5 Tips for Creating Content to Engage Buyer 2.0

Today, buyers are taking the lead in the decision making process and they are interacting with sales reps much later in the customer journey. According to The Corporate Executive Board Company (2012), the average B2B customer has completed over half of the purchase decision making process prior to engaging with a supplier or salesperson.  This means that information about your brand that can be found online, in editorials and on social media platforms must be relevant and useful to customers because this information has replaced the sales rep’s product pitch.



The Buyer 2.0 Content Strategy Checklist explores the step-by-step process companies should follow to communicate over multiple channels to potential buyers. The article also demonstrates the most effective tactics for tackling each stage of the buying cycle.


High-quality content is still king and 79% of buyers base their supplier choice on the vendor’s level of relevant content. The following steps can help you create engaging, substantive content:

To effectively engage customers (and potential customers), organizations need to address and react to this shift in buyer behavior. Companies must deliver consistent and interesting content designed to address the needs of buyers at each stage of the buying cycle.


For a detailed insight into each step of The Buyer 2.0 Content Strategy Checklist, download the CNW white paper for free today.

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