A holistic approach to public relations is actually only partly made up of your message — what you say, how you say it, when you say it, etc. The other parts — how the media responds to your message, and what you do with that response are often overlooked and crucially important.


Here are four easy ways to help marketing teams learn about their customers on a deeper level to find the very best strategies for engagement.


Below are five ways to refresh the news release to most effectively achieve PR objectives through distribution


It’s that time of year when Cision cautions its customers against issuing prank news releases on April Fools’ Day. Why?


With today’s consumer AI tools at your fingertips, it may feel like you don’t need a computer science degree to understand how artificial intelligence will bring value to the communications process.


For marketers looking to tap into the brand ambassador subset of influencer marketing, these numbers indicate that simply having an ambassador program is no longer enough differentiation.


As a PR pro, after every communications campaign, you may often ask yourself — what was the impact of my efforts? In other words – what was the outcome of your outreach? To answer this critical question, you need a comprehensive media monitoring program.


Let’s face it — it’s extremely difficult to attract audiences. Even if you have the most ground-breaking news in the world — perhaps you produced the next viral video, or hopefully, you found the cure to cancer — thanks to our digitally charged society your content is a needle lost in a never-ending haystack.