for brands just as we don’t all think the same things are funny. Here are a few questions worth asking to determine where your brand should sit on the sass spectrum.


A veteran broadcaster with 20 years of radio and television experience, Jeff McArthur prides himself on knowing how to engage and inform his audience. He co-hosts Global's The Morning Show, andjoins Matt Gurney and Supriya Dwivedi for candid conversation on developing stories through the morning on AM 640.


As the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) wraps up this weekend, Canadians have their eyes glued to the technology beat. These Canadian reporters and influencers are keeping their attention.


Here are some of the content marketing tips we picked up this year that will serve you well in 2017.


We looked back to find the best posts about social media hacks, tips, tricks and discoveries and rounded them up here as a little gift for all the social media managers:


We looked back at our favourite multimedia tips and tricks to help your organization make a big splash in 2017.


We took a look back at some of our year’s best content to help IROs streamline their communications planning in 2017:


If better eating habits are in your future, you might consider this: Loblaw recently released it’s 2017 Canadian Food Trends review. Using internal and industry data, the company consulted experts in the culinary industry to determine what underlying motivations and drivers exist within Canada’s food landscape. Why?


When it comes to getting the latest health and medical news, where (aside from Dr. Google) do Canadians turn for information? To Twitter of course, and in particular, to the following reporters and influencers...


A social media audit is a way to ensure that your current strategy is delivering results before you build on it for next year. It also gives you some sweet ROI stats to share with your senior executives.


These days, it’s incredibly rare for communicators to create any content without multimedia. From social media to news releases and blog posts, visual assets can dramatically increase your brand’s visibility in a crowded marketplace both online and offline.


What’s up for 2017? Advertising agency sparks & honey takes a few good guesses within the recently released A-Z Culture Glossary of 2017: The Trends You Need to Know to be Relevant. This annual list is packed with pop culture possibilities for the year ahead; last year’s Glossary achieved a prediction accuracy of 80%. We couldn’t resist taking a look at some of the predictions...


When two-thirds of Canadians are pocketing a smartphone, mobile-friendliness should be a top priority for anyone with a website or with responsibility for digital content. If your website is not easy to see and navigate on a phone or tablet, you’re cheating yourself out of an enormous potential audience.


To achieve maximum reach and awareness, communicators need to consider SEO potential as they draft each piece of content. Whether it’s a news release or tweet, each URL adds value to your brand. Google rankings rely on a host of factors; three of them being different link types. Wait, there’s more than one kind of link?


Like any outsourced group, translators need the right kind of information to help PR and marketers deliver their messages accurately. To help you save time and money while gaining credibility with your audience, we asked our translation team for a few tips on navigating the translation process.


Emmy-winning journalist Chris Gailus co-anchors Global News Hour at 6 on Global BC with Sophie Lui. Winner of back-to-back Canadian Screen Awards, Gailus was previously a host and anchor for Good Day New York.


We asked April Rashad, graphic designer at Cision for her thoughts and advice on making the most of your brand’s colour palette.


Done right, social media is an important part of your multichannel communications campaign. It is also notoriously comprised of tiny bits and pieces, all of which need to be managed in the right way, at the right time and with the right content for each platform. In the fight for ultimate social media mastery, here are our secret weapons.


Partnering with a brilliant set of influencers for a PR campaign can be a shining moment in any pro’s career. But like everything else worth having, there’s work involved. Follow these tips, and you’ll be on your way to building strong and fruitful influencer relationships.


Joanna Track is the founder and editor in chief of The Bullet, a free newsletter delivered every weekday morning via email. Created for Canadians by Canadians, the biggest news stories of the day are distilled into a conversational tone that makes it feel like you're hearing from a well-informed friend.


Here are a few ways that Sears Canada has successfully kick started the re-branding process.


Yesterday, Brunico Communications announced that it has acquired Marketing Magazine from Rogers Media. The 108 year-old publication joins Brunico’s list of existing media industry publications, including strategy, Media in Canada and stimulant. But what does this mean for the Canadian PR and marketing community?


We asked Bob Pickard, principal at Signal Leadership Communication for a few tips to help business leaders enter the social media sphere.


Anum Rubec is a beauty & lifestyle blogger, content creator and freelance communications consultant. She spends her days writing, taking photos, and drinking lots of coffee. Here's what we learned about her.


As Co-Host of Steele & Drex on News Talk 980 CKNW, Lynda Steele reports on the biggest headlines of the day while offering conversational insights into the issues making waves in Metro Vancouver.


In just under a month, the United States will have its 45th President; Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. Canadians, like many other countries, have had their eyes glued to each candidate’s campaign, which have been both entertaining and controversial. With countless Washington correspondents from both traditional and new media outlets, where are Canadians getting their U.S election fix from?


Not sure how to use Twitter Moments? Here are a few ideas & best practices to get you started.


Data and measurement advancements have made it easier than ever for communicators to demonstrate ROI to clients and the c-suite. But even as our relationship with numbers and figures has improved, many misconceptions about measurement, particularly around media monitoring, still persist. Here are a few monitoring myths we’d like to get rid of for good.


While they provide ample opportunity for companies to share their news in a more digestable manner, some still bite off more than they can chew. Infographics must be well-researched, visually appealing and readable for your audience. We break down the anatomy of a successful infographic into 6 key parts:


PR and marketers commonly track their social media mentions and engagements, but how much actual listening is happening? Just because your handle or hashtag hasn’t been used doesn’t mean something valuable to your brand isn’t being discussed.


To provide a smoother experience for everyone involved, we asked our Creative Services team what clients should know before consulting a video production team.


These might seem like small changes but they streamline opportunities for brands to engage and resolve customer issues without creating a stilted conversation. How will it impact your social media strategy? Here are a few ways your brand can make the most of these important changes.


The Shareholder Confidence 365 Study asked institutional and individual investors if multimedia improves their understanding of a company’s financials and future. As it turns out, not only are visuals are strongly welcomed in the IR world, they often affect investment decisions.


In a recent Cision webinar, Rio & Zika: Managing Communication Challenges, James Rubec, Content Strategist at Cision and Peter Land, Managing Partner at Finbury discussed the impact of the Zika virus on the recent Summer Games and provided best practices for crises at events. No matter the size of your next event, here are seven essentials for success.


Generating types of content worth sharing may seem overwhelming, but is easier than you think.


With Rio2016 behind us, you have just enough time to give your patriotism a quick rest before the 2016 Paralympic Games begin! To maintain momentum and promote audience interest in the upcoming event, the Canadian Paralympic Committee (CPC) alongside BBDO Canada launched its ParaTough Training Series featuring grueling workouts led by Canadian Paralympians.


Don’t panic just yet – you’re not quite late. But do consider these tips before you press ‘send’ on that holiday pitch.


In a recent webinar from the Canadian Marketing Association and CNW, "Surrounding The End Customer - Creating A Consistent Message" Gary Edgar, Principal at East End Digital shared how companies large and small can create an omni-channel strategy. Here are a few of his best practices.


Live-tweeting encourages people to interact with your brand helping boost engagement and awareness. This is the case whether you’re hosting an event or simply attending. Either way, it connects you to all the smart things happening onstage and demonstrates your willingness to share these events with your audience. Here are a few tips to help you live-tweet like a pro.


As word of mouth remains the most valuable and successful method of persuasion, influencers have no doubt become a key audience in any public relations campaign. But finding these influencers can be easier said than done, and they can be even harder to identify. According to digital marketing expert Brian Solis, 2/3 of marketers say that finding relevant influencers is the most challenging part of...


Summer plans usually include reading a good book or two, so at the end of June, Indigo launched #ReadtheNorth a campaign to promote Canadian literature. Here’s how this campaign became a page-turner for readers across the country.


Social media marketers know engagement doubles for tweets that include them, but like any communications tool, hashtags must be used effectively. Here are some best practices for being handy with hashtags.


Here are a few ways that you can optimize your social media content for search and SEO.


Here are some tips to keep you on the pulse of your industry and top of mind with your audience.


In our recent webinar, Video Creation and Strategy for Today’s Modern Content Marketer, Jay Durgan, Chief Content & Marketing Officer at MediaMobz, Paul Kontonis, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer at DIGIDAY, and Allison Stern, Co-Founder & VP, Business Development at Tubular Labs shared their professional insights and experiences with video creation and how it fits into your...


What do cats, cucumbers, and gin have in common? More than you’d think! Let’s start with the gin, a summer cocktail staple. Add cats, which according to the Internet are terrified of cucumbers, and you’ve got the makings of a very curious campaign by Hendrick’s Gin, “Cats versus Cucumbers”.


On June 23rd, CPRS Toronto presented survey data collected from Canadian journalists by Leger and CNW about their PR and media relations preferences. Presented by Dave Scholz, Managing Partner of Leger 360 and Laurie Smith, VP Strategic Communications, Media and Audience Relations at CNW, the study results reinforced some key essentials and introduced new ideas for anyone seeking to improve their...


Everyone knows how important it is to have a correct and current media list, but keeping it updated is a task that always seems to fall by the wayside. Media lists need to be ready at a moment’s notice. Here’s how to keep your media list in tip-top shape all the time.


At this year’s World PR Forum, Canadian CEOs from McDonald’s Canada, Ford Canada and TIFF discussed the challenges and rewards of being a part of a larger, international brand. Here are some of their thoughts on branding and communications in Canada that PR professionals can apply to their own organization.


At May’s 2016 World PR Forum, Christie Smith, APR, Founder of Elite Communicators Group Inc., shared her experience with a pilot PR program for recycling in the City of Vancouver, where 45 per cent of residents are members of a visible minority group. Here are Smith’s ten strategies for engaging in effective cross-cultural communications.


Beyond the Wire has created a new series of posts dedicated to debunking the myths & misconceptions that surround marketing and PR activities. Here are 6 common myths about crisis communications—and the truth behind them:


In our recent webinar, Multichannel Content Strategy: How to Build Awareness Customers and Revenue, Matt Heinz, President at Heinz Marketing shared his professional insights and experiences with multichannel content marketing. Matt shared his four steps to a strong multichannel strategy, which will help guide your decision-making when it comes to channel selection.


Crafting the perfect pitch can be daunting, especially when 69% of journalists spend less than a minute reading them. That’s why choosing the right journalist is crucial. But with a constantly changing media environment, it can be hard to determine which journalists are the best fit for your news. The next time you’re putting together a media list, use this checklist to help keep your...


While Hudson’s Bay and the Canadian Olympic Committee (COC) have collaborated many times, the execution of this year’s big reveal had a successful multi-channel approach. Here are a few ways this fashion-forward campaign elevated itself.


In our recent webinar, Navigating a Crisis: Top Tips on How to Protect your Reputation, Patrick Hillmann, Senior Vice President at LEVICK, and Karen Doyne, Managing Director and Leader U.S. Crisis Practice at Burson-Marsteller shared their professional insights and experiences with crisis communications planning and execution.


Beyond the Wire has created a new series of posts dedicated to debunking the myths & misconceptions that surround marketing and PR activities. Let’s quash these six content marketing myths once and for all.


The primary goal for any content marketer is to generate leads. The process starts by creating compelling content -- easier said than done. Here are a few tips for writing effective evergreen content:


To make sure each and every Torontonian has the chance to play an instrument, Sun Life Financial and the Toronto Public Library have created the city's first musical instrument library. With the swipe of a library card, anyone can borrow any of the 100 available instruments including guitars, violins and portable keyboards. Here are three reasons why this campaign was music to our content marketing...


Building brand awareness online can be daunting. To share your wealth of industry knowledge, you’ll need to teeter along a fine line of professionalism without appearing pushy, aggressive or ignorant. Like any new relationship, someone needs to make the first move. Twitter chats are a great opportunity for brands to share their knowledge with a well-engaged and curious environment. We spoke...


Sometimes it’s difficult enough to get a news release approved internally, without having to think about SEO potential. But if exposure or disclosure or page views are part of your goals, your communications efforts must give heed to content discoverability through search engines. A helpful laundry list of search engine violations and penalties demonstrates ways your content can be responsible...


April is #BeADonor month in Ontario and the Trillium Gift of Life Network (TGLN) is asking residents to register themselves as organ and tissue donors. Over three million Ontarians have already registered (about 24% of the population). One donor can save up to eight lives. Here are a few ways this campaign is set up for communications success.


In our recent webinar Trendspotting: Tips on Creating Cutting-Edge Content to Gain Brand Attention, Ken Wincko, Senior Vice President, Marketing at PR Newswire, and Marian Salzman, CEO at Havas PR North America shared their professional insights and experiences with content creation and marketing. Here are three reasons why PR and marketing should add trendspotting to their repertoire.


We know that eating healthy starts with simplicity. Whether dining in or out, we now like to know what ingredients we’re consuming. Becel Canada has responded to this cultural shift with a multichannel marketing campaign demonstrating its commitment to supporting a healthier lifestyle. Here’s how Becel Canada is spreading the news.


Beyond the Wire has created a PR 101 series of posts dedicated to anyone just beginning their marketing and PR journey. This week, we look at how you can build a strong and strategic media list.


In our recent webinar, Driving Readership and Audience Growth To Your Website Through Blog Content Syndication, Lucie Vietti-Curtis, Program Manager, Channel & Advocacy Marketing, PR Newswire, Allyson Funk, Senior Director, Communications, Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA), and Mollymae Metheny Communications at PhRMA shared their professional insights and experiences...


Many will argue that if your brand isn’t on social, you’re obsolete. But is that really true? Perhaps Canadians are in need of a social media reality check.


Beyond the Wire has created a PR 101 series of posts dedicated to anyone just beginning their marketing and PR journey. This week, we look at the effectiveness of media monitoring tools.


Let’s put these 10 social media myths to rest once and for all.


We Canadians are very proud of our maple syrup! Quebec produces 90 per cent of Canada’s maple syrup and is the world’s largest exporter of maple products. With sugar shack season soon upon us, the Federation of Quebec Maple Syrup Producers (FPAQ) launched an integrative campaign that paid homage to the sweet stuff. Here are a few ways that the FPAQ got us talking about all things maple.


Beyond the Wire has created a PR 101 series of posts dedicated to anyone just beginning their marketing and PR journey. This week, we take a look at the ways in which social media can help build your audience and drive traffic to your website and revenue into your pocket.


While market research is often the first step to determine consumer behaviour, consider taking a step back to look at what social psychologists have already uncovered about human nature. Check out these 5 theories that are worth applying to your next marketing campaign.


Content marketing has become an indispensable strategy for professional communicators and marketers looking to boost brand awareness. Content types have expanded from blog posts and white papers to include social media and visual assets like infographics. It's important to stay on top of what's current in content marketing in order to feed your target audiences engaging information that will drive...


Publishers are running content on more platforms than ever, meaning social and digital strategies are integral to a media organization’s success. We spoke with Alberta Venture’s Jim Kerr to gain a better understanding of his role at a magazine immersed in the new media landscape.


Torontonians were both puzzled and intrigued when a hockey rink appeared atop a 32-storey office tower in the Financial District last month. As the story began to go viral, speculation was that a beer company was behind the publicity stunt. But the mystery didn’t last long – Molson Canadian soon announced the rink as part of its annual #AnythingForHockey campaign. Here are a few ways that...


Nicole Guillot, president and CEO of CNW, has been recognized as an honouree of PR News' Top Women in PR Awards for a career spent furthering public relations and communications with products and services inherent to the profession, and with her own best-in-class examples of integrated PR and marketing.


Today’s corporate blogs are essential to promote the brand, engage potential customers, and convey a company’s position on everything from new products to industry issues. Here are a few ways that a corporate blog can benefit your business.


As part of Alzheimer’s Awareness Month, the Alzheimer Society of Canada launched a National Awareness Campaign called #StillHere. Developed by Brees Communications of Toronto, #StillHere intends to shift Canadians’ perceptions about those living with Alzheimer's and Dementia. Here are a few ways this campaign is cultivating conversions about these often misunderstood diseases.


Although PR professionals are gaining competency in social media metrics and measurements, our efforts can be hampered by unclear terminology. We explore two of the most confusing measurement terms - engagement and reach - and determine how they can be measured effectively.


The start of a new year often means trying new things, like buying a gym membership that you’ll totally use, or wading into a freezing lake for a good cause. In our latest "Canadian Content We Love" instalment, we look at how the Courage brothers and World Vision made a splash with their annual "Courage Polar Bear Dip" event.


We look back at some of your favourite integrated marketing campaigns featured in this year's "Canadian Content We Love" blog series.


We looked back at our favourite PR tips and tricks from this year's Meet the press interviews in order to make your organization more media friendly in 2016.


A special holiday message to all our readers and subscribers.


In 2015, we've seen countless amounts of PR tips & tricks splash over our news feeds and bounce into our inbox. There’s always new lessons to be learned (or re-learned) in an industry that’s constantly in flux. As we said earlier this year, the literal definition of public relations hasn’t really changed, but the way that it’s executed has entirely. Let’s take a look...

Best of 2015_Tracking _ Measurement

To help bring you up to speed on all things measurement, we've compiled our best tracking and measurement content for 2015.


Social media has become an integral component of any communications and marketing strategy. With more platforms emerging daily, creating bite-sized content on a consistent basis has become a full-time job. We took a look back at our best social media content from 2015.


Every holiday season our social feeds become gooey with heartwarming campaigns and WestJet never fails to deliver. On December 9th, the airline launched it’s “mini miracles day” with hopes of performing 12,000 mini acts of kindness across all travel destinations by the time the clock struck 12. With a fully integrated marketing campaign packed with rich multimedia and social buzz,...


It seems as if we are stuck in a perpetual state of getting a handle on the best use of social media for our brands. More than 90% of consumer brands are active on two or more social media platforms, but our presence doesn’t necessarily mean success. As you review your year-end stats and decide on you approach to social media in 2016, consider these emerging trends before you click ‘send’...


In our recent webinar, Why Metrics are Key to Getting a Seat at the Revenue Table, Ken Wincko, SVP, Marketing, PR Newswire, Chris Albert, SVP, Digital and Social Research and Analytics, Ketchum and Sharam Fouladgar-Mercer, CEO and Co-Founder, AirPR shared their professional insights. Our speakers outlined ways that PR professionals can prove ROI to the C-suite using metrics.


As a national charitable organization, Food Banks Canada is dedicated to helping Canadians living with household food insecurity. Each year, they continue to execute a highly visual and accessible integrated campaign for it’s HungerCount report. Here are four things that made Food Banks Canada’s recent campaign Canadian Content We Love:


In PR Newswire’s most recent event, “Content Meets Innovation: Engage with the Influencers” Ken Wincko, SVP of Marketing at PR Newswire, was joined by Steve Rubel, EVP/Global Strategy and Insights at Edelman, Fiorelli Salvo, Senior Communications Manager at Mashable, and Dori Fern, Digital Strategist at MXM to discuss how organizations can navigate the shift in content consumption...


Commissionaires, a not-for-profit Canadian security services provider is the largest private sector employer of veterans. It worked on a recent campaign with Thornley Fallis Communications, which shares Canadians’ strong support for those who have served our country, demonstrating this point with rich multimedia assets. Here are a few ways that Commissionares grabbed and kept our attention:

What Tools Internal Communicators are Using Today

Employees are an important stakeholder as they have the capacity to be brand ambassadors for your company. But how can we, as communicators, reach this audience more effectively? We spoke with two internal communicators from vastly different industries to find out.


In our recent webinar, Get Credible: The Role of Earned Media in Inbound Strategy, Christopher Penn, Vice President, Marketing Technology, SHIFT Communications shared his professional insight and tips on how PR professionals can highlight and harness earned media potential. Spenn identified four steps that will help companies optimize their earned media.

What is PR-Now-

Along with our parent company, PRNewswire, we asked you to fill in the blank “PR is Now___.” After all, who knows the industry better than those who live in it? Check out the updated PR is Now infographic to see what your peers have said!

4 Lessons Learned About Online News from Breakfast with the Media West

This week, CNW completed its 2015 Breakfast with the Media series with events in Calgary and Vancouver. We brought together top journalists, editors and digital experts from within Canadian media to share their insights on working in a digital-first/digital-only environment. Here are a few of the many things we learned from our panelists:


With winter quickly approaching, now is about the time most Canadians start missing summer. The desire for a vacation will soon set in together with all the reasons why we can’t possibly go anywhere. As a public service to all of us, and to help celebrate its 15th birthday, the online travel brand launched an integrated campaign to nudge into packing our bags. searched for the most...


Investigative reporting differs from daily reporting in a multitude of ways, including longer deadlines that give time for evidence-building and in-depth analysis. As our recent Breakfast with the Media series on investigative reporting, Robert Cribb of the Toronto Star discussed his role and shared four ways spokespeople should respond to a call from an investigative reporter.


Trick or treat, check my feed, give me something good to read! With Halloween in a few short weeks, marketers are getting into the spirit with some spooky campaigns. One company that knows how to have fun with horror is Canada’s Wonderland. Into its 11th season, the theme park’s “Halloween Haunt” event features over 500 frightening monsters, mazes and the thrill of riding the...


In our recent webinar, Balancing Content & Big Data to Power PR Results, Asmita Singh, Vice President, Digital Experience and Marketing Optimization, PR Newswire, Barr Seitz, Director, Digital Publishing and Marketing, McKinsey & Company and Jennifer Smiga, Co-Owner, Marketing Rival shared their professional insights. Our speakers highlighted three important ways we can power PR with content...

Four Reasons to Stay Organic on Social

Can you really be successful on social media today, without a paid strategy? Should we even bother posting organic content anymore? Changes in social media algorithms have created an uphill battle for brands and marketers when it comes to organic content. Social networks want a piece of the pie when it comes to monetary opportunities online and this has led to a gap between have and have not organizations...


Communications professionals spend countless hours planning, devising and executing content marketing strategies, but are they giving their hard work the distribution it deserves? Building it doesn’t necessarily mean that anyone will come. Here are five ways you can master marketing your own content to bolster campaign success.

Using Syndicated Distribution to Boost your Content Marketing

Content marketing intends to draw a defined response from your target audience – but this can sometimes be a challenge. A lot of these challenges can come down to basic PR obstacles. Is our content interesting enough? Does my target audience know our call-to-action? Am I leveraging all the right communications platforms to enhance this call-to-action?

Twitter Roundup Comms Evo Toronto

This week, CNW hosted The Communications Evolution in Toronto. The event featured thought leaders drawn from media, communications, marketing and PR, who focused on how communicators can recognize and embrace the changes occurring in these disciplines. Our speakers shared their best tips to gain advantage in the communications evolution. Here are some of our favourite tweets from Thursday’s...

10 Great Tweets from CNWs Communications Evolution MTL Event

This week, CNW hosted The Communications Evolution in Montreal. The event featured thought leaders drawn from media, communications, marketing and PR, who focused on how communicators can recognize and embrace the changes occurring in these disciplines. Our speakers shared their best tips to gain advantage in the communications evolution.

Cover pic_grammar (1)

In my previous post, I shared some little-known grammatical errors. I’m still on about it. This week, I’m taking a look at the importance of good grammar in business writing.